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1 Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

There are plenty of monsters out there. King Kong. Gamera. Jirass (tell me if you know who that is and where it came from). But none of them are as awesome as the king of the monsters himself. He's (almost) invincible, he has an amazing design, he has awesome powers, and he breaks the laws of physics. There are too many good things about him to count.

The strongest of all the titan in the world

I agree 1000%, Godzilla will always be number 1. He is King Of The Monsters. ROAR!

Godzilla is the best out of all the monsters.

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2 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is Godzilla's Greatest Enemy of all times since 1964's Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.

He is very cool

He is best boi

Nah ot really

KING GHIDORAH SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL GODZILLA! Surely he can do it...they're basically the same strengh..except King Ghidorah is a 3 headed dragon.

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3 Gigan Gigan

Gigan should be number one.

He's cool and looks like an alien. H has razor sharp claws that could probably destroy anything. He's pretty powerfully being able to fight against godzilla.

I loke gigan cause he so cool and a powerful enemy to godzilla

Awesome, he can even teleport unlike other monsters

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4 Mothra Mothra

She should be #3

Mothra is cool and beautiful that she should be on number 1 and she's the Queen of the monsters.

Yeah, she better than space chicken

Queen of the Monsters! Versatile and regal and powerful and immortal and cute and beautiful and gentle unless provoked.

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5 Mecha Godzilla Mecha Godzilla

Who does not love him? He's amazing! - asantalo

Possibly my favorite kaiju. He’s just so cool and fun to watch with rainbow lazer eyes, missile fingers and toes and a lightning canon in his chest.

Mecha Godzilla is the Metal Mario of the Godzilla series. When you see him, you think, "Why, Tokyo? "

It's a ' Terminator Godzilla, what's not to love about that?

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6 Destoroyah Destoroyah

The Best Storng Kaiju!

Bad to the bone

Op much?

The oxygen destroyer incarnate.

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7 Anguirus Anguirus

Literally one of the weakest monsters, but never stops fighting.
A true underdog. - Stalin

Anguirus is so underrated. I’d put him on par with the likes of Rodan. Probably my favorite under Godzilla himself. Love this scrappy little guy.

He never gives up and can take a lot of hits while fighting. He is also the closest thing to a friend Godzilla has had

Anguirus is my number 2 favourite Godzilla monster, my number 1 is Godzilla.

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8 Biollante Biollante

The best kaigu, can beat up Godzilla and have only small injuries. He can also regenerate which makes him even better!

I end up putting my pillow over my head when I go to sleep so this character don't end up eating my face off

The greatest Kaiju in all of history

Such an amazing monster. He should at least be in the Top 5, if not the Top 3 - ShuhBanggg

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9 Rodan Rodan

Rodan will smack godzillas ass!

Overall best of the all it will whup the buts of all the titans #bring it on!

He is my favorite because his first movie came in color and I loved the whole design

Flying monster by far my fave

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10 Space Godzilla Space Godzilla

Why is he so low? He should be part of the Top 10. He’s amazing. - asantalo

Generic name aside, he's probably Godzilla's smartest foe and a cunning adversary.

Should of Ben rated better

Sup�"sugojira is his name is japanese, which sounds cooler. - TheCriticalCritic

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11 Jet Jaugar Jet Jaugar

It’s actually Jet Jaguar - asantalo

He is just a rip-off of Ultraman, but he's still ok


12 Orga Orga

Orga should of been better in planet of the monsters but orga is a lot better in godzilla 2000 should of been zilla in 1998

One of the Coolest Monsters ever!

Best Godzilla Villain Ever!

13 Battra Battra

The evil twin of mothers cool

14 Hedorah Hedorah

Hedorah is the 2nd best godzilla 1954 monster should of been better in final wars in godzilla monster apocolish hedorah was seen killing anguirus and rodan and same thing in planet of the monsters hedorah might get on hit koed if it thought king ghidorah

He wants to pollute the world in all his sludge.

15 King Kong

King kong I very good monster and his appearance in kong the skull island was really awesome and now we will see remake of a epic battle between godzilla and kong in 2020 so its nice

People say kong kicks godzilla's butt and I hate kong if godzilla earth kick kong
's butt it will end kong for sure: feeling mad when people say kong will win godzilla lose
it won't if kong fight godzilla earth

King Kong might loss agents mothra trolls the giant octopus the blob optimus prime gamera stay puffed marshmallow man the 50 foot woman cthulu and godzilla

He shouldn’t be on the list

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16 Titanosaurus Titanosaurus

I think titanosaurus should return for the monsterverse

Titanosaurus is the best godzilla 1954 monster even though most humans and alieans say it's the weakest

Let’s face it. We need more aquatic Godzilla characters. And Titanisaurus fits that role perfectly. Put the roar aside, and you have a very interesting character. His abilities are unique, and he looks pretty cool, honestly. I love this monster.

17 Megaguirus Megaguirus

You know that is one of my fan made monsters but I spell it Mechaguirus

1: he is my fan monster but spelled different :Mechaguirus:
2: that's spelt wrong it is Megaguirus - leepee

All hail the Meganulon queen!

I believe it's spelled "Megaguirus." Oh well. Anyways, Megaguirus is awesome and I really hope she and Destroyah can make another appearance sometime in the future.

18 King Caesar King Caesar

I love his origin and I love the idea of a family guardian that helps Godzilla when fighting Mechagodzilla

He is my best along with little godzilla and battra

King Caesar is the true G.O.A.T. of the Godzillaverse. He has the kung fu moves that keep the ladies coming back, and the jewel in is forehead has the always popular "use your own powers against you" feature. Plus this is the only Kaiju that I think can do a BACKFLIP.

19 Monster X Monster X


Probably the last incarnation of Ghidorah.

I agree he needs to be better rated

Such an underrated kaiju HE'S SO BADASS!

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20 Zilla

I honestly like Zilla

Zilla Jr is a beast, he could give the Showa Godzilla a good fight, and win!

Oh come on! He's not that bad. You guys, I think we need to take a break from Zilla and just ignore the trashy film. The film sucks, but the monster Zilla is pretty cool. - asantalo

I liked the film enough the fact that it wasn't godzilla sucked but I do still like zilla he's cute and bad ass like a velociraptor

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21 Megalon Megalon

He and Gigan both make a great team!
They're so cute together!

22 Baragon

The Underdog of all Godzilla creatures. He is the most loyal of all beast in the Godzilla series.

Most charismatic kaiju of them all!

23 Winged Muto

It should just be called the M.U.T.O.

Born in the Pacific Ocean in 1937

24 Kiryu Kiryu

I LOVE THIS MONSTER! He has cannons on his shoulders and has an awesome movie! I mean, seriously he's 1954 godzilla brought back to life! I think he should be #1

Love the monster but one flaw, kiryu? What kind of a name is kiryu?! It's mechagodzilla 3! I just think the name is stupid. - JDagger500

Stupid and overrated and is too much - Mewingmew

Kiryu means :metal dragon the mean kiryu beater uper

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25 Godzilla Junior Godzilla Junior

Better Son of Godzilla.

He's cooler when he's in Gojira vs Destroyah!

Best son of Godzilla than Minya. Minya is so stupid in comparison. - asantalo

26 Mecha-King Ghidorah Mecha-King Ghidorah
27 Gigan Upgraded Gigan Upgraded

Gigan is my favorite monster in Godzilla!

Best design

I wonder why modified gigan is so low on the list.Modified gigan is powerfuler than the normal gigan he should be the third.his design is the best I have ever how could you not smile just by looking at it.He has the cluster light beam and he even has a buzzsaw running down his chest and even better he has a scorpion like tale with three spines that work as wings with two double headed chainsaws! WHY IS HE 28TH!

Gigan is a chicken a giant chicken he secka in megalon and is a poo

28 Gamera Gamera Gamera is a giant monster or daikaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name.

Loved him from the start! Not sure he's associated with Godzilla. Maybe they agreed to cover more territory separately.

Like the one where the kids go inside his body to heal him.

He comes with fireworks lol I’ve always loved him you never really hear about him unfortunately

Gamera isn't part of the godzilla franchise, but he's so cool and he's nice to kids. - MovieFan007

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29 M.U.T.O. M.U.T.O.

Definitely powerful but godzilla man

Awesome enemies for 2014.

30 Fire Rodan

Wait aren't rodan and fire rodan the same thing? Just saying but he and rodan are the same. - JDagger500

31 Red Red

Creepiest godzilla kaiju who lost godzilla earth's fight
(on youtube) but powerful!


Possibly one of the best Kaiju but isn't really canon but they should make a Godzilla Movie with him in it along with Solomon and Acacius

Best kaiju Better than M.U.TO

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32 Gorosaurus

Gorosaurus would team with Anguirus

Gorosaurus is my number 1 favorite kaiju!

33 Godzuki
34 Minya/Minilla

He's a little funny like me!

*farts* ugly! But not too bad in Final Wars.

35 Manda
36 Little Godzilla Little Godzilla

He is the best - leepee

Dis boi got some tittie's

Better than Minya. Little Godzilla/Godzilla Junior is the best son of Godzilla! - asantalo

37 Kaiser Ghidorah

He should be in in like number five.

Keizer Ghidorah is too low on the list! He should be within the top 5!

38 Krystalak

He is one of the best giants ever

39 Ultraman

Not from Godzilla, but I hope my childhood super hero have a duel with Godzilla.

Not from the Godzilla franchise but he’s cool.

40 Grand King Ghidorah Grand King Ghidorah
41 M.K.G.

I have a feelin this stands for Mecha King Ghidorah. And he's already on here. If you haven't seen him, look up. - JDagger500

42 Cyber-Godzilla

Zilla Jr’s equivalent of Mechagodzilla

43 Bagan

Everybody's favorite scrapped kaiju. Had this guy appeared in a Godzilla film, chances are he'd probably be the ultimate foe.

44 Sanda

Sanda the brown gargantua is a well over 100ft, invulnerable Frankenstein monster! He has virtually unlimited healing and is the stronger of the two bros. First of all he had a huge size advantage over Gaira.

45 Gezora
46 Iris

A Gamera kaiju but ok.

47 Solomon Solomon

Still The Best; 1973 - asantalo

48 Scylla Scylla
49 Methuselah Methuselah
50 Gurion

He's a monster from the Gamera series. But he's awesome! - JDagger500

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