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81 Sex Murder Party Sex Murder Party
82 Ascension

The chorus is so damn catchy! - EastZombie

83 Aspen Forest

Very calm and smooth, highly underrated in my opinion - pkranger

84 Hallelujah Money Hallelujah Money

So underrated! People just don't like it because it's so different to what Gorillaz do! And they also don't like it because of it's political message. Because songs like Dirty Harry don't have political messages right? Benjamin Clementine's vocals on this make this song so much better as well and it's my favourite Gorillaz song since Superfast Jellyfish! - djc-vidz

Clementine's slow, soothing voice and Damon's equally beautiful vocals blend together to create a great piece that not only has a somewhat catchy tune, but speaks on important issues. After the first listen, it sounds like a really odd song, but after a few listens, you're able to get right on board and enjoy such unique sound.

Clementine's poetry and voice are amazing, plus the tune and message are really strong.

Incredible Song

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85 The Sounder
86 Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head

Why is this not in the top 10?! A fantastic song with the amazing voice of Dennis Hopper.R.I.P.

Wow, it's the story of humanity and its not on this list?!?!

This is an extremely underrated Gorillaz song, so damn creative

Really catchy and great song. This is gold!

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87 Punk

Punk has a great rhythm and beat to it

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