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81 Hoppip Hoppip
82 Shroomish Shroomish

It can evolve into breloom, an amazing fighting-grass type. On top of that, shroomish is adorably cute. Shroomish is by far my favorite Pokemon.

83 Seedot Seedot
84 Quilladin Quilladin
85 Skiddo
86 Kakuna V 3 Comments
87 Wormadam Wormadam

Wormadam has a beast look. Though its stats and move set is generally crap at first this Pokemon can become a very powerful ally around level thirty when moves like leaf storm come in.

She is so annoying I want to have my hitmonlee hit him in the face

88 Greymon

Man he is one heck of goat made of grass who you can ride in luminous. True stuff (0? 0)

He loves to fart

Watch freddy pizza or die

My favorite yo-kai from Call of Duty

89 Deerling Deerling

Cute and amazing Pokemon

Love its design.

90 Bounsweet Bounsweet
91 Cherrim Cherrim

Beast Pokemon cool looking and it can change forms I really love this Pokemon

Sunny day from is just adorable. Not only is it cute but strong as well.

Great for battles, I win everything


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