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1 Stereo Hearts

Amazing song, though Adam Levine was the one who brought life to it.

"My heart's a stereo,
It beats for you so listen close.
Here my thoughts in every note. "

The would have been horrible if Adam Levine wasn’t there.

It's a good song to go with when you're hanging out with friends. I ain't never getting worn out when listening to song-that's a dead cert! And you people? Thumbs up/down?

Great presentation. Thumbs up for the band and special to Adam. Stereo Heats has a great meaning hiding. So, 'Listen Close'.

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2 The Fighter

Listen to this song if your life sucks. "Every time you fall it's only making your chin strong" or "There's no reason you should ever have your head down". Basically the song is about never quitting

This is the best song I have ever heard from them. The lyrics, the melody. It just gives me goosebumps every time I listen to this song.

Awesome Song. Love Ryan Tedder's voice too

He has a special type of singing style I like him he's like chris brown and I wish 1 day they sing together

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3 Ass Back Home

What..! This song at 6th..! This is an awesome song...! Catchy and good rap...!
Definitely top 3..!

It is the best song by Gym Class Heroes - studmaster47

Love, love, LOVE this song! And him in the video!

Deserves to be the in the top 3... Definitely!

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4 Cupid's Chokehold

Just so good and catchy

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5 Taxi Driver

Lol at all the 13 year olds voting for their favorite radio songs. Actually listen to their discography posers.

Should be number one. So much more went into this song than the others. People just love ass back home and stereo hearts because of the featured artists, not because of the love for gch

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6 Clothes Off!

I first heard of Gym Class Heroes from this song and I think this was the start of their fame.

Catchy and fun.
Take my clothes off with Travis

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7 Cookie Jar

This is a beast song


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8 The Queen and I UListen to Sample
9 Martyrial Girl$ UListen to Sample
10 Catch Me If You Can UListen to Sample

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11 Viva la White Girl UListen to Sample
12 Shoot Down the Stars UListen to Sample
13 Holy Horses***, Batman!!
14 Live a Little

How is this not even on the list? Best song hands down. Message about living your own life, and making your own rules, plus a catchy chorus and guitar from Disashi. What's not to love?

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15 Take a Look at My Girlfriend

This is just Cupid's Chokehold (see #4) - MaxAttaxSportz

16 Peace Sign / Index Down UListen to Sample
17 New Friend Request UListen to Sample
18 Life Goes On

One of their awesomest collaborations. Not better than stereo hearts, self back home, OR the fighter but its in 4th place for collaborations. Serious.

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19 7 Weeks UListen to Sample
20 Pertrified Life and the Twice Told Joke (Decrepit Bricks)

Not the best song of theirs but I like the lyrics. Really strong lyrics.

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21 Kid Nothing Boy vs The Echo Factor UListen to Sample
22 Papercuts UListen to Sample
23 Scandalous Scholastics UListen to Sample
24 Blinded by the Sun UListen to Sample
25 Make Out Club UListen to Sample
26 Nil Nil Draw UListen to Sample
27 Home

Madden 09

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28 Pillmatic UListen to Sample
29 Guilty As Charged UListen to Sample
30 Everyday's Forecast UListen to Sample
31 Faces In the Hall UListen to Sample
32 To Bob Ross With Love UListen to Sample
33 Coming Clean

Best song in The Quilt. Surprised no one likes it...

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34 On My Own Time (Write On!)

This song should have been in the top ten at least. (As Cruel As School Children)

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35 Live Forever (Fly With Me)

How has no one heard this one? Easily top 10

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1. Stereo Hearts
2. Cupid's Chokehold
3. Taxi Driver
1. Ass Back Home
2. Stereo Hearts
3. Cupid's Chokehold
1. The Fighter
2. Taxi Driver
3. Stereo Hearts


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