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1 The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd

The best mystery I have ever read and one of the few books which were hyped a lot (to me) and surpassed the hype! This is the magnum opus of Agatha Christie. If you are going to read only one mystery book in your life, this should be the one. Simply amazing.

Simply brilliant! An incredible twist at the end, keeps the readers guessing till the end of the book. Mind blowing the best Christie book ever!

I've always wanted to read a book like this, but the chance of actually finding one and being ignorant to the ending is so low! Book blew my mind.

It is the twist in the end which has broken all rules of detective fiction and makes this book above all books by Agatha Christie.

2 Murder on the Orient Express

I absolutely love this book! The amount of thought that Agatha Christie put into all the details that goes into this ending is amazing. I've read it and reread it many times and each time I seem to notice another little hint that I missed the last time through.

Awesome book. The end is so shocking. It is a perfect combination of mystery and thrill. I love this book. It's great. No doubt that Agatha Christie is one of the Greatest writer on this earth.

Unthinkable ending! This is rather an awkward murder mystery, read a few others before you read this one, because this one is truly a revelation in the history of murder mysteries!

This is one of my first Poirot-books. Revenge is revenge and it is legal at this time. So many murderers in one story and no one was arrested. It is fight of moral and law. Genial.

3 Death on The Nile

Fabulous characters, fast passed, historic setting and lots and lots of blood! Read it and see it. The films adaptations of this novel are all good.

Superb! On of Mrs.Christie's most astounding achievements! Not a single page goes without you being a little confused, but thrilled at the same time!

Fantastic! The best mystery of all! Very cleverly written and described

Quick paced, glamorous and loved the conclusion

4 The ABC Murders

Pure genius. The red-herrings Christie throws around amply in the novel are absolutely thrilling.

Unpredictable and intelligent, very different of the other Poirot novels.

The perfect crime novel - even when re-reading it

Why is this one below Death on the Nile?

5 Five Little Pigs

All of Agatha Christie's stories are phenomenal. However, Five Little Pigs has always grabbed me from the start. I think that along with Sad Cypress and Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Five Little Pigs is up there as one o fteh best.

I just love this book! The characters are so well described. The whole plot where Caroline Crale does not protest her innocence, except in a letter to her daughter is so interesting... And of course to find out the truth after all these years... Elsa Green's eyes having a strange look captured in Amya's painting... Etc. Etc. There are a lot of things to love in this book. Also, the events are retold several times, but only Poirot understands what they really mean and puts them all together!

Such an emotional and heartbreaking retelling of things long passed- my heart broke with the other characters.

A superb book. Thrilling storytelling and a brilliant twist at the end. One of Christie's many masterpieces.

6 Hercule Poirot's Christmas

The conclusion is shocking. And the entire deduction is far better than Sherlock Holmes.

The best agatha christie book ever... 100 times better than Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

One of the most unexpected twists ever!

Everybody lies... the best!

7 Cards on the Table

Shows the greatest difference between Sherlock holmes and Hercule poirot. While the former depends on evidence and deduction based on the evidence more than psychology Poirot deals with human psychology more than any other thing.
This is a hallmark of that element of his

Of course The Murder of roger ackroyd is the best... But this book is also great... In the end you cn never guess who is the murderer

Rediscover this as a book club book. The psychological elements will stir great discussion.

8 Evil Under the Sun

Surprise ending that you can enjoy looking back to see how Poirot put the pieces together.

Great plot, lovely setting and a surprising revelation!

9 The Mystery of the Blue Train

I never suspected the murderer! Great twist at the end

10 Lord Edgware Dies

Superb! One of Mrs, Christie's most brilliant achievements

A good book. Poirot rocks.

A phenomenal novel.

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11 Curtain

Genius. In my opinion, this is the best Poirot book. Yes, better than Roger Ackroyd, better than Orient Express. No books like it.

Loved this book and the identity of the killer

Poirot's last but one of the best

One of the best

12 Peril at End House

Pleasant setting, surprising ending.

Nick is murderer herself

The murderer is the last persoon you expected

Poirot’s best novel, slightly darker than usual, characterisation very interesting.

13 Hickory Dickory Dock

Very complex but still loved it

14 The Big Four

I know it is not a typical whodunit and is different from all her other books... but this was my first Christie... and I fell totally in love with Poirot... the little plots were amazing!

Easily one of my favorite Poirot's! I don't care if he is going James Bond, it is AMAZING!

A thrilling tale from start to finish a 007-esque adventure for Poirot

Tensest Christie novel yet

15 Dumb Witness

I loved this one. Poor Emily might have lived if only her letter had reached Poirot. Bob the dog is great too.

I loved it till the very end

16 The Hollow The Hollow Product Image

The characters are so interesting and complex that she doesn't need to resort to a gimmick to make the ending satisfying. The main themes are subtle, unexplored, and controversial. This was a first of its kind.

I loved this book. There's a lot of great ones but this tops the list for me.

You are draw in immediately by the characters and the beautiful symmetry of the story...such a satisfying ending.

17 Murder in Mesopatamia

This is such an awesome novel, so many teasing storylines. The result was kept silent til the very end

This is really best book ever! So awesome story!

18 Appointment with Death Appointment with Death Product Image

While on an Archeological dig in Syria (1937) Lady Boynton appears to have been stabbed to death, luckily Hercule Poirot is at the dig also and is quick on the case.

19 Sad Cypress Sad Cypress Product Image

First part of novel is slower, but the end is phenomenal and makes perfect sense of the motive.

Although it has a slow start, the ending is totally worth it!

20 The Mysterious Affair at Styles
21 The Murder on the Links The Murder on the Links Product Image

One of the best...awesome experience reading this book

22 Death In the Clouds

I love this book! Bit weird that only 8 people were on the plane but still great-well developed story

Why isn't this higher? This one had perhaps my favorite characters. And the ending is great!

Awesome plot and ending

23 Cat Among the Pigeons Cat Among the Pigeons Product Image

While Poirot is staying at the school of a friend, a murder occurs and it seems Princess Shaista who has been attending the school, has been kidnapped.

24 The Chocoalate Box

Not every mystery has to be a grand adventure. Let's relax with a story by the fire...

25 Three Act Tragedy Three Act Tragedy Product Image
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