Best Historical Periods

Humans have been on Earth for 250,000 years. What was the best and most interesting historical period?

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1 Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is so exciting! Dungeons, dragons, knights and castles! The period is so diverse

Just a majestic and dark period in history. Oh the Plague!

Classical society broke down. Centralized government and law disintegrated, leading to the rise of feudalism, the rise of the Roman Church, The Inquisition, the Plague... What seems horrendous was actually the beginning of modern society. Learning did not perish.

YAY! Oppression, torture, inequality, and the plague!

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2 Ancient Greece/Rome

Ancient Greece and Rome were one of several classical periods of world history. Both provided substantial logic such as those of Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Democritus, etc. Such vast amounts of knowledge and social organization booming during this period! It's a great time period in my opinion.

Things were so great back then... all the knowledge, mythology, architecture... it's like stepping into a whole new world.

In that time you get to see the pyramids while they are still being built. You also, get to see the gods and the beautiful lands before a bunch of houses took up the beautiful lands.

All the punic wars. These wars were like world wars of their times. The military history and knowledge of this time is fantastical...but the amount of advanced civilizations living in the world around the Mediterranean at this time is unbelievable. Each with a different way of life and system of government. these governments would influence the modern world we live in today. It was a time where people truly could change the world.

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3 Golden Age of Piracy

Cutthroats, naval warfare, treacherous waters, unexplored islands, riches, and adventure... Yep. That just about does it.

You could hang out with Captain Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl and Prince Caspian on the Dawn Treader

Pirates of this time brought forth a turning point in history because they were some of the first advocates for equality and free will who succeeded.

this sucks

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4 The Roaring 20's

The 1920s were generally a decade of empowerment. A war had just been ended; the troops had been dismissed. In New York, there was the Harlem Renaissance, and African Americans were having a chance to have voices in this world, to create art and have a community of art and inspiration surrounding them. Women everywhere in the US were starting to feel their power and know they could make an impact on the world. Women had just gotten their right to vote! This is also one of the few time periods when breasts weren't considered the epitomy of sexiness. Flappers are great in general--the clothing, the music, the Charleston! The 1920s were exciting! Prohobition was alive and well, with assymetrical sometimes-villains: did you know Al Capone opened up a soup kitchen? People were having fun! This is a decade of great culture.

The Roaring 20's would have to be my favorite time period. Modern America was born and many inspiring new ideas started. African Americans were given the chance to express themselves by singing and reciting poetry. Music was transformed and the community became full of art and inspiration. It was a peaceful time period and my favorite part would have to be the fashion. Women wore flapper dresses while men wore old style tuxes and bowties. Dancing was a fun form of entertainment and it helped open new doors for future decades. I honestly believe the 1920's was the best time period and I would love to go back in time to live there!

Why would want the Middle Ages? It was called the Dark Ages for a reason. Plague, executions, and crime. Not the 20's. I mean, everyone was happy in the 20's, animation was on the rise, everyone was rich, new fancy gadgets like cars and television were coming out, and everyone was dancing to the Charleston. It was a roaring time, hence the name. Everything was perfect until 1929 and everyone was poor. Well, shoot. That was only 3 months of the Roaring Twenties though. I mean no one's gonna say the Depressing 30's the best time period. The Great Depression and the Rise of Hitler. Yeah, I'm sticking to the 20's.

Live this

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5 World War I

This is a dangerous period in history

How in the freeking hell is this 8th. It was horrible. - SammySpore

It is awesome

Worst then WW2

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6 The Digital Era

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that's why we call it the present.

I think it is very cool to think about and a good topic to do an essay.

I like my time period

Totally agree with ya

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7 World War II

American Life in the 1940s was a time of unity and a time of victory. Despite the war this is one of the few times in American History were the whole country in united no matter your race. The cars are the best I have seen so far, along with the Music like the Andrew Sisters and Glenn Miller. City life was not as bad, along with country life. The Depression is over and America has recovered partially, Women now are more recognized an accepted in society and it is an excellent example of "team effort".

It's the more interesting wars to research, because there are still veterans alive that have fought in it.

I know it was horrible and many people died, but it's so interesting. The Nazis, USSR, marine battles, etc.

Too fun

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8 19th Century Britain

Very interesting period to study. Clothes looked cool but were probably uncomfortable to wear. Factories opened, and there was an increase in production, but children were worked all day long to produce things. There were breakthroughs in many areas and new laws. Etiquette rules were very strict.

19th century Britain is the essence of colonialism. The colonization of Africa, Britain's world affairs which affected the entire world. It was also the industrial period, where the entire world changed forever with the invention of machines.

Industrial Revolution, great scientists and philosophers, very interesting culture and way of life... Go ENGLAND!

Although the period for some was terrible, it moved away from social Darwinism and was the real start to an integrated world.

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9 Renaissance

Absolutely my favorite era in the history of mankind, with the Industrial Revolution at a close second. It lead us out of the Middle Ages and into the modern era. It's name means "Rebirth" after, all. Can't go wrong with that. It was the "Age of Enlightenment", when artists, mathematicians, physicians, and architects all thrived with creativity and ingenuity. Polymaths such as Leonardo the Vinci, William Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus and many more paved the paths that would lead us to the innovations we interact with today, as well as many of the cultures that surround us.

It was at this time when modern diplomacy began to develop, science and observation advanced in numerous ways, humanism started to dominate education and religion, music became a universal language, art blossomed into a variety of beautiful techniques, ideas became the gateways to modern invention and practice, and overall acted as a beacon that spread a ...more

Come on man everyone noes that Renaissance is the best period ever! It originated in the 1500s-the 1600s. Plus I'm Italian so what can I say?!?!

Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries were so beautiful, with all of the great artists and paintings and music... so wonderful!

Where I would go if I had th chance to travel to another time period for a day

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10 Wild West

I love watching a good western. The Old West seems so cool... dressing up in a cowboy outfit, riding on a horse across the hot Arizona desert and shooting things up with pistols.

Cowboys and awesome train fights, enough said

Red Dead Redemption, The good the bad and the ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, American Civil ear, Indian (native american) wars, guns, religion, horses. And who can forget the hat and leather boots.

Ye ha the Wild West is the best

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11 Ancient Egypt

With all the pyramids and pharaohs and mummies and stuff, you know it's gotta be good.

So mysterious, and the religion at the time was so mixed and matched, and the sense of superiority was just crazy. Got to love the Egyptians.

I love Egypt it is cool to look back and wonder what it was like

I love it! it is so exciting and sad at the same time

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12 Mexican Revolution

What the heck I also hate this

Lol what even happened there

This is going to be awesome

fun period

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13 Stone Age

It was a simple time. No religion. No wars. No discrimination. No crime. - SammySpore

Life was tough back then, but something about the simple lifestyle seems appealing.

Sounds like a great hunting period

This sounds like a nice time era!

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14 Roman Empire

Back to the gladiators and emperors period

I'm 91 and was never taught about this in school. 😳

15 Vietnam War

I'm having flash backs

The most happening time period ever

My grandpa went there.

I think this is an interesting period of time

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16 Sengoku Period

Mind telling me what this is about?

A betrayal, epic battles, Samuria and Ninja!

Seems legit

Wait, the Japanese Civil war that lasted 100 years is a good time?

Bro, you and I have some different opinions on that.

Have fun with those angry guys with swords and matchlocks.

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17 Viking Age

Very complex times for England. No one could stop and they have traveled almost the whole world trading and settling.

A little bias, really into the T.V. show rn.

When the Norse would raid the wintry shores of England, looting and pillaging with their warbands!

Its awesome :D

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18 The 1970s

My best friend from high school was Mary Jane

The 1970's is the best era ever! Music, movies, fashion, food- it was all so very fantastic!

They were great!

Best era ever

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19 Hellenistic Period


20 Byzantine Empire

Betrayals, alliances and big ethical questions. Just like in our time, I guess.

The time of the greatest philosophers

Hate it


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