Best Historical Periods

Humans have been on Earth for 250,000 years. What was the best and most interesting historical period?

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1 Ancient Greece/Rome

Ancient Greece and Rome were one of several classical periods of world history. Both provided substantial logic such as those of Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Democritus, etc. Such vast amounts of knowledge and social organization booming during this period! It's a great time period in my opinion.

I love the Mythology and architecture!

This is my favorite time period because. I love the culture the awesome hairstyles and hair pieces and the greek gods and goddess it's just amazingg.

Things were so great back then... all the knowledge, mythology, architecture... it's like stepping into a whole new world.

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2 Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was definitely an interesting time period (I seriously would love to go to a Medieval inn) to learn about (the music also sounds cool), but not really the best because of wars like the Crusades and Hundred Years War (this was the war where guns and cannons were invented), gender inequality (women had no power in Medieval society), and where religion justifies actions. - PhoenixAura81

Middle Ages is overrated. I don't want my limbs to get sawed right off or get my finger smashed between rocks - TeamRocket747

Ah yes the "I'm too cool for school."
This historical period is when school was established.

One of my favourite historical periods to explore, and the Wars of the Roses really intrigue me. - ivylee

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3 The Roaring 20's

It was fun and all.
Until the stock market crashed and the Great Depression started.

The 1920s were generally a decade of empowerment. A war had just been ended; the troops had been dismissed. In New York, there was the Harlem Renaissance, and African Americans were having a chance to have voices in this world, to create art and have a community of art and inspiration surrounding them. Women everywhere in the US were starting to feel their power and know they could make an impact on the world. Women had just gotten their right to vote! This is also one of the few time periods when breasts weren't considered the epitomy of sexiness. Flappers are great in general--the clothing, the music, the Charleston! The 1920s were exciting! Prohobition was alive and well, with assymetrical sometimes-villains: did you know Al Capone opened up a soup kitchen? People were having fun! This is a decade of great culture.

One of the best time periods in US history because the economy was booming (also right after World War l), new things were made (radio, cinema, jazz, flappers), and it was just a great time to live in, until October of 1929 where the stock market crash (billions of dollars just VANISHED) and the Great Depression followed for the next decade, then World War ll happened. - PhoenixAura81

Why the HELL is the Middle Ages at the top? It was not a nice era to live in. The Twenties however, was so glamorous and awesome and fun, it's a hell of a roarin' time! And as icing on the cake, THE DAUGHTER OF GOD WAS IN THE 20s! - TopTenTed

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4 World War I

Also technically includes the Russian Revolution.

Nah it sucks - TeamRocket747

The future before the future. World War 1 was best known in it's time for introducing new technology and tactics in war. They would end up inventing deadly chemicals as well as trenches.

This is a dangerous period in history

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5 World War II

So amazing to study, much like ancient Rome and Greece, and of course the Middle Ages. - Stalin

no jews

Very VERY interesting. There are all kinds of new weapons, but loving during this time was horrible, especially being Jewish among others in Europe, particularly Germany. Actually, Stalin’s reign and oppression of Soviet Russia killed more people than the Holocaust (people talk about the Holocaust more because the events were videotaped as instruced by president Eisenhower, while nothing like that was used in Soviet Russia. - PhoenixAura81

Are you all yanks?

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6 Renaissance

Absolutely my favorite era in the history of mankind, with the Industrial Revolution at a close second. It lead us out of the Middle Ages and into the modern era. It's name means "Rebirth" after, all. Can't go wrong with that. It was the "Age of Enlightenment", when artists, mathematicians, physicians, and architects all thrived with creativity and ingenuity. Polymaths such as Leonardo the Vinci, William Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus and many more paved the paths that would lead us to the innovations we interact with today, as well as many of the cultures that surround us.

It was at this time when modern diplomacy began to develop, science and observation advanced in numerous ways, humanism started to dominate education and religion, music became a universal language, art blossomed into a variety of beautiful techniques, ideas became the gateways to modern invention and practice, and overall acted as a beacon that spread a ...more

Many people forget it wasn't important until later, only a few places actually felt the importance of this era. - Stalin

The best time period by far!

Come on man everyone noes that Renaissance is the best period ever! It originated in the 1500s-the 1600s. Plus I'm Italian so what can I say?!?!

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7 The Digital Era

The Digital ERA made the way for technology to grow in Earth. We are able to talk to people from thousands of miles away, also, we have new ways to think of society and new governmental systems.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that's why we call it the present.

Yep, new technologies such as computers, cell phones and everyone had one! - JoeBoi

Yes this will be top - YourCommonLoser

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8 19th Century Britain

Very interesting period to study. Clothes looked cool but were probably uncomfortable to wear. Factories opened, and there was an increase in production, but children were worked all day long to produce things. There were breakthroughs in many areas and new laws. Etiquette rules were very strict.

19th century Britain is the essence of colonialism. The colonization of Africa, Britain's world affairs which affected the entire world. It was also the industrial period, where the entire world changed forever with the invention of machines.

Industrial Revolution, great scientists and philosophers, very interesting culture and way of life... Go ENGLAND!

If this did not happen we would still be in the 18th century so yes this was important

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9 Wild West

I'm Texan and Yeehaw - TeamRocket747

Probably the most fascinating time in history. Actually, it definitely is.

The best simple way of life and to do whatever you want

Time machine everyone who believes guns are for defense to the Wild West. You are still living in the past.

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10 Golden Age of Piracy

Cutthroats, naval warfare, treacherous waters, unexplored islands, riches, and adventure... Yep. That just about does it.

Such an interesting period! Not enough written about it.

I want to be a founder of an island


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The Newcomers

? Baroque and Rococo Era

The best era, with best fashion, best art, best architecture. - TopTenTed

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11 Ancient Egypt

The time of Ancient Egypt was one of the best in human history. So many innovations in science, maths, architecture etc. It was because of Egypt's timeline that Greece and Rome rose into power so show some respect. After all it will be fun to see the Pyramids which were the tallest structures in this timeline all they way to the Middle Ages.

it good

With all the pyramids and pharaohs and mummies and stuff, you know it's gotta be good.

No west!

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12 Mexican Revolution

Heh heh, which one? - Stalin

Such an interesting topic!

Lol what even happened there

What the heck I also hate this

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13 Roman Empire

This is a cool time period

Back to the gladiators and emperors period

I'm 91 and was never taught about this in school. 😳

14 Sengoku Period

Help I'm being hunted I need help I tried to call the cops its not working I don't think he knowsd qweee

Mind telling me what this is about?

A betrayal, epic battles, Samuria and Ninja!

Seems legit

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15 Vietnam War

I'm having flash backs

Chinky Dinky

My grandpa went there.

The most happening time period ever

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16 Viking Age

Very complex times for England. No one could stop and they have traveled almost the whole world trading and settling.

A little bias, really into the T.V. show rn.

When the Norse would raid the wintry shores of England, looting and pillaging with their warbands!

Fighting!,! ��"🛡�� - �

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17 The 1970s

The time of when crazy people existed Like mE!

Brilliant best for music adventure and girls

The birth of my parents and the true start of video games both happened in the 70s.

My best friend from high school was Mary Jane

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18 Hellenistic Period

Alexander the Great’s empire. Great combination of cultures, particularly in Alexandria, Egypt, which housed the first lighthouse (tallest structure in the world at the time), museum, library, and zoo (I think). - PhoenixAura81

19 Ancient China

I love their clothes. especially women's. The music and makeup style are also interesting!

Stunning culture and a time that I so wish I could live in.

The Ancient China time period is awesome! The architecture is amazing!

20 Islamic Golden Age

A that was the spread of slavery absorbing the interlectul traditions of the countries Islam invaded bringing it backwards to the six century. Meeting the false prophet Muhammad would be the worse thing because he was a warlord, a rapist and a murderer

Meeting the prophet Mohammed-PUBH- would be the best thing!

The era of science, mass translations and humanity throughout the world but mainly focused in Baghdad and Spain.

An era of stunning intellectual and cultural achievements. A blending of Arab, Egyptian, Persian, and European tradition.

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21 Byzantine Empire

Betrayals, alliances and big ethical questions. Just like in our time, I guess.

The time of the greatest philosophers

Hate it

22 Age of Enlightenment

Not only did it have so many great philosophy, also great art and paintings. - TopTenTed

It had many early modern philosophers such as Voltaire and Nietzsche - ethanmeinster

Actually pretty amazing. a lot of think happened.

23 2000s

Technology is dope.



The early 2000's.

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24 Stone Age

I wish that humans kept living like this, and the only thing that would change would be better medicine. We lived more natural and where way better to the environment. We where stronger. People ate better, too.

SammySpore literally everything you just stated existed back then

It was awesome people could do everything they wanted to

*I wish* I could go to the Stone Age and get away from everything going on now.

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25 Aztec Period


Learned about it sounds great

26 Age of Discovery

Many great explorers like Hudson and Cabot. Columbus really sucked though. - Thisgoronsonfire

Hey it's jeff from the overwatch team here to discuss a new developper update

27 The Eighties

Amazing entertainment, great fashion, some of the greatest music ever, great presidence with Ronald Reagan, and the last decade of the Cold War, which ended in 1990. - PhoenixAura81


Best Music


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28 Napoleonic Era

YAS QUEEN! Napoleon is awesome. His quotes are so inspiring. Here is an example of one of his quotes:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"


The first war where military tactics were completely different, and the battle of Trafalgar with Nelson.

Pretty cool time to live, Join the British army and be a Grenadier

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29 Prohibition Era

Back when gangsters were all the rage especially the Italian-American Mafia. - jezza0

I like beer

30 The Fifties

The Hollywood Blacklist, communism, sexism, racism, National Service, rationing, the Cold War and crappy movies. Hardly things that make a good time period. - mcvito

Sexism, racism, the cold war, and polio were bad but the rest is great if you can deal with those things!

For the first time ever, it seemed that the human race could end because of war.

What the hell is wrong with you guys, quite clearly the 50's would be the best time to visit America!

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31 Mayan Empire

One of the most mysterious periods, also interesting and probably the biggest empire in the world then!

32 Jurassic Age

Chris pratt, I mean come on

I love dinosaurs

Hell yeah, dinosaurs

What the...

33 The Future

This should be at number 1 because there is so much to discover and reveal everyday. You have something to look forward to. The updates in technology is rising, new life findings on Mars. Hover boards likely way to get to school and work. Renewable energy resources could be starting and making the environment clean,healthy for wildlife. Hopes for pollution percents to go down so less marine life extinction is not happening again. Hopes for the homeless and unemployment rates to go down so more people are having homes and good paying jobs. Hopes for the fossil fuel companies not taking over.

I totally want to see the future. I would totally love to see cities in the future with the most advanced technology. - PhoenixAura81

The future. So many possibilities out there that we have yet to discover... And as a bonus, it never ends! Maybe one day, when people use jet packs to fly and the world is filled with extraordinary technology, we'll finally realize that the future is what makes us who we are! P.S. I have never, EVER heard of Feudal Japan, so maybe you should vote for the ones you DO know!

Yeah the future probably sucks and it's probably worse than now and about 4 or 5 billion years from know the sun swallows earth so I hate it that's why I picked the fifties

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34 Carthaginian Empire

Well, they were conquered by Rome. - PhoenixAura81

Um Punic wars anyone
What more can u want from history

35 Regency Era
36 French Revolution


Marie Antoinette was so #TeamBi

The most intellectually rich and ideologically enlightening period in all of history.

38, WHAT! Probably the most important event in modern human history.

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37 The Nineties

This was the time when friendship was actually a cool thing, nowadays it's just everybody walking around in full face coverage and kim kardashian clothes rip-offs, and selfies...

Wo! Nirvana baby! Grunge will never die!

In Britain we had Britpop and Noel's House Party

The nineties ended in style by everyone surviving Y2K.

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38 American Civil War

The most important reason the Civil War was was fought was to preserve the union, but the undisputed cause of the was was slavery. The South left the union when Lincoln was elected because of his stance that slavery could not be allowed to spread to new territories. Note that slavery caused the war but preserving the union was the primary objective. Evidence to this is the fact that Lincoln did not emancipate the slaves in the union free States until the war was won because he wanted to keep them in the union.

There was significant abolitionist movements at the time mostly among the northern blacks, woman, and Quakers, but also by various others such as Southern woman Moncure Conway.

And letters from civil war soldiers clearly state that they believed slavery was the immediate cause of the war. One Wisconsin private wrote "this second war equally as holy as the first by which our fathers gained those liberties and privileges, which have made us a great and ...more

The American Civil War was when the South was being ignored by the North and so decided to leave. (It was not about slavery, the north had slaves to. There were just bigger plantations in the South. This was a time when more was expected from teenagers, and they stepped up to the challenge. (P.S. did you know that Admiral David Farragut was placed in control of a captured enemy ship and it's crew when he was only 12? Sad that so many of my fellow teenagers can't do this kind of thing! )

39 Feudal Japan

Back when the samurai and shinobi fought to gain control of Japan.

Interesting period of time although it is kind of in the time period of the Middle ages but whatever

More than those factions there so many it would take many spaces to type it out and this was a bad point in history

40 The Sixties

The fifties and seventies rank higher? The sixties were the peak of the second Renaissance. We see an explosion in art, science and technology. Parents and kids weren't happy then. Ever heard of the generation gap? The Beatles were great but how about mentioning maned space travel to the moon?

The Beatles made this my favorite time period! Especially how happy kids and parents were back then!

Audrey hepburn and the beatles

60s were too cheesy. - AlphaQ

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41 American Revolutionary War



Favorite period in history for the battles and birth of a new nation

It's just amazing. So monumental.

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42 1980s

I was born in the 80's, and you can tell from its music that it was a smooth joyful period


43 Victorian Era

The most interesting era when it comes to history, fashion, lifestyle or basically anything. - XxembermasterxX

The beginning of the Victorian era wasn't great, no electricity, child slavery (child workhouses), But at the end of the Victorian Era At least there was a reform of child "work" houses, bit by bit, Parliament looked into it and the hours were reduced eventually leading to children no longer being in the work place and going to school where kids belong.

The more humble you were, the higher your class was...Dark and aristocratic...

44 Triassic Period

I didn't mean to click how do I go back I don't even know what trassic is

45 Golden Age of Animation

No not the 90s, that nostalgia age of animation. Its 50s-70s that is the Golden Age of Animation.

One word; Bartmania also known as Simpsonsmania - mcvito

That's the 1990s.

The Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park and the rise of Pixar.

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46 Russian Revolution

Showed the power of the people and optimism, and sadly the true natural nature of humans on the negative side absolute power... corrupts absolutely as they say.
Fascinating experiment with communism, fascinating way of fighting for control within the system, for as different as it is to us now, like feudal systems are fascinating for the same reason

47 Cretaceous Period

I would go there around 5,000 years before the asteroid that killed off non-avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and (most) marine reptiles (except turtles) hit Earth, So I will get to see lots of live dinos flourishing around me, and maybe bring back some small dinosaurs (Troodonts, Oviraptorids, etc) into modern times and have them adjust to modern oxygen levels, after a while, maybe releasing them to a modern ecosystem and hopefully thrive and adapt to deal with predation and competition from modern mammals, as well as adapting to deal with egg-eaters such as rats and pigs. - DinoLover4242

What the hey! it should at least be in the top 5

About 65 million years ago when Dinosaurs roamed the earth;P

48 Boer War

Wait... isn't this a canadian thing? thanks Homie G!

49 The Romantic Era (1800-1850)

Containing the French Revolution, and backed by some of the greatest artists and composers that ever lived, it makes for a dazzling display of art and culture. - higgsboson2142

50 Manifest Destiny

Nope not really

I don't know what years this happened but I live in the American west so I assume it was good

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