Best Historical Periods

Humans have been on Earth for 250,000 years. What was the best and most interesting historical period?

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21 Islamic Golden Age

The era of science, mass translations and humanity throughout the world but mainly focused in Baghdad and Spain.

An era of stunning intellectual and cultural achievements. A blending of Arab, Egyptian, Persian, and European tradition.

A time where Islam was spreading. This made the world wiser and better.

Best period of time to be alive

22 2000s

The interesting political movements especially in America after the 9/11 bombing, the questions about America's social mobility with Barack Obama being elected. And on the other side of the pond, Tony Blair and the war in Iraq. Also a study could be conducted on the effects of the economic crash and how compliance in banking has become increasingly more important.

So low? - AlphaQ


23 Aztec Period

Learned about it sounds great

24 American Civil War

The most important reason the Civil War was was fought was to preserve the union, but the undisputed cause of the was was slavery. The South left the union when Lincoln was elected because of his stance that slavery could not be allowed to spread to new territories. Note that slavery caused the war but preserving the union was the primary objective. Evidence to this is the fact that Lincoln did not emancipate the slaves in the union free States until the war was won because he wanted to keep them in the union.

There was significant abolitionist movements at the time mostly among the northern blacks, woman, and Quakers, but also by various others such as Southern woman Moncure Conway.

And letters from civil war soldiers clearly state that they believed slavery was the immediate cause of the war. One Wisconsin private wrote "this second war equally as holy as the first by which our fathers gained those liberties and privileges, which have made us a great and ...more

The American Civil War was when the South was being ignored by the North and so decided to leave. (It was not about slavery, the north had slaves to. There were just bigger plantations in the South. This was a time when more was expected from teenagers, and they stepped up to the challenge. (P.S. did you know that Admiral David Farragut was placed in control of a captured enemy ship and it's crew when he was only 12? Sad that so many of my fellow teenagers can't do this kind of thing! )

25 The Fifties

What the hell is wrong with you guys, quite clearly the 50's would be the best time to visit America!

Everything about the 50s is amazing. The music, life style, the clothing. I would love to live in that time period.

You do realise that if you were a man aged between 18 and 24 years of age you had to do 2 years National Service. Also rationing was still at large. - jezza0

Yeah, We got one of the best US Presidents ( Eisenhower ) out of the 50's. Also, after a period of worldwide war in the 40's, the 50's was filled with little to none conflict.

It was a dark era for Europe as many countries were still repairing themselves after WW2. Movies were abysmal compared to what we have nowadays. The only worthwhile thing that happened in the 50s was that the T.V was invented. - jezza0

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26 The Eighties

WOO! Welcome to the good life! Sweet music and styles, awesome trends and epicness everywhere! People have nostalgia for the eighties for a reason.

The decade Margret Thatcher ruined Britain by shutting down the coal mines and increased unemployment as a result. - jezza0

Best era ever and I wasn't even in it

Nah it was mediocre. - AlphaQ

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27 Ancient China
28 Napoleonic Era

The first war where military tactics were completely different, and the battle of Trafalgar with Nelson.

Pretty cool time to live, Join the British army and be a Grenadier

Long live Napoleon!

29 Mayan Empire
30 Carthaginian Empire

Um Punic wars anyone
What more can u want from history

31 The Nineties

This was the time when friendship was actually a cool thing, nowadays it's just everybody walking around in full face coverage and kim kardashian clothes rip-offs, and selfies...

Wo! Nirvana baby! Grunge will never die!

In Britain we had Britpop and Noel's House Party

Yep. Personally one of my couple of favorites. Many good things happened here. The INTERNET! :D :D - floridiancat

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32 French Revolution

38, WHAT! Probably the most important event in modern human history.

Hello Marie Antoinette anyone?

"Heads rolling through Paris..."

This shold be about 3rd.

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33 The Sixties

The fifties and seventies rank higher? The sixties were the peak of the second Renaissance. We see an explosion in art, science and technology. Parents and kids weren't happy then. Ever heard of the generation gap? The Beatles were great but how about mentioning maned space travel to the moon?

The Beatles made this my favorite time period! Especially how happy kids and parents were back then!

Audrey hepburn and the beatles

60s were too cheesy. - AlphaQ

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34 The Future

The future. So many possibilities out there that we have yet to discover... And as a bonus, it never ends! Maybe one day, when people use jet packs to fly and the world is filled with extraordinary technology, we'll finally realize that the future is what makes us who we are! P.S. I have never, EVER heard of Feudal Japan, so maybe you should vote for the ones you DO know!

Yeah the future probably sucks and it's probably worse than now and about 4 or 5 billion years from know the sun swallows earth so I hate it that's why I picked the fifties

Armageddon, the Rapture, the Lord's return... Looking very forward.

cool stuff

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35 Jurassic Age

What the...

36 American Revolutionary War

Favorite period in history for the battles and birth of a new nation

It's just amazing. So monumental.

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37 1980s

I was born in the 80's, and you can tell from its music that it was a smooth joyful period


38 Age of Enlightenment

It had many early modern philosophers such as Voltaire and Nietzsche - ethanmeinster

39 Golden Age of Animation

You mean when Pixar created Toy Story? I see your angle here. - jezza0

The Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park and the rise of Pixar.

Ain't that the 1990s? That's already on this list.

40 Boer War
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