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Abhhir you can say awaara the first song of of beautiful rapper...

242 Sri

Rapping since the age of 18, Sri is an internet sensation who got to be a part of a major record label in the early march of 2013. Six straight hits and 4 times APUA winner; He is the kid next door with a diamond crown on his head.

243 Rapper Vishist
244 Raqib Rock
245 SK Rapper

Coolest rapper ever... Raps like bohemia... Style like Eminem... My bro cool

246 Sexy Boy Pranav
247 Blaaze

He is far better than honey singh

248 Rapper AMB
249 NAS-T
250 maniaM
251 Insanoid aka A.B. Negative

After listening to his latest stuff I turned into his hardcore fans. love live Insanoid. He's doing great in Indian horrorcore scene.
Cheers! Looking forward to his upcoming mixtape.

The best horrorcore rapper in the Indian underground rap scene. Formerly known as Mix Owtlawz, he changed his name to A.B. Negative aka Insanoid. He's the most violent rapper his lyrics are damn psychotic plus the themes he pick for the song. His upcoming mixtape "The Diary Of The Psychopath" is gonna be a huge huge hit in the horrorcore rap scene. He also rap about some political issues too. What else I can say, one of my favorite artist in Indian underground rap scene especially in horrorcore genre because as far as I know he's the first rapper in India who picked this horrorcore/Gorehop genre.

252 MC Ritik

There's One More MC That Pops In And Brings Out Conscious Hip-Hop Accompanied By His Poetic Lyrics-Being Rapped On Hip-Hop Beats. Spare Some Time And Give His Music A Glance. You Can Get To His Music By Searching Him On Google'
'Ritik Dutt'-
Put This Name On Google And You'll Get His Music.

253 Rapper Grandy
254 CampusEmo Rapper

You spit very nice sir in punjabi and in Hindi too, I like your choli ke piche kya hai. You are my favorite after Eminem. For me you are best.

255 DJ Abby Gautam

He can rap more good than honey singh

256 Young Prozpekt
257 EthelRED

The best English rapper from New Delhi.

258 Roy the Bong
259 Malxiom the Rapper

He is the best rapper of India,

260 Saahir
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