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121 Dope-X

Dope-X Rapper from India just will be 15 in september raps great. Many of them in India rap in Hindi but he raps in English. He is not well-known but he deserves to be.

122 Jay G
123 eyEar dugg (I.R)

He actually a first fastest rapper of India and he only bought fast chopping in India I don't know if you hear him or not but in reality he is actually a careless person who don't concentrates on spreading his music or promotion like all others do in top ten list he must be somewhere if he is not there means you are faking this list and trying to make your audience fool! - ria12345

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124 Mix Owtlawz

What else I say this man is seriously suffering from multiple personality disorder. One the one hand he's dark, negative, violent, frustrated, demonized person and on the other hand he's polite, humble, fun loving. No one can judge him. Even though his lyrics are too basic but he is surely the best upcoming artists from India.

He's good in his imaginative stuff though he is not that good in lyricism. Rap about the political stuff hard life of today's youth. Working with many overseas artist. Better known for his violent delivery of his verses.

Best horror core artist till date in India.
He got some really dark issues within.

125 Samrat Bhardwaj
126 iGaME
127 Shan 916
128 GrV

A underground rapper but he is good

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129 Siddhant Panwar


Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced

The guy come sfrom dehra Dun small state in North India but he is doing great he writes and raps and sings his songs like the Creator Bohemia hope we see him soon as the New Star because he is a born Musician

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130 Aakarshit Dureja AKD V 2 Comments
131 MC Kash

Best rapper in Indian occupied Kashmir... As well as one of the best rapper I have ever heard... Because he has sung a no of songs against Indian oppression in Kashmir... That's y he has not been included... But reality is that he is best rapper in India who raps in English...

He spits bars full of Knowlegde and Information, He spits what's true! He has very touchy lyrics that chill you down to the spine. There's no RAPPER in India who is as touching as him but why is he on this list He isn't an Indian, he hails from Kashmir.

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132 Rishabh Rishi Kumar

He is awesome rapper

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133 Dark Kumar

He is the best and inspire with BADMASH Hindi RAP GURU.

Brush yo teeth boy

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134 Music MG V 5 Comments
135 MC Bijju

Oh god! You guys should here him rap and I swear to god you'll become his fans!
Undoubtedly the fastest rapper in India!
Go check his fastest rap called 'padabalike'
on YouTube. Awesome!

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136 Fateh Doe

A canadian Sikh rapper ruling over the world with his long beard and dumalla.. He has got good flow and writes the best lyrics.. He raps in punjabi,Hindi and the best in English..

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137 Curryspitter

Look him up on instagram; he is simply the best

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138 Sarb Smooth

This gay is also nic... I heard hin in RDB or manz music... He is excellent

139 Shazzy D King V 2 Comments
140 Aaimbill

One of the best hindi rapper from RJ13 rap crew. The flow is totally different and entertaining. I bet no one can spit like him.

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