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1 Use Somebody

I listen to this song everyday. Makes me want to hold her tight, never let her go. I can't believe that I let her go in the first time. I wish I could dedicate song to her. This one is for you Charlize. Your smile still haunts me.

A truly amazing song, the vocals are simply divine

I start my day wit this song! An absolute treat to listen to! I just can't stop explorin more songs f KOL!

Such an amazing song I just love this song I just can't stop singing along with the band when this song is playing anywhere those who haven't listened to this please do because your missing some very clever and beautiful piece of song PLEASE VOTE FOR IT GUYS AND KEEP IT AT THE TOP!

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2 Sex on Fire

The best song as for myself even above Use Somebody

Love this song, one of my favourite songs of all time, definitely top 10

Best somg ever

I love everything about this song. I love the music, I love the lyrics, I love the vocals, I love the instruments, I love the followill brothers, it really reaches trough your soul. < 3 the song is fabulous. ;* really, really awesome. I could listen to it all day, all night.

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3 Closer

Best song by far...

By far the best song, sends shivers down my spine, especially the delayed guitar riff at the start, beautiful song! much prefer this sort of stuff than their newer stuff (which I'm not a massive fan of)

This is a hidden gem from Only By The Night and was the first track on that great album too. Should be in the top 5 at least! Get voting!

the lyrics and this song song riff manage to break my heart! By far I believe this is their best song! more than Use somebody this song have more soul!

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4 Knocked Up

My all time favorite song. The song has a great story, the vocals are great, and the drums are right on beat through the whole song. - Bman23

I can listen to this song on repeat for hours. The guitar riffs are so haunting and moving. Anytime I'm feeling like hell I put this on and instantly feel more at peace. I first heard it during a rough time in my life and it kept me going.

That 3-Note Harmonic Riff Is So Mind-Numbingly Brilliant... And Also... Salty Leaf... Gotta Love Milk As Well - StevenSerrao2580

It looks like long night trip in the car

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5 Pyro

Pyro is really awesome song from K.O.L., and it hurts to see such amazing song below 5.
Just feel it! ''watch her roll, can you feel it'' ;)
Awesome song guys and gals!

The song just speaks to me. Reminds me of a special time when I was younger and exploring new music. Coupled with such lyrical genius it's no wonder a good song.

SO GOD. Can't believe it is ranked this low. Really LAME. Should DEFINITELY be in the top 3, it never gets old, and its really relaxing and chilling. GREAT song.

One hell of a song! Feel the vibe which comes with it...
They play better and better with time. New song is best of rest xD

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6 Radioactive

Hands down the best song Kings of Leon has to offer. Its got a fantastic riff to it that just makes you want to hear it again and again!

this song made me want to listen to kol more..

This song is by far my favourite, so powerful, fifth?! Come on guys!

Why is this song not 1st

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7 The Bucket

It was really difficult to choose (and this isn't probably my favorite) but I voted this because it is the highest song of the first two albums in this list and I really can't stand the fact that the top ten is formed mostly by "only by the night" songs just because it's the most popular album... please listen to the others which are so much better!

Incredible song from their best album. Really simple but effective guitar and rhythm!

Raw rock, kol at their peak. This album was in my opinion when the band found their signature sound

I like the drums in this song. - Bman23

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8 Notion

I totally agree, this is much more powerful than Use Somebody and the riffs Rock too!

A lot of soul, not nearly as winey as their other songs. It's much more powerful.

Musically - none of the others compare to this one.
It is not only memorable - but also has a melody line that can be hummed easily and/or sung.

When I was really little when he was saying don't knock it I thought he was saying donocka. Therefore I said can we listen to donocka

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9 Charmer

Really dark and ear-catching song (if that's even a real phrase) bass and guitar work really well together

This is what I call Rock! This song makes me scream

Amazing song, that scream is awesome!

Absolutely GREAT! Love the screams!

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10 On Call

the bass in this song is amazing, the lyrics are powerfull and to be honest the song is just an anthym, I've never heard another song like if, not mentioned here is slow night, so long my favourate x

I don't quite understand how Radioactive and Fans can be ahead of this song... have you listened to the bass?

amazing song.
gives me chills every time I hear it.
I can hear it all day long and never get tired of it!

This song is certainly one of a kind. The music is very haunting and soulful. Certainly a kings of leon special, I am surprised it dint make to the top five

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The Contenders

11 Crawl

The guitars alone make this a top 5

Mann this is at 17! Top 5 catchiest songs of all times.. For me..

Deserves to be much higher- my first kings of leon song

Classic guitar solo and so underrated should be at #6.

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12 Fans

Such a great journey from start to finish

The best! I can listen to it every day, whole day! I'm just sad cause this song doesn't have an official video, it would be awesome

This was the first song I ever heard of them and I've loved it ever since, it is really catchy and has a great beat. You can listen to this song over and over and it will never get old! Definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

Absolutely love this song! The sound, the lyrics, everything is perfect. Classic KOL sound that we all know and love with a catchy beat and mesmorising, awe-striking guitar skills. And not to mention Caleb's beautiful voice, those high notes just turn my legs to jelly and raise the hairs on the back of my neck. Such a powerful and completely brilliant song. Definitely deserves a higher ranking.

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13 Four Kicks

This song should be in the top 10 its awesome and very good vote for it because I've go bored of sex on fire and use somebody.

Wow can't believe that all the classics are this far down four kicks is amazing

How is this song not their best song?

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14 Be Somebody

AWESOME! Best all round song the boys have ever done! Every part of this song... The pitch harmonics by Matthew, the excellent drum beats by Nathan and the bassline and vocals make an amazing atmosphere.
VOTE NOW for Be Somebody!

This is my get amped for games song. It just absolutely tells a story like the one of a an athlete that needs to prove themselves to get to the next level. On a more musical note, great guitar riffs and drums throughout the song is in my top three with Notion, and Closer. In the Night is a Solid Gold album that I will remember for a long time.

It should be at #7. really amazing song

Cool intro, I like actually some of the other songs of KOL but, this one is not so simple as others, so yes I like it

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15 King of the Rodeo

Best chorus I think I have ever heard. I play this song all the time and I just don't get bored of it. Please for this song because it is an amazing piece of songwriting and it's incredibly catchy. Good work guys!

Song's got a sizzle about it. More of a country rock song. The first time I listened to this song I was like man I should have it. The song's a must have for all kol fans.

Great track love the sound not a country fan but think this is great.

Its something entirely different and new

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16 Red Morning Light

First song I heard from them and still my favorite... back in 2004 when it was the intro for fifa 04 lol... - thatguyalex

Great guitar and lyrics. Should be top 20. So should Genius.

This is KOL at their rugged best before they sold out to the pop world

Very funny song, rackabily, you can´┐Ż't be on bad mood whit this tune.

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17 Holy Roller Novocaine

This list is just travesty.

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18 Ragoo

Unknown best KoL song

The fact that this song is barely top 30 is mind blowing. Easily one of their best songs and better than their mainstream hits that shouldn't be in the top 10

Their best song, hands down

So much insight from a young KOL.

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19 Black Thumbnail

WHOA HOLD ON PEOPLE. This is an awesome. The lyrics are notoriously genius and the song deserves much more than no 15.

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20 Slow Night, So Long

catchy and honestly "Use somebody" has nothing on this song. Only new k. o. l like the new material so much that they claim it's the best. Come on. seriously. - carlacastro

One of my favorite songs by KOL

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21 Molly's Chambers

Come on it can't be 28th! Really epic!

This list is a joke. There older stuff was better. This is an absolute classic!

Its a disgrace that this song is so low.

EPIC SONG! Definitely top 10. Nice guitar and awesome vocals

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22 Trani

Trani at Bonnaroo 2004, was KOL's best ever performance, and this song truly is unbelievable, way way way better than sex on fire and use somebody. If you want Kings of Leon this is the song and Where Nobody Knows

She don't get off unless somebody is standing near hear... Oscillating on the ground throwing white noise sound.

Won't get any better than this

Definitely one of the greqtest Kings of leon song I've heard. So raw and so passionate

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23 Revelry

I was hooked after the first 10 seconds

there is something about this song which feels divine

There's something haunting about this song... It really makes me think of an old love that didn't work out and how difficult it is to find that.

I love a song that can bring back emotions that you felf when you first heard it... even it is bitterness, cause it reminds you of a girl you loved that broke up with you via text message. - Cuthbertson7467

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24 Supersoaker

UNDErrated AS F*
Top 5 at least.
hear it out

What? 29th? should be top 10 at least!

Extremely catchy and on repeat already 100 times, never gets boring.

Needs to be way higher. Easily one of their best songs. Best chorus by far

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25 Soft

To be honest they have too many great songs but I live this song, reminds me a little of what vampire weekend does. Nonetheless I put this in a mix for my friends Christmas present

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26 Manhattan

when it starts I just get chills all over my body, sadly that when I saw them last month they didn't performed it, the lyrics, the melody everything is fantastic, hope there are others that enjoy it as I do.

This is easily KOL's best song. I think it's the greatest song ever written. It's about friends who love one another getting togeter and just enjoying life out in the Oklahoma woods. The "I like to dance all night, and summons the day" lyric says it all: Take on the day, and then live it up at night. When I'm having a stressful day I listen to this song and it puts me in the woods with my best friends, without a care in the world.

This one brought me to Kings Of Leon. It wasn't Use Somebody (great song woo), but this. And when they play it live, give me chills, awesome song!

I Don't know why is this one at 26 should be at top ten Has a good feel to it

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27 Back Down South

It might not be the best KoL song but it is indeed the best song of this Country Genre! Number-1 for me.

Best song from Come Around Sundown. - Bman23

Felt like this song brought me to the south, and I experienced everything they've been through. Defiantly a 10!

By far the best song! cannot believe it is not top 10!

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28 Cold Desert

Fantastic song

Should be in the top 10

This song is top 10 material

Anyone who has ever felt alone or distant from the world around them can relate to the emotions this song touches.

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29 Arizona

Best song by KOL and one of the best songs ever!

Great song

Love this song, definitely in my top 5!

Typically Sex on Fire and Use Somebody are the top 2. With the people voting not delving further than Only By The Night. This track is my favourite due to its beautiful guitar riff and Caleb's vocal ability to completely relax. Extremely underrated track.

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30 Happy Alone UListen to Sample
31 Milk

Damn, shed a tear

What is wrong with you people? LISTEN TO THIS! If you like K.O.L. the There is no way that you wont not like this song. ONE OF THE TOP 5 SONGS BY KINGS OF LEON. Absolutely brilliant! Please take two minutes to download this songs! Please! Its THAT good.

Now seeing one of the classics in this position got me thinking if this people are normal!

Great song, should be top 5 easily better than sex is on fire.

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32 Beautiful War

This song has a brilliant build up! Top 10 material - EASY.

Top 15 song amazing song so underrated too

Amazing song. Their best after pyro.

This one is really calm, but awesome!

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33 Wasted Time UListen to Sample
34 The End

One of my all time favorite songs. It always manages to take my breath away.

This song is amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful. Such an amazing song. I don't know why it isn't higher on the list.

Great song from Come Around Sundown. - Bman23

What! This song deserves the top spot, this was written by God. Love it!

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35 Day Old Blues UListen to Sample
36 Taper Jean Girl

I think the best song from their best album... Although the teasers from Mechanical Bull are amazing so maybe...

This is probably the biggest hit when Kings of Leon was more of a southern band. - Bman23

Disappointed that this isn't at least number 10

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37 Wait for Me

By far one of my favorite KoL songs

I can't believe it isn't higher up! Seriously one of the most comforting and soothing songs out there, hits straight home for me!

First time I heard this song I literally replayed in silence in my room 7 times. Unbelievable

One of the bests :')

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38 California Waiting

How is this not in the top ten? THis is the best kings of leon song. Period. Most underrated song in the history of music. Hidden gem from their debut album.

As the others have mentioned, this song's highly underrated.

I really like this song. This song must be one of the top ten

This list is literally a joke

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39 I Want You

Best song I know. The beat is so awesome and I just adore the guitar here. And bass. And basically everything about this song. The lyrics are so great and always remind me of the person I love. I would make love to this song.

What the hell?! I was just skimming through the list and see 'I want you' at 34! It is by far the best kings of Leon song! Just because its not mainstream

This song is awesome! Not their best, but has a great feel to it!

This song is number one!

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40 The Face

"bury yourself away, the one and only face" this line just summons how awesome is the lyrics of this song.

Wow can't believe this isn't higher

That guitar solo on 2:14 is simply crazy! Listen to it while driving super fast! You will feel the thing :D

Pure emotion, beauty, and elegance to this lonely song. The kings have put a perfect southern romance touch like no other kol song iv'e heard! Caleb brings everything he has in this heart-wrenching song. "Ride out the wave"

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41 True Love Way

I do not listen to Kings of Leon very often, BUT of the 3 songs that I do know by them, this song is their best one. So poetic.

The shi cray. True Love Way is poetic. Once you really listen to what Caleb is saying, you'll be swayed.

My fave in my opinion

The sound is very good and the song itself has a very deep meaning inside it. Very poetic and perfectyly sang by caleb

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42 The Immortals

Come on guys, this song must be at least in the first 10, just listen to it, you will fall in love with this song.

Love this song. Usually on repeat

This is the best chorus they have written... Vote this higher people!

Just Love Love all of it!

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43 Waste a Moment - Kings of Leon

I'm addicted to this song.

This song sHould be much higher on this list.

So good to hear something new from them, they never disappoint!

Great song, top 20 for me

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44 Pickup Truck

To me the best song they have because its so catchy and the music is super soulful. It makes me dream. Absolutely loving it. Download it now.

Just a masterpiece, the last minute of it is just astonishing! Should definitely be in the top 5 if not first!

Just awesome the vocals are crazy catchy beat just what the kings should like

Amazing song evokes so much emotion

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45 Talihina Sky

Youth and Young Manhood is an album that really shows their roots. I personally would put it in top four with closer, notion, and be somebody. It personifies who Kings of Leon were before they moved to Memphis and some may say that the move helped their careers. But as a fan from the moment their first album came out. I would've been fine with this band putting up these songs all of these years.

My favourite Kings Of Leon song by far! Many new fans haven't heard it because it's almost hidden on "Youth & Young Manhood" after "Holy Roller Novocaine".
For me, it sums up everything I feel about my hometown, the love/hate relationship where you still have some loyalty for the place you grew up but it hasn't given you anything. - AisPower

This song is real! From before they we're famous rockstars. You can hear the desperation to get out of a certain place, this song is a must have on your drunk-playlist on Itunes, just sip a whiskey and get carried away by this song..

It screams wanting to get away, but not sure if one ever would.

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46 Mary

This is personally my favorite kings of leon song. Best guitar solo by mathew.

Great love story... great meanings, peacefull.
This songs reminds me a teenage true love. Just great!

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47 Birthday

God I love this song! The chorus is simply perfect and the guitar is great!

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48 Beach Side

This is the most bogus list I have ever seen. First of all, the top 10 sucks. The two biggest radio hits are at the top... What a surprise. Kings of Leon is a great band. They have had a lot of commercial success in the United States just in their last two albums. Their earlier stuff is a lot different but better. Although, all things considered, Beach Side is the greatest KOL song around.

KOL has two different sounds; before only by the night and after only by the night. Both sounds are excellent in my opinion. It depends on what you are in the mood for. Of all the songs on all the albums, beach side is the best.

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49 No Money

I really can't believe why is this song no.46, I mean come on guys its really amazing though its just 3 minutes I really wish if it could never end.

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50 17

The bass in the verse makes the whole song amazing and the lyrics are very cool too.

This is one of the sexiest songs of KOL.. especially the way he says, "...oh she is only seventeen"!

1 word - Amazing
If you haven't already, you should listen to it!

Favorite kol song K.

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