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41 ESP

This is such an amazing ability, psychic balls of doom, absolutely impeccable range and power. What's not to love?! Not to mention ' teleportation to add to your arsenal.

It's got a giant ball of death, teleportation, and a Ness hat, what more do you want, yeah flying powers too.

Teleporting, relatively safe damage (floating while basic attack), what more do you want!

This ability got me thrugh the arena and most of the true arena
Most of the bosses are too stupid to even jump and try and kill me so it's easy to just hold b for a few sec and put in on the boss BOOM
The only bosses that are actully jumps to get me are Dede Clone, Glactia night, and president Haltman
(If you don't know what game I'm talking about its Kirby planet robobot)

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42 Hi-Jump

I've only seen hi-jump in Kirby's nightmare in dreamland... I like when I get it because I believe it to be pretty rare... sure it isn't that good but whatever, Its not like I voted for it, (I voted for Mike) Oh yeah and I also saw it in Kirby Amazing Mirror when you fight Krackos

I hate Hi-jump I think it's boring. -_-

I've seen him hi-jump in Kirby's Adventure

It was merged into Jet. Charge up to max, press A, then press A again. Voilah. Hi-Jump. - mattstat716

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43 Monster Flame

You can tell its awesome I don't need to explain

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44 Cutter
45 Robobot Armor

Very good against hordes of enemies especially with the right power up on it

Seriously. This thing is OP it contains ALL the abilities you want. - Super64Mario

46 Burning
47 Hypernova

Hypernova Kirby I feel deserved to be this low as it is used way more times in Triple Deluxe than it deserves to to the point where... it's nothing special in my eyes bus just a gimmick.

This rainbow colored Kirby inhales nearly everything.

How is this all the way down here with this kirby is basicly invincable

Yeah, this was not as bad as the Robobot Suit.

The armor felt as gimmicky as this, but at least this didn't take up ALL THE STAGES. - mattstat716

48 Fridge

I have very fond memories of refrigerator. In fact, I remember being very excited the first time I discovered that it was even possible to do. I was experimenting with different combinations and thought, "Hey, I wonder what Spark and Ice makes." Behold, it made Fridge. It made so much sense; and to top it all off, you can actually produce food with it to gain health. IT'S AMAZING! - surgeonsanic

49 Plasma

Can shoot up and down and all around and I think can charge balls of plasma and shoot them at your foes. - rexprice4

You mean spark? - mattstat716

Plasma is no use. It's just used for Spamming the D pad up, left, right, and/or down then press B whats this?

50 Crash

Crash is very similar to the Mike ability but it takes 1 shot the it kills all enemies and it also presses Buttons too

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51 Poison

It got me through the arena on my first try and is what I used for the true arena in other words it's the best at killing bosses.

The very best ability for bosses who move around a lot because you can leave poison all over the floor of the stage as well as poison gas clouds in the air!
11 out of 10

Poison is amazing. It has a lot of varied attacks, a strong melee combo, and can create poison patches on the ground along with clouds of poison. It's water 2.0.

It's poisoned water.

Also, neato hat. - mattstat716

52 Doctor
53 Circus
54 Bubble

My personal favorite. The idea of this ability was well... Original, it's the special ability of Kirby: Squeak Squad, since it has the ability to turn enemies into bubbles, that's right, bubbles (I had to make the Kirby's Epic Yarn reference). I don't know about anyone else, but I also love to use this ability to exploit through parts of the game that are specifically reserved for other abilities, because this ability's "Big Bubble" move could literally go through walls, and has range long enough to due the Lazer segment in world 4-1 without Lazer, of course the "Bubble Beam" could also go through walls, but it can only go a fair distance. The ability to exploit has made this ability more greater than it already was in so many ways. One more thing: If you bring this ability with you during the Dark Nebula boss fight, you could do something truly amazing. When he does the attack where he brings down a giant fireball (which will turn into a huge massive flame fest when it hits the ...more

From squeak squad shots bubbles that capture enemies!

Tiny problem. BUBBLE IS WEAK. - mattstat716

55 Bell

It's unique. No other ability lets you wield a musical instrument. Plus it's attack names are really cool. Ding finale, Twin Tinker, Sting Ding, just plain awesome.

This copy ability is cool! Its defense is powerful.

Launch the Bells to defeat bosses.


56 Dynamite

This is an ability? - mattstat716

helmet on

57 Explosive Ninja Stars

Someone's messing with me now. - mattstat716

It’s in Crystal shards!

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59 Wing

Fun to use in return to dreamland. The condor dive move pulls a star fox and makes it look like Kirby does a barrel roll. - Villainnumberone

Really cool in the newest game Triple Deluxe. Love the high mobility.

I like you can fly faster!

Use the wings to attack in this one. I used this to beat Queen Sectonia.

60 Starship

3 way shot! Way wont you vote for dis

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