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Kirk Lee Hammett is the lead guitarist and songwriter for the heavy metal band Metallica and has been a member of the band since 1983. Before joining Metallica he formed and named the band Exodus.


BEST COMPOSER OUT THERE! He is the reason why I picked up guitar. Although I'm influenced by a lot of bassists but he's the one who made me discover my passion. Listen to his solos in Master of Puppets, One, Fade to black, Orion and Enter Sandman. Not only the best guitarist, he is a well behaved artist, a music worshipper, a calm person. Never minds when dumbheads compare him with the asss like Dave Mustaine 'cause he plays to feed his soul and to feed the souls of music worshippers. Guitar is a part of his body and he makes it cry. He doesn't make noise with it. He is a true source of inspiration for those who understand music.

Dave's more rhythm, he has solos on some of his songs though, and they are good solos, but they sound the same, it should be Marty Friedman, all Megadeth fans overlook Friedman. And though Mustaine has his crazy spider chords, which are amazing, Kirk steals it because Kirk has created some of my favorite solos, and his solos are more variant and he has ranged in his solos, whereas Mustaine is often playing shredding solos, which kinda gets repetitive.
But I love Friedman, Mustaine, Hammett and Hetfield, and I love both bands in general.

Perfect use of effects, shows his technique, shows how good he is on the guitar, but does not overdo it like many others do, he is just what Metallica needs, he is the first guy most people think of when someone mentions who is the best metal guitarist. Surely there are many other guitarists who are better players technically than kirk but no one else plays their solo with so much power, emotion and quality, he is excellent live, he is number one

Look, Dave Mustaine is a great rhythm guitarist who needs to work on his singing. Kirk is a great lead guitarist, period. The only people I'd put above him on this list are John Petrucci for his technical mastery and Toni Iommi for his influence. But even they lack the pure emotion that Kirk and James can put in a metal song.

KIRK HAMMETT... He's the god of all guitarists present till date... I mean the solo of master of puppets, sad but true, enter sandman... Were all given by him and they're the best, especially the solo of "ONE" its just mind thrashing solo... I think he deserves the 1st place... He's not the best but, he's better than all of them... In the world of METAL... YEAH

I think Dave is just as good as Kirk but in Megadeth Marty Friedman does a lot of solos so Dave never really had enough of a chance to show his skills. Dave's being kicked out of Metallica really hurt him and it was sad for him to be just number two. People would shout "METALLICA! " at him just to taunt him. I still prefer Kirk though to Dave's music. - DrHuvian

Best metal soloist... Who else can play the One/master of puppets/fade to black/the day that never come solos. Kirk can go insane with the guitar, Metallica for the win!

I think kirk is the best. Because... He can play his guitar like hitting a ball with a bat. James is also a very good guitarist but there is no one as kirk for sure. He is a living legend. The world should be proud to have such a powerful guitarist.

I agree Kirk Hammett is away better than dave mustaine, his solo's are amazing and I do not know why dave hates kirk, he never did anything to daves kicking out of metallica,

Kirk is 10 times better than dave, face the fact. Dave mustaine cried on tv. and in his every interview he talks about metallica, and how he wish he could be kirk hammett,

dave you're good, but lets face the fact here, kirk kicks your ass, - LombardoForever1035

As much as I want to say Dave Mustaine, I cannot. What I will say is that Dave Mustaine has the better song writing ability. That to me means more, anyway. However, I must give this to Kirk Hammett. My favorite guitarist even though he plays with the most overrated piece of garbage on the planet. He is amazing despite what I stated above. Much respect to him

I salute Kirk Hammett for such aggressive and awesome solos. If Kirk Hammet is reading this, I would like to tell him that you are the best amongst all and I am sure, you will beat Dave Mustaine. I hope that after your 10th studio album, you will top this list

Alas No1 he definitely deserves no1 position as he is the part of the epic GOD OF METAL band METALLIC. HIS SOLOS ARE UNMISTAKEABLY THE BEST OF BEST Enter sandman's badass wha solo, master of puppets, fade to black a very long list. Kirk Hammett joined Metallica in 1983 when Dave Mustaine was kicked out of the band because of his aggressive behaviour and drug abuse... Known for his confidence and passion while playing, Kirk always uses wah-wah pedal in his solos leaving everyone amazed and jealous of him

People who says Dave is better than Kirk is such a childish person
Reason why Kirk is over Dave
for comparing lead guitar skills
Heart & Soul
only these 3 factor could make him better than Dave
Dave is good songwriter and singer as well as guitar skill too
but please read the topic
it is
"Best Metal Guitarist" - robertlead37

I don't play guitar or pretend to know who truly is the most gifted with the best technique. All I know is what my ears tell me. And they tell me that as far as solos go, Kirk has the best ones. I couldn't care less if he uses pedals & gimmicks like he's constantly accused of. Zakk Wylde would get my second place vote.

Kirk Hammett is the best lead guitarist in this world and He is the fastest guitar player also. There are many solos of Kirk at the concert and many songs etc. He is very talented. I'm biggest fan of Kirk Hammett and he is 1st on my top metal guitarists.

Kirk is not the most technical or fast guitar player, but that is not what he's about, Kirk plays with style and expression, he makes his solos combine and merge with the song instead of just shredding in the same scale, something a lot of metal guitarists lack. That is what makes him the best

Kirk is the greatest heavy metal guitarist ever: enter sandman, one, master of puppets, blackened, whiplash, I could go on forever with this, but all I know is kirk should definitely be number 1 - pauler94

Kirk is simply not the only the best metal guitarist ever but I'd say he's even the best guitarist ever, he has written the most famous metal riff ever (the intro for Enter Sandman) and he does the best riffs and solos of all time, despite Dave is good, he's no number one.

In case you Mustaine fans didn't know other than the Kill em All album, Kirk wrote about 95%+ of the guitar solos including Fade to Black. I'll admit Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all time and Marty Freidman is ripped off because people don't know that Marty plays all of the heavy solos.

Metallica has gained its popularity ever since the introduction of Kirk to their squad. He has all the qualities a guitarist needs. His solos are 10x better than Dave Mustaine's. His best quality is that he writes his solos with feel. The fade to black solo, the solo from one and the unforgiven solo are one of the best solos written in the history of metal. By replacing Dave Mustaine he has truly made Metallica, the best metal band in the world. m/

Kirk Hammett is the world's best guitarist by a long way. His solos are mind blowing and his rhythm in his guitar is astonishing. After 30 years of playing Kirk is still the best

I like gates and Mustaine, but no one can possibly beat Kirk Hammett metal wise, he gives a 1000% in fade to black live, if anyone tried to cover it live, they'd have a total breakdown, unlike Kirk

Trained by Joe Satriani, Hammett played precisely the solo that complemented whatever song Metallica play. He was restrained and sublime and humble. He isn't the greatest because Mustaine was awarded that a while ago, but he is my favourite.

Dave Mustaine, I would personally like to thank you for being the worlds biggest retard, I love you man for getting kicked out. Without that Metallica would have never discovered the worlds best "Metal Guitarist"

First off, he deserves it for being so kick-ass. Second Dave Mustaine is mediocre and was actually replaced in Metallica by Kirk. And thirdly, SLASH ISN'T A METAL GUITARIST. He shouldn't even be on this list. - Bigredgum69