The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


It should be at the top of the list. Best movie of the year. Peter Jackson is a usual the most amazing fantasy director of all time. His imagination and brilliance makes you believe in middle earth. The visual effects and clarity of the movie should be give thumps up, he has brought a new way of making and presenting movie. It's background score is also stupendous, Howard Shore did a great job. Last but not the least, it's incredible cast makes this movie more better. Specially Martin Freeman, I believe he was one hell of a actor, just born to play The Hobbit.

How can this not be number 1? Seriously, it follows the book page by page, almost word by word. The soundtrack is simply amazing, and the visual effects are breath-taking. The actors did their job really well, and with all the time it took I wonder if you guys can actually be aware that despite the length, it gets your attention from the beginning to the end. I think only jerks can not like this.

Overall, great adaption of the book, epic soundtrack and great plot. Also, remember there are 2 more coming.

I don't understand how this is only third. I once read the book and gave up half way through because I found it hard to read but this film was so good, after watching it and looked for the book and carried on from where I left off. It was interesting and I can't wait till December for the next film. The cast, sets and costumes are amazing and combined with all the goblins and dwarves this is definitely the best film of 2012! It is EPIC!

I really like this movie. It has action scenes as well as some comedy. It should be the number 1 by far. I wish I had seen it at the movie theater. Also, the lord of the rings movie series was really good. I can't wait till the 2 comes I will want to see it. If you have not seen this movie you should see it really soon. Hope you enjoy it.

Much of it very similar to what I imagined by reading a few different editions of the book. Better than lord if the rings? Maybe. They both seen so different it's hard to say. Hands down, best movie of the year, and one of the best of all time. The added content of tokens lost ideas made it even better!

I believed that this movie would be quite poor to be honest, considering the strength and quality of Lord of the Rings, however, it certainly proved me wrong! Just as adventurous, just as hilarious and just as exciting and a wonderful cliffhanger! What could be better than a sequel like this?

Umm... This is better than all three LotR movies COMBINED. The HFR makes it all the more better (if that's even possible) and the directing in it was brilliant. Not to mention the casting... Peter Jackson chose a bunch of nobodies in acting who were completely unheard of and put them into starring roles (Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, just about every single Dwarf) and made them look amazing on screen. He took a huge risk, but ultimately made one of the greatest movies of all time, with two more movies to follow. Can't wait to see how he plays out the next two movies!

This movie is very interesting with the wizards and the journey but what I most liked was the graphics of it and how the movie is explained. The actors did a great job and the orcs where kind of freaky with the wolfs. This movie is just great and I would recommend it to anyone. Oliver.

Lets travel into the world of middle earth.. We can forget the world we live in just for a short while... It has the history of The Silmarillion before it and the promise of TLOTR to follow. The attention to detail is incredible. It is Tolkiens english folk lore set 35, 000.00 years ago! This story defines us. It tells us to beware and the struggle to be better. I think Tolkien would be proud...

This is a great movie of action and adventure. This journey will make you feel like your in the movie. I absolutely loved this movie. It was well done. Like I said I love this movie.

I absolutely agree that this was the number one movie of 2012. The actors were incredible, the makeup was pretty cool, and the visual effects were astounding. So before you say that the Hunger games is the next Lord of rings, realize that the Lord of the rings isn't really over yet.

With no doubt, the best movie what I have seen in year 2012! Martin Freeman played (plays) Bilbo just how it should be played, and Richard Armitage was a real dream come true for the role of Thorin! The movie was the best and I'm not pleased to see it at third place!

I absolutely thought that this was a great movie. I probably stayed up all night watching it. Though I nearly died at the end when the movie ended with so much suspense. I hope they make a part 2 or something. Other than that this movie was entertaining. - madameRed

This should at least be number two. The Avengers was a choppy movie that needed some work. Peter Jackson took a small book and appendices and turned them into a stellar movie. Batman was awesome too, but needed a little more back story in the movie

Are you people serious? The Hobbit is definitely the best movie ever! It's emotional, funny, exciting, I just can't think of a reason why this wouldn't be first on the list. And by the way, the Oscars are really unfair. Hobbit should be above Argo!

This movie was so great! So full of adventure! I absolutely adore adventure movies! They get you all pumped up and at the edge of your seat!... I'm only 10, bit this movie was so spectacular! Loved it! Definitely my favorite movie of all time

The Hobbit is the best of all time. The book is better of course but also the film is accurate and awesome. Peter Jackson succeeds in producing a blockbuster full of magic and adventure for all ages.

Totally in love with this awesome movie! The best movie, what I've ever seen. I saw this movie a lot of times and I seriously love it at all. I don't know, why people think Avengers are better.

The Hobbit is a wonderful movie. I like every bit and part of it. It is adventuresome, romance, comedy, horror, and everything else you can think of. I recommend everyone should watch it.

This must be the TOP among others. It is similar to Harry Potter, sacrifices and love for friends is my great reason that is why I voted for this movie.

I was not a big Lord of the Rings fan, until I saw this movie. I really love this movie, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, I thought it would be boring, but it wasn't.


Wow it was just AA MAZING! I can't believe the director wrote my brain out and heart though the imaginary movie of the year awesome awesome awesome

The hobbit is way underrate. How can critics be so harsh? It's an incredible movie suitable for all ages and should be on everyone's watch list.

Love this movie. A lot of people don't realize that all 3 hobbit movies are humorous in some parts. Great plot and cast. - alexcousins