Best Movies to Watch When You're Sick

This is a list of movies that are pretty good to watch when you are sick in bed.

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21 The Godfather Part II

The greatest and most epic of all the Godfather series. It is an amazing look at Vito Corleone's life and Michael during pre Revolution Cuba and it is the best to watch

The best Al Pacino performance you can watch, Winner of Six Academy Awards and Robert De Niro is amazing in this film!

Good movie and it is full of adventure, crime and drama. Al Pacino slowly becomes the thing he didn't want to!

Best film of all time! And to watch it at home, curtains close and snuggled up, is the best!

22 Shrek 2
23 Cheaper by the Dozen
24 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
25 Inside Out

Excellent movie to watch if you are feeling sick, or down.

I saw this when I was sick it was a good movie.

This should be higher

Good movie

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26 Aquamarine
27 Transformers
28 Wild Things
29 What a Girl Wants
30 Toy Story 3
31 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Most inspiring and beautiful film I have ever seen! Great to watch anytime, and will certainly lift your spirits of you're feeling down.

I agree! Everyone should see this movie. It will really bring up your spirit.

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32 Jurassic World
33 Drugstore Cowboy
34 Sister Act
35 Legally Blonde
36 The Pagemaster
37 Ted
38 Pulp Fiction
39 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Greatest of the entire series, and it is filled with the most adventure. I love the way the special effects are brought up in this movie, with the epic battle!

Entirely the most fantastic piece of cinema and it is a masterful movie to be enjoyed. A good movie for watching when your sick, there's no doubt!

The Two Towers is the best of the series, there is no doubt in my mind! It is a spiritual and adventurous movie and should it is praised!

Excellent movie and it is extremely long, it is a great film. Orlando Bloom as Legolas is pretty cool!

40 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
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