Best Movies With One Word Titles

The greatest movies where the movie title consists of only one word.

The Top Ten

1 Gladiator

Fantastic film and an epic soundtrack.

There's no beating this movie

2 Alien

Oh Yeah. "In space no one can hear you scream"! - fireinside96

Personally I liked Aliens more

Love love love the first 3 movies. Ripley kicks ass and the aliens are truly magnificent in their brutality and general scariness.

3 Titanic

I wouldn't mind having all the money that this movie has made.
laugh out loud, wouldn't mind that at all... I'd be pretty rich

One of the greatest movies I have ever seen. 11 Academy Awards! - MrGmo7

Possibly the best movie ever... - Ac

A movie with a $1,835,300,000 world wide box office - MatrixGuy

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4 Rocky
5 Jaws

great movie. it's a classic. - Razor79

Very scary if you live on Cape Call of Duty

6 Goodfellas
7 Grease

best movie ever hands down! I feel in love with it the first time I saw itt! - xxlizzyxx

8 Psycho

For a 60s movie, this title is pretty crazy.

9 Casablanca
10 Braveheart

deserves at least second maybe barely on top of gladiator... - philosnav

The Contenders

11 Scarface
12 Shrek
13 Vertigo
14 Transformers
15 Batman

Batman rocks

16 Aliens
17 Maleficent
18 Evita
19 Copycat
20 Moonraker

its classic James Bond, can't argue with that - Razor79

21 Ratatouille
22 Cabaret
23 Minions
24 Bambi
25 Godzilla (2014)
26 Scream

Wes Craven's scariest and funniest movie. - kkkppp

27 Twilight
28 Zootopia
29 Coraline

One of my top ten

30 Dumbo
31 Frozen
32 Platoon

One of the best movies of all time. Oliver Stone couldn't have honored Vietnam Vets more than making the most realistic Vietnam War movie ever! - westofohio

33 Gordy

If you're trying to keep a low profile by acting as opinionsarenotwrong, it's not working, Disney1994. We all know it's you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

34 Airplane

One of the funniest movies ever, by the inventors of stupidity! - PositronWildhawk

35 Fargo

Best of the Coen brothers, best of the 90's, and best of all time - InsertNameHere

The Coen Brothers best film hands down. Flat out hilarious!

36 Memento

Best movie of all time, no matter how many words in the title.

Please, please, please watch this movie. I promise you'll love it.

37 Ted
38 Bolt
39 Network
40 Predator
41 Cinderella
42 Tangled
43 Spider-man
44 Brave
45 Zombieland
46 Cars
47 Up
48 Wall-E
49 Beetlejuice


50 Avatar

easy.. better than Titanic, movie of the decade for sure

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1. Minions
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