Classical music is the only music genre that I love 100%. I like all kinds of music, except for classic rock, rap, metal, bro-country and screamo, but classical music is easily my #1 favorite. (Yeah, that's right. I hate classic rock and metal but I love classic country and 90s country... and I am not ashamed! X'D Country music is awesome... except for bro-country. Bro-country sucks just as much as class ic rock and metal... and that's saying A LOT because classic rock and metal ' SUCK!) There is just no such thing as bad classical music. It's all good. It's also the most influential music genre, and it will always be remembered as one of the greatest -- if not THE greatest -- music genre of all time. ( Suck it, class ic rock! HA HA! "Classic" rock will be long forgotten decades from now, no matter how much the media tries to shove it down our throats. Bad music like "classic" rock will always fade with time, but good music that is actually worth listening to -- ...more

Classical music is deepest of all music genres. None other genre is so much more complex and dependent of tempo and dynamics changes than classical music, therefore it can give you more pleasure and enlightenment once you start to listen to it and understand it. Formerly I listened to rock and blues, but classical music now makes me feel like those genres are too simple and uneventful and I've been listening to only classics since. Classical music surely is solid genre and undying value. Just listen to some admired piece a few times and you will understand.

I actually think that Classical is not inherently a better genre than rock and roll, but classical music is old enough that if you are going to listen to classical music, you are going to listen to what hundreds of years of listening has picked out as the best of hundreds of years of music. We have not even had a century to pick out what is truly the best of only a half-centuries worth of music. I truly think that if Mozart had written rock and roll instead of classical, that rock and roll would be just as good as the classical that he did write. And I think Rock and Roll has its geniuses - The Beatles, David Bowie, and Queen, to name my personal favorites.

Great... some refreshing music! Give me this over metal or rap any day. It is a nice, relaxing, yet tense music style! Making a good classical melody, or a huge symphonic song. Classical music has rhythm, heart, soul, and time built into it. It may be very long to produce, play, and conduct, but it is worth it! Orchestras make great music, conductors are a nice touch to a symphony, and the original producer has to be great to even make a song! So, why do people prefer Heavy Metal and Rap?! They are disappointing in my mind. What could have been a new era of Classical and Jazz, turned out to be trash, that needs to be taken to a dump. I love classical music! It fills me with endless joy. I can't enjoy it enough! - MeoMeoArmadrilloOriginal

It's sad to see the one genre that requires the most skill, talent, work and effort at only #5. This wonderful genre deserves to be way above the others. Not only do you have to compose the whole symphony, but then you have talented musicians making the music with their instruments, which takes a lot of practice. This genre doesn't require words to make you feel the emotion in the music. It is all around amazing and phenomenal, and I'm disappointed to see the interest in this genre dying out in today's generation.

You need lyrics for pop and rap but not classic and you can use instruments in pop and rap sometimes. That's one of the reasons I prefer rap and pop. - AlphaQ

Should be number one on the list because it is a deeper, more complicated, and more challenging genre. First of all, it is a more complex form of music, especially compared to monotonous styles of popular music such as pop, rock, hip hop, country, and metal. It uses the nature of sound to a far greater extent. It contains broader and more sophisticated forms than stuff like song form, as well as more variation in rhythm and dynamics. It also uses a greater variety of tone (timbre, pitch, duration of notes, etc.). Sometimes (not always) classical music uses a polyphonic texture, which means that there are multiple melodies going on simultaneously.

Secondly, it is also harder to write the music because of the complexity and the fact that much of the music has a lot of instruments involved. For example, Gloria in the Mass in B minor composed by J.S. Bach, utilizes a large ensemble with a full choir divided into two parts, and an orchestra. The texture is polyphonic with each part ...more

Wow, well I guess people tuning into this list really love metal music, I'm not the biggest fan. Anyways, I voted for classical because you can't really fake classical music or just use a computer. You can't autotune classical music (I mean you can, but it wouldn't be classical music) It also finds a way to express thoughts and ideas without using any words. That may also be why I like jazz. Rap isn't soothing, while classical is. Some people might say classical music is boring, but I think it's boring if you don't understand the composer's intention. In my mind, rap isn't art, classical is. Remember, this is just my opinion! Like whatever music you like!

To everyone saying classical is the most emotionally complex: Romantic music is a thing. Not a hugely different thing, but songs from the 19th and 20th century seem more dramatic than classical.

Also, vocal genres are more predictable in tune and expressiveness but it's made up by the fact that they have lyrics (although not always good ones, I'm glaring at you, 99% of pop songs out there). Metal, rock, alternative, industrial, neoclassical darkwave, etc. can be pretty deep in terms of meaning.

Pure instrumental music, on the other hand, is something you make up meaning about based solely on notes. You don't have to stick to one meaning because there is no obvious one. It takes analytic skill from the viewer and talent from the writer to give a song life.

Cheers to instrumental music as a whole for making the music industry creative.

Objectively speaking, it has to be classical, jazz, and metal (especially bands like dream theater). The many years of work and high amount of knowledge that it takes is ages beyond any other genre. There is no debate here. Subjectively speaking, it's just about what you like. Objectively speaking, we're talking about how well musicians speak the language of music. Classical, jazz, and some metal bands are just great at this. No other genre is anywhere close.

Best genre we can say that this the true music of all. The root of all music. The original music, authentic. In this genre music all starts here its been use since the world is created just notice the old music almost classical genre. In addition classical music is an elite music... Very original

Classical music is the greatest genre of music and the most complex, enchanting, epic, with a lot of masterpieces that are still very well known today even after hundreds of year of existence, interesting performing, a great variety of styles (including opera, symphonies, sonatas, suites, concertos, waltzes, symphonic poems, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, choral etc.). We must admit that this genre is superior to any other type of music.

Don't understand me wrong, I listen to other genres too, I am also a huge fan of classic rock, of some jazz, blues and disco, but classical music is one of the greatest achievements of humanity, culturally speaking. Being a music that is full of legendary works by genius composers, it's impossible not to find something you'll like. In my opinion, if you never experienced classical music in your life, you lived for nothing, because you wasted your life with inferior music genres like hip-hop, pop, R&B, house, trap, dubstep, EDM and other ...more

I love Classical music because I have stick to it for two whole years. Actually I want to try Pop but it's not my type of music. So why do I even bother to try it if it's not my type of music? Actually the Classical music should be number 1 in this vote since it is the highest rank in the music gender.

Classical is not what I always choose to listen to (it's usually rock or metal), but the fact is, when you look at the best music from every genre, classical has the masterpieces that have lasted for centuries. To write or to play it takes an immense amount of skill. Classical contains some of the most beautiful things on Earth.

In all honesty as much as I love Metal and Rock they wouldn't exist if it weren't for this genre which In all honesty is the greatest because there is no bad Classical artist they were all great artists and created masterpieces that will live on forever - christangrant

You know, when I was a kid, I liked Metal and all those other genres of Rock. But now, I'm still a kid, who's 16. The point is, I guess I only liked it because I was a less knowledgeable of its influence on average people and it pumps you up. Not anymore for me though. All I think about now (whenever metalheads a roaming with their distortion. ) is stupid people that wake up with a headache next to another person who slept with their head in the toilet and have no clue what happened the prior night. I have friends that say there favorite type of music is screamo. MUSIC they said;I think not.

It takes me 6 months to learn a classical song and 10 minutes to learn a pop song. There really isn't any other music genre that is as aesthetically pleasing as classical. If music is an art form, classical is the masterpiece.

The only one that has stayed alive throughout the centuries without fading away. Takes a truly great ear to appreciate it, but it's really the complexity and skill level that it takes to perform classical that makes it the best.

Pop music touches your mood while Classical music touches your soul. It takes time and patience to experience joy from classical music. And it worths it in the end.

Classical music can really get to your heart and soul, it relaxing and brings out a lot of your emotions, unlike other genres like hip hop you can tell its going to be about love etc but classical music is different its EPIC!

Whilst this isn't the kind of thing I'd usually listen to, it still should be higher up because you just can't deny the talent that goes into writing this kind of music.

Classical music should be placed at number one on this list, it sounds beautiful and no other music would even exist without it.

The beauty of classical music is beyond mesmerizing. It has the power to do many things. It can calm people down, especially fussy babies. It also has the power to unite us all (especially against political division), and it can add a sense of ambience.

I'm relieved to see classical on this list, as a musician. If you like classical music, you should try to go to live concerts. Money's tight in this industry, and no recording beats a live performance!

Classical music in all ways is the best genre of music - it is for the people that understand the depth and meaning of music to an entirely different extent of imagination. Should be number 1.

I write and play this all the time. You have everything from the insane metal-like ambience of baroque harpsichord to soft and sublime string airs and symphonies. Pretty much everyone would like some part of classical music at least.