Man, there are too many metal fans on this site. These days metal hardly prospers in the Industry (which in truth is a sad thing). HIP HOP, though it is still in early stages, has become a sort of new ROCK because ROCK at its time was a voice against the world and something totally unique. Now rock is a LEGENDARY genre but teens want something that is NEW and REBELLIOUS. Its the same thing as saying that the BEATLES came, got attention and are now legends... In the same way guys like EMINEM have come and to get attention and become LEGENDS.

Then again that atliens guy below me has a point. This is mostly just favoritism.

How is rap #8? in my opinion, heavy metal is more than annoying and so is rock. It's just way too loud and obnoxious for me. Rap on the other hand can be as fast or as slow as you want. Sometimes it's really upbeat and loud, other times it can be sad and depressing. REAL emotions are expressed in rap lyrics. In fact, I've turned to writing hip hop based lyrics whenever I need to get some feelings out and it's changed my life for the better. As for pop music, don't even get me started. The worst music artists are pop singers. It's funny because on this website, there's a list of the top 10 worst music artists and the majority of the people on the list are pop singers. Yes, some rappers are complete trash, but so are some rock bands. You're gonna have a few crappy people in each music genre, but if you want good Christian rap, listen to NF. He has the best flow, the best lyrics, doesn't cuss, and he raps about REAL struggles. He deserves way more fame than he has.

Rap is really good. people say its just talking rhymes. what do they know. its not talking its rapping. and its easy to make lyrics but its very hard to perform. you have to have it all in your head. to be a rapper your mind has to work quick. it also has more meaning in lyrics than any other genre. I mean mainstream is just repeating a word all the time. and rock is just repeating sentences all the time as well. you can express your feelings with all these lyrics. if rap is done right then it can be the best genre. also I admit lil Wayne sucks. but he used to be good. you haters also think rappers are immature people who are offensive to lades and talk about drugs. they are just talking about life. what the real world is. police used to be very racist as well. it lets all your anger out too, especially the song no love. I mean its way better than singing I'm on a high way to hell or we will rock you. it's a very unique type of music.

To the guy: "How is this not top, rap tells a story. It doesn't just scream random stuff like metal"

1) You haven't heard "metal" if you think it's screaming and you obviously have no idea what you're saying at all.

2) If you don't think metal tells a story please search up Iron Maiden "fear of the dark" to be proven wrong.

You are a twat and a waste of breath. I respect all music including rap (which is why I voted it) as I thought it was below standards, but to take the crap out of another genre without knowing one bit about it is retarded.

You have clearly never heard metal, it isn't just screaming, it is a very meaningful and true genre.

Okay, I love some rap, but over all I just hate the genre, and it's really a pity. I mean, there's easily so much beautiful rap out there that rivals the lyric writing of giants like Paul Simon, Robert Plant, and John Lennon. Eminem is a legend for example. But when people are over here writing lyrics like "Slob on my knob like corn on the cob, check in with me and do your job" then it's trash. And it would be okay if it was only every few songs like it is in hard rock and metal and what not, but when it easily makes up a good 75% of the genre and not anything smart or poetic, then there's a problem. As a result, people have brought it to being one of the worst genres out there.

Rap? YOUNG!? Rap is probably the oldest genre around these days, having existed since the mid 1960s (unless you consider any part of modern music to be strict rock and roll). Aside from Afrika Bambaataa and his silent rap crew (who were considered by many to be the originators of the genre), it should be taken note of that rap is actually an acronym - it stands for 'rhythm and poetry'. Now - to make music you need two things - rhythm and beat. We certainly have rhythm. (As I just established it's part of the genre.) However, despite the fact that it's always the most important thing in a rap track as it were (I have no clue why) beat... Doesn't count, and thus what you essentially have is the written word plus half a genre, meaning rap will be forever incomplete. Don't blame me if this is wrong - I stayed in school, and this is what they taught me!

I can settle with old school rap, but new-age rap... Every new one I hear on the radio sounds exactly the same. It was only until recently that rap has become just a composition of a electronic drum pattern and cliche rhymes. Rap used to have soul and reason. Sure 9 times out of 10 I did not agree politically with many rap artists, but the music was very well-made. Very genuine. Especially with artists like Eminem. Now original rap artists have adopted this generic style. Sorry to generalize, but just saying.

I grew up listening to heavy metal... Black Sabbath, Metallica, iron maiden... You name it. And I thought I was super-hardcore cause while all the other kids at school were listening to Linkin Park and daft punk, I was listening to "real" music. But as I grew older, I realized how tasteless metal was being a bunch of grown men screaming and whining about little problems they encounter in life. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe all music has something we deserve to appreciate but heavy metal is way too overrated. Although a lot of rap is complete crap (too many artists see narrating a bunch of perfect rhymes over a beat as a way to get rich) when it comes to good hip-hop, no other genre of music in this world can compare to the diversity, complex lyricism, storytelling and originality of it.

Rap... Where do I begin? Well, first of all, it's one of the most influential genres of all time. Now, I like classic rock, but I find it kind of overrated. It's sad that people staple this as a genre that's nothing but black people talking over a beat about sex, violence, money, and weed. Anyone who thinks that is the most is ignorant human being alive. I mean, it's fine if you don't like rap, but if you judge it despite not listening to any of it, you're very ignorant. Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and even newer artists such as Kendrick Lamar are all living legends. To make it short, rap isn't as bad as people say it is.

In my opinion rap is the only genre that is truly beautiful. Aspiring rappers can sit on their desk and write their best lyrics and try their most creative wordplay. Most of rap is misjudged and unappreciated because of people like lil Wayne and wiz Khalifa. Metal depends on 4 to 6 members of a band to utilize all instruments and sound decent. So does rock. Pop is less for the music and more for the money, so is electronic. Rappers like Nas, Rakim, Jay Z, Biggie, Common, may not appeal to everyone, but they have great lyrical quality among hundreds of other rappers. Give Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z or Illmatic by Nas a listen and I'm sure you'll love and appreciate rap more, but LISTEN. Rap will amaze you if you look just a bit deeper.

I'll admit that I'm a big big fan of almost all other genres but rap and hip-hop has really been the best for me. People's perceptions of hip-hop is completely different to what hip-hop actually is. It takes an unbelievable amount of talent to write a hip-hop track and to anybody who criticizes hip-hop for it's lack of content, listen to Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Common and be proven wrong!

I have to vote to comment, but rap isn't music. It's literally someone saying rhyming words to a beat. Music is either singing or instrumental. Rap is nothing more than glorified poetry, and the occasional melodic chorus in some "songs". I don't mean to offend anyone, but rap plain sucks. Boring, repetitive (basically all the beats sound the same), and they're speaking so fast you can't even tell what they're saying half the time.

Rap! They talk about where they lived and how they lived and the rappers have friends that lived in the Ghetto (Queens, Brooklyn, D.C., Compton etc. ) that would get shot or assaulted and dedicate there music to them.

The Golden Era of Hip Hop was late 80's and early - mid 90's. Rap culture DJ Scrathing, Beats, Break Dance, Graffiti. Nas, Big L, 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Eminem, Mobb Deep etc. Are rappers you got to have respect to, to them, to us, to Rap.

Rap is all about beer, hot ladies, stuff like that. And people say it's better than EMO? In Welcome to the Black Parade (an emo song) one of the lyrics are "Do or die, you'll never make me because the world will never take my heart. You can try, you'll never break me. I wanna know, I wanna play this part. I won't explain or say I'm sorry. Oh, what a shame! I'm gonna show my scar. Give a cheer for all the broken. Listen here because it's who we are." Isn't that moving?

You get no respect from me. You categorize an entire genre by false stereotypes that you've heard. I might as well tell you that emo is all about talking about how nobody understands you. If you would've actually given the rappers a chance, then you would've seen why rap is better than emo. Edgy garbage. - hiphopgod

This is truly a great genre! I don't understand why so many people hate on rap, they say that it does not require any talent and is fake music but I highly disagree, what doesn't require talent is pop because all it is chicks with big asses that don't write there own lyrics, or even sing because of all the autotune. Rap is real because every song seems to tell a unique story with great rhythm added in, not anybody could be a good rapper!

This is a disgrace that pop is above rap. While most pop artists make another song about how love hurt them, rap artists are rapping about real stuff. There is this misconception that rap is all about bragging about everything you have, and while this may be true for some songs, you may find that artists like Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Tupac have put actual meaning behind their songs. - hiphopgod

Rock, Rap, Funk, Soul, Reggae are the best music genres ever! We should unite against that pop music, which sucks!

I use to like pop, but I streamed a station I thought was pop, but was in fact rap. It still sounded good so I kept listening. My local pop station kept playing repetitive, overplayed songs. So I found my refuge in rap, and entirely left pop for rap. And to this day, I listen to rap, and only rap.

Real rappers (not drake, lil Wayne etc) because they don't use melodies, need to rely on raw passion, skill and lyricism. Don't look down on it because of the cussing, because to them it's like taking the words good or bad out the vocabulary. Their songs aren't clean because what they're rapping about isn't clean

Hip hop is the best in my opinion because you get to learn something in hip hop, you get to learn how individuals or multiple people would live through their lives and what goes on in their childhood. It also has a lot of poetic techniques like rhyme and simile. The sound of hip hop and the beat tops it of but of course the lyrics are the most important

Rap is one of the most underrated music genres. Most people see it as only speaking garbage with a beat in the background. It is usually misrepresented by rappers, corrupting the very genre, but it is truly more than that. Rap is about making something from nothing.

I think music is music lyrics are lyrics, you write them when you feel inspired and rap has giving people a lot of space for creativity to flow because of its rhythm and speed of words, its given non singers a chance to express themselves and I think that just great.

Rap below pop is just stupid, although a lot of rap is crap and gives the rest a bad reputation, the best rap can be so lyrically meaningful and allows you to connect with it more than any other music.

Ok so lets get this out of the way, mainstream rap is crap, with that being said rap is my favorite genre. What I love about it is how it is so carried by the lyrics, you can tell a story, make crazy metaphors, or call out something specific that is wrong with society, along with many other things. another thing I love about it is the range of feelings you can get from it sad, happy, mad, determined, or amazed with the lyrics. the main downside to rap is the general bad image that is given to it by mainstream rappers like Lil Wayne, drake, young thung etc - mega_musicfan

You should listen to Kendrick Lamar and Logic, they make some really good stuff - hiphopgod

This is the best genre of music. This need more talent then pop and this is the only type of music in which you can tell a big story and this music came from street therefore it is people own music and this is awesome