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1 Oceanborn

This really is the best album. Nightwish had found their style and the pure music and heavenly singing by Tarja flourishes all the way. It is a treasure of this genre and a gold mine of best songs and music. It is also real and pure the most noble format. Love it!

As most have acknowledged this album is strong from start to finish and although there are songs as good or better on the other albums this for me is the most consistent album.Stargazers is my favourite Nightwish song,as good an album opener as I've heard and I'm a big Maiden fan so have heard some damn good ones.

In my opinion Once, Dark Passion Play and Endless Forms Most Beautiful have better songs (Ghost Love Score, The Poet and The Pendulum and The Greatest Show on Earth, respectively), but Oceanborn as an album is the best. Good from start to finish, consistently amazing.

I never got into any of Nightwish's music - until I listened to Oceanborn. It definitely sounds like Nightwish, but has something magical to it, that to me isn't present in any of their other works. I still don't like Nightwish. I'll always love Oceanborn.

2 Once

beautiful - blueLight

Most memorable songs.



3 Imaginaerum

Dark Passion Play was good, but it felt a bit more like pop. This album is gold though. - yungstirjoey666

This album always takes me to the world of fantasy...The best album for me. Jozef

This album always makes me feel like I'm on an adventure when I put it on; the whole thing is so dramatic, and I wasn't surprised in the least to hear it was made as part of a film project. The first half of the album is astounding, but it tapers off towards the end. I hope as time passes people can look back on this album as not only one of Nightwish's best, but one of the best albums of the era.

Best of them!

4 Dark Passion Play

The sound of an angry and heartbroken songwriter getting it all out of his system. Unmissable

Every song is great!
Many songs of different symphonic metal styles expressed in this album.
Some catchy, some beautiful and melodic, most are both!

A great album from start to finish! I love it!

5 Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Maturity and perfection. Recyling the past to blaze trails. Love it.

Pure music experience for me.
Can't get enough of it.

I normally don't like Power Metal but the way Floor Jansen sings the songs written by Tuomas just causes me to be so amazed!

So well produced and Floor's voice is so wide ranging. Great concept album with symphonic metal riffs.

6 Century Child

This is the deepest, most meaningful work Nightwish produced. More so than any other album, these songs touch the soul of the listener. It a sad, but truly beautiful ride.

Century Child is the fourth studio album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: End of All Hope, Bless The Child, Phantom of the Opera, Ever Dream - TheBerserker

Not only the best album by Nightwish... propably the best album of the 21st Century so far... all 10 tracks are masterfully composed, performed and written, there are absolutely no low point, no fillers. Furthermore, it was this album on which Nightwish created their distinctive sound they are known for nowadays. - Martin_Canine

7 Wishmaster


SMH... What is this even doing here? This should be the second, right behind Oceanborn... So dissapointed, geeez.

I mean, ok, ya, Ghost Love Score, nemo and Dark Chest od Wonders are amazing but, really? Once the second? , pf.

Master of albums. Sad it is so underrated.

Wishmaster is the third album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: The Kinslayer, Deep Silent Complete, Come Cover Me - TheBerserker

8 Angels Fall First

This album is so underrated. People just don't listen to it. It is awesome!

Angels Fall First is the debut album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: Elvenpath, The Carpenter, Beauty and the Beast - TheBerserker

9 Over the Hills & Far Away
10 End of an Era

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11 Showtime, Storytime

Its good but it isn't really a album...

A shining new era of Nightwish, introducing a fantastic new vocalist that has bought a new sound to the band and flawlessly powers through every song of every previous vocalists eras

This album just makes me sing along with Floor and dance to Nightwish's music.

12 Decades

It contains all the best pieces from 1996 to 2016.

13 Sleeping Sun
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