Best Owners in Pro Sports

The Top Ten

1 George Steinbrenner - Yankees

the Yankees ARE champions and he is too

2 Robert Kraft - Patriots
3 Mark Cuban - Mavericks

most devoted owner in sports. gets a little crazy sometimes but only because he loves the mavs. Also since cuban came to the mavs, the mavs became the 4th team in nba history to win 50 percent or more games in 10 straight seasons. CUBAN 4 PREZ

4 Jerry Jones - Cowboys
5 The City of Green Bay, WI - Packers

No pompus, selfish or greedy owner, just devoted fans that have sold out their stadium since 1966.

More cities should own their sports teams

6 Jerry Reinsdorf - Bulls / White Sox

Has done a fantastic job w/ Bulls and Sox. One of only a few owners to win championships in multiple sports! He should fire John Paxson though, he's made a huge mess of team that was really promising - crazyeyes56

Can't say enough good things about him. A Class Act - crazyeyes56

Only made list because of Bulls success

7 Jerry Buss - Lakers
8 John Henry - Red Sox

With acquisition of Liverpool FC, John Henry is proving that he is a great owner in any realm of sports.

9 Pat Bowlen - Broncos
10 Paul Allen - Seahawks

The Contenders

11 Mike Ilitch - Red Wings/Tigers
12 Joe Gibbs - Redskins / Joe Gibbs Racing

rich man!.. has the redskins in NFL and Gibbs racing in Nascar - alfredpeja

13 Russell Crowe - South Sydney Rabbitohs Russell Crowe - South Sydney Rabbitohs Russell Ira Crowe is an actor, film producer and musician. Although a New Zealand citizen, he has lived most of his life in Australia and identifies himself as an Australian.
14 Jeffrey Lurie - Philadelphia Eagles
15 Mickey Arison - Heat
16 Vince Mcmahon Vince Mcmahon Vincent Kennedy "Vince" McMahon is an American professional wrestling promoter, former announcer, commentator, film producer, actor, and retired professional wrestler.
17 Art Rooney - Pittsburgh Steelers
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