Best Philippine Rock Vocalists

The Top Ten

1 Ely Buendia

He opened the doors in the 90's for almost all Genre on mainstream, he is the reason why the sudden sound and taste of OPM improved during the 90's era, without him and the Eraserheads, we might still be in ecstacy for ballads nowadays, and rock music is a buff :))

2 Bamboo Mañalac
3 Chito Miranda
4 Rico Blanco
5 Yael Yuzon
6 Pepe Smith
7 Jay Contreras
8 Jamir Garcia
9 Franco Reyes
10 Arci Muñoz

The Contenders

11 Gabby Alipe
12 Jett Pangan
13 Ney Dimaculangan
14 Marc Abaya
15 Basti Artadi
16 Juliann Savard
17 Yeng Constantino
18 Noel Palomo
19 Francis Magalona
20 Gloc 9
21 Juris Fernandez
22 Jay Durias
23 Ian Tayao
24 Steve Badiola
25 Raimund Marasigan
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