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21 Puff-shroom
22 Umbrella Leaf

It is very important in survival mode, and in addition, if it was in the second game, it would be even more useful. Like pumpkin, this is an under-rated plant that is cheap, yet useful. Just think, it could block thrown-imps, it could stop seagulls, stop Zomboss missiles, stop Zombotany cabbagepult zombies, and protect surrounding plants, something it is good at, etc. This plant has a fast recharge and a low cost, too.

23 Toxic Pea V 1 Comment
24 Magnet-Shroom V 2 Comments
25 Jalapeño

Burns a whole raw of zombies like a lawn mower, but doesen't insta-kill gangarutars - ABBCC

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26 Blover
27 Grave Buster
28 Gloom-Shroom V 1 Comment
29 Tall-nut V 2 Comments
30 Twin Sunflower
31 Cactus

If there is is a flying zombie the plant and shoot it down

The cactus is my 2nd favorite. So cool

I love cactus he can take 2 basic zombies down and his power up lasts forever and in 5 shoots a Gargantuar is down and I like cactus CU's if a zombie gets close cactus turns into a spike weed but stronger so this is my opinion on cactus bye.

32 Hypno shroom

Need to get rid of a pesky zombie that is too hard to take down? No problem, use a Hypno Shroom! The hypnotized zombie can even attack other zombies! This is a really cool plant.

The hypno shroom is beast it can hypnotise anything that stands in its way should be number 2

Put em as close to the zombies as possible - garthgreen

My favorite

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33 Tangle Kelp V 1 Comment
34 Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper is awesome! It can't be eaten, is able to be planted on water, explodes after already doing loads of damage, and is just 75 sun! (Unfortunately, it is limited edition, so when you have then chance, get it! (It costs gems, but not real money))

35 Garlic

You can hit almost all zombies for less if you use garlic

Place 2 in front of an entire row of twin sunflowers.

You can save tons of money for plants
Was also my main plant for coin farming... Good memoried

36 Spore-shroom

You are so wrong. The spore shrooms is one of the best plants in the entire game, if you exclude the thyme warp.

The spore shroom is so bad! Why is it even in the game!

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37 Magnifying Grass

Spends 50 sun when tapping and does huge damage - ABBCC

38 Spikerock

This is more expensive but better than the spike weed.

Dude, this plant is a beast. The only things that can kill it are the Gargantaur and the vehicle Zombies; but it will take them forever to kill! Serously, this keeps the Gargantaur busy while your plants wreck havoc. Really deadly plant imdead.

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39 Bonk Choy

It's a close ranged Peashooter that costs more sun. Yeah, like anybody enjoys that.

This little guy is my favorite plant he is epic with plant food put em behind wall nuts or tall nuts or infa nuts they will keep punching the zombie while it's eating it

These suck they have the range of choppers - garthgreen

For one in my opinion one of the best in pvz 2 and very good and tell me HOW IS MARIGOLD HIGHER!

40 Electric Blueberry

It has to charge up a little while to just kill ONE stupid zombie. I never use this plant and I think it is USELESS.

I found it very useless due to the fact that it rarely attacks. Waste of your moolah

It's pricy. Ingame and with the Inapp purchase price. Takes forever to recharge and when it attacks the next attack takes a while

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