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101 Ledian

She has tackle and Mach punch

102 Landorus Landorus
103 Swampert Ex
104 Houndoom Houndoom V 1 Comment
105 Deoxys Deoxys

Deoxys has forms for different stuff so he's cool

It just so happens that Deoxys is an alien that is affected by Pok├ęballs and you tell me that "jesus horse" is number one on the list?

Deoxys is good because he can turn into a shooting star can turn into many mods like attack, defense
And more.

V 2 Comments
106 Ursaring Ursaring V 1 Comment
107 Druddigon

Druddigon is so cool goo plasma storm

One Druddigon card has NO WEAKNESS!

108 Blissey
109 Magikarp Magikarp

Oh yeah, one move that does only ten damage! NOOB CARD!

Had one that did 10 amount of tails

Don't know why I put this, but, I'm just trying to add more Pokemon. Plus, it can evolve to a gyrados

Also, despite a risk, it can use Epic Splash (that's the attack's name). It knocks out any Pokemon with 30 HP unless weak to water in X&Y. (It then does 60)

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110 Bouffalant

Great defending Pokemon because of its poke-ability Buffer

111 Keldeo EX

Can one shot most things in the format, Rush In counters Hypnotoxic Laser and it's incredible with Blastoise. This should be #1!

V 1 Comment
112 Lugia Lugia

I think Lugia can beat anyone I think he should be in the top 10

V 1 Comment
113 Haxorus

Does 40 damage for each energy attached to it and you don't have to discard energy. EPIC!

114 Infernape Infernape

Non Legendary does the time of 40x the number of fire energys you have

V 1 Comment
115 Aron Aron V 2 Comments
116 Raichu Raichu

He has circle circuit and thunderbolt

Stronger than Aron, Pikachu, and Feebas.

Higher my one could beat 30 feebas

I have raichu break

V 2 Comments
117 Zorua Zorua

Strong could have a better change of winning to margikarp attacking a feebas

V 1 Comment
118 Honedge V 2 Comments
119 Mr. Mime

Kind of weak, but in rare occasions, powerful.

V 1 Comment
120 Turtwig Turtwig V 1 Comment
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