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81 Pokemon Snakewood

I played this game for a long time until I couldn't continue progressing on at Necropolis. Anyhow, I sure loved this game.

Nice Game but a bit bad story

Best game ever. Don't hate

Awfully horrendous but funny storyline
Ridiculously titf

82 Pokemon Chaos Black
83 Pokemon Lolfest

The only Pokemon game known to man that revolutionized the laugh out loud battle system

84 Pokemon Sparkle and Shine

When is it out?

Heh heh I actually made this up but it would be a good game the starter Pokemon are the fire type cubchar the water type bearbly the grass type geckotts sorry but I really needed to add something feel free to give some ideas! Thank you!

Sorry this is a game I created on this tablet, but still give me credit for being so creative. Please. Here are the starter Pokemon cubchar lion cub fire type. Bearbly the bear cub water type. Geckotts the lizard hatchlet grass type please drop ideas. Thank you

85 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Oh come on! Number 78? Seriously, this game is my favorite. You can basically get all the legendaries,all the pokemon and also the cosmoids starters. The storyline is pretty good. Also shadow pokemon exist which are pokemon which have a purple outline and gains more experience than a normal pokemon. The surf hm move (in my opinion) is awesome. Riding on any water pokemon rocks. The world tournament is pretty hard and the trading system rocks. I believe this game deserves a higher rank. - Ahleaxt

86 Pokemon Vortex

It started its version 3 in october 2014 with new 100,000 members each day!

87 Hey You Pikachu

Hey You Pikachu was absolutely stunning. Amazing graphics, intense combat system, unbelievable story, and a heart-warming inspirational ending that left me in tears. Hey You Pikachu was a jaw-dropping masterpiece that I will fondly remember for years to come.

Well programmed with good graphics, SO LETS MAKE SURE PIKACHU DOES EVERYTHING IT CAN TO ANNOY YOU! What were the devs thinking? This idea was amazing and they just ruined it by making Pikachu disobey you and giving you an inability to do anything. It isn't a game. This is training your pet with no success or satisfaction.

A beautiful masterpiece of a game. With stunning graphics, and a microphone that revolutionized the industry and so much more, it's one of the best video games of the N64, and of gaming as a whole.

Beautiful best game ever and stuff (no sarcasm included)

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88 Pokemon Indigo

This is the best Pokemon game and Pokemon is the best cartoon ever

I play this game and it is awesome


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89 PokemonDeluge
90 PokemonLake

I think pokemon lake is a really cool website

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91 Pokemon Rumble Blast

Why isn't this up top? It's in 3d, and it's the newest game yet. The graphics are awesome. I think Nintendo did a fantastic job here. And plus you get all the great features of the 3ds.

A creative innovation to put a Pokemon boss that is not human nor Pokemon: dark rust. The music is epic, the abilities are diverse, and the game is plain AWESOME! The graphics are realistic, the moves are cool and is 10000000000000X awesomer that it's predecessor, which is also pretty good.

I love this game! I try over and over getting the legendarily. It's hard, but I want them!

First 3D Pokemon game I've ever palyed

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92 Pokemon Light Platinum

It is a nice game and it has most of legendary pokemon.
This was so much fun and it have more area sinnoh and another. It is one of good game

If this game is on this list it should be #1! This hack has so many improvements from normal Pokemon games, Especially Emerald.

The guy put so much effort into it give him some credit

Best gba hack it allow to catch almost every Pokemon till gen 5 and some of gen6

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93 Pokemon Flora Sky

Best hacked pokemon game ever hands down

Fantastic story and you can catch Pokemon(some) from all region. This is a wonderful game new sprites rivals and everything... Awesome

94 Pokemon Creed

The best online Pokemon MMORPG. It is the most updated Pokemon online game.

95 DelugeRPG

It is one of the best RPG Pokemon games online. So, it should be added.

Fantastic game! Gotta check out live battles and some sizzling Pokemons

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96 Pokemon Ranger

This was one of my first pokemon games and now looking back its very special and brings back great memories like the go-rock squad.

Pokemon ranger should not be 54

97 Pokemon Twilight

Best game ever



ITS awesome AND FREE

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98 Pokemon Channel

I feel bad for this at least a small amount of effort went into it... No wait I'm thinking of hey you pikachu

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99 Pokemon Ash Gray

This should be near the top because you play the story as Ash Ketchum HIM SELF, what else can a person ask for than reenacting the first series!

I like this game but when charmander evolve he stop doing attacks

I've tried all... Addicted to this till the story ends... best ever

I think this game should come first

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100 Pokemon Dash

This thing messed up. my touch screen

its lit

Graphics was beautifull even better than the reality and you could choose up to 300+ pokemons even legends!
I remember when I did a race with mewtwo he looked a lot glitchy but it were funny...

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