Pokemon HeartGold


Easily the best Pokemon game ever. There are so many little pieces of extra plot, and awesome mini games that you get addicted to after a while (pokeathlon, the bug catching thing above goldenrod city, the battle frontier, and the slot machines in celadon city). Also, you can go in Johto, my favorite region of all, and kanto. Also the story line is preferably my favorite, right after Emerald, which I feel is more important than anything else in a Pokemon game. I have clocked in more than 400 hours on this game and I plan on playing one of the 2nd gen. games to get more out of the story, (which will be hard to do). This is easily the best Pokemon game in my eyes, and everything, and I mean everything, about it is crazy amazing and I just love it so much I am not even able to describe it all. just thinking about it makes me insane with joy, so many memories. I know it is just a game, but this game this game influenced my life forever.

The HeartGold and SoulSilver games were the peak of Pokemon games. They really do the Gold and Silver games justice, and on top of that have beautiful graphics and soundtrack. After these games, Pokemon steadily went downhill, becoming easier and less gratifying, less special.

If you want a game with better aesthetics and soundtrack, but don't want the blandness and simplicity of newer Pokemon games, I suggest Heartgold or SoulSilver.

And as someone whose first Pokemon game was the original Gold version, it makes you feel really nostalgic. - lolorue

First pokemon game I've played... still the best. It is great with so many features added on like pokemon that walk behind you and you can interact with.( Why did they not add this in future games Nintendo) When you beat the Elite Four you are not done you still have a whole other region to explore. 8 badges cannot compete with 16. It was much like the original gold/silver, but with better graphics and more features. (This also applies to Soul Silver)

This was my very first Pokemon game and I still love it more than the newer ones. I spent hours each day playing this game and I enjoyed every single second of it. I love it more than any other Pokemon game that ever came out. Ill admit platinum and emerald were good but for me it is nowhere near Heart Gold.

BEST Pokemon GAME EVER! My first personal game that owned for myself. got all the 16 badges, beat the elite four, beat red, got all my Pokemon to level 100 (all in my party, I caught almost every Pokemon in the game so I obviously couldn't get them all to 100 with ease) and spent a good several hundred hours on it.

Honestly, this game is really similar to soulsilver. This game is just so good. You get the feels from crystal/gold/silver, which are some of the best Pokemon games ever, plus you get the newer features in the games. This, along with soulsilver, are just pulled off so well, and its legit a good game

This game was really amazing in length, amount of Pokemon, and relationship to your Pokemon and it is pretty much perfect in every way except one the voltorb flip game. I wouldn't hate it so much if it wasn't the only way to get thunderbolt and ice beam but overall it is a very good game

So cool! Best remake, best pokemon and best final battle against Red. I like HeartGold because I like Ho-oh more than Lugia. Graphics are great, visuals are stunning and if you haven't played this game yet then you're not a true pokemon fan

Such a good game, with a TON of content and probably has the most pokemon of any game in it. Gen 2 was a fantastic gen and the remake of this game was just absolutely amazing, on my first play through I logged 200+ hours... Yeah its that good.

The starters are quite awesome, I wish all the games would allow walking with your Pokemon as it just is way more enjoyable. The storyline well not to much about it but still overall enjoyable. Defiantly would chose this one to do my nuzlocke on and really hope another game will come out that allows walking with your Pokemon. The title Heart Gold seems more attractive to me.

How can you not like this game. IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! You think that Pokemon couldn't get better, but the fans were looking for a remake, and look! It finally came! Now you can enjoy Pokemon live ever with much better graphics!

There is obviously no reason for HeartGold to be any lower than SoulSilver but this game took the absolutely best game ever (Pokemon gold) and made it better. I don't know about you, but in my book that's pretty darn good.

All the great Pokemon, fun storyline and long playability of gold, now with the stat adjustments of Generation 4. What's not to love? Plus, unlike SoulSilver, it has Arcanine. And everyone loves some Arcanine

Don't get me wrong I like the newer games too but there is a certain charm that makes it more memorable then other pokemon games for me whether it is characters I care about more or the pokemon walking.

This game has a nice storyline and it has the famous team rocket with Giovanni. This game is also challenging because this region has the strongest elite 4. Tip for starter pick totodile

This game is probably the best Pokemon game I've ever played, with how much there is to do and the countless legendary pokemon to catch, you won't be putting this one down for a while.

I can get 16 badges go back and forth battle red and re-battle gym leaders. Sapphire is my favorite because of the history involved but there is no doubt this is the best game.

I love this game for a few reasons best gen 4 game gen 2 had the greatest Pokemon games yet and for a Pokemon game this is actually a bit of a challenge

This is a very fine game that anyone should play. It features several amazing pokemon. It even features a level 70 lugia. Isn't that amazing? I'd rather own Soulsilver, though.

I love this game because you get all the extra gym battles, and you get to explore TWO regions. I wish they would make more games where you could explore two regions.

Crystal was a great game, but know I can not only have my favourite pokemon follow me around, I feel the gameplay is so much more unique to any other pokemon game.

My first video game I bought. Amazing game! Lots of adventure and there's no such thing as "The End". Beat the Elite Four and Catch 'em all!

This was my favorite Pokemon game of all time. I spent countless hours playing it. My favorite part was when I battled Red. I still have the song memorized

First game I ever played so it brings back some good memories of when I first started playing, with my Pokemon walking behind me.

You get 16 badges, it's so cool! Plus, you can get gym leaders' numbers! You can do so many things you can't do in other games! And the Celebi event was super cool!