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181 Carridale
182 Cowabunga!
183 Latin for Truth
184 Same As Sunday
185 Why Try?
186 Sail to North
187 Icarus The Owl
188 On Call Heroes
189 The Gaslight Anthem
190 Stay True
191 Dance! No Thanks
192 The Early November
193 Veara
194 Fearless Vampire Killers

A great band rather small they save so many peoples lives however they just rock out when they preform live! When you hear their songs you just can't get enough of them!
They totally deserve to be on this list! However they are slightly screamo but they don't exactly scream it tends to be just for one stanza!

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195 We Still Dream!
196 Remember and Run
197 Army of Freshmen
198 Poor Old Lu
199 Abandoned By Bears
200 This Time Next Year
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