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1 Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols - The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols - The Sex Pistols Product Image

The sex pistols were legends...

The fact that at the time they were all just doing it for a laugh and doing it for money but what they created was something bigger than themselves.

The first track really let's you know what you are in for. It's the perfect introduction for new sex pistols fans and really energetic.

The second track is an incredibly honest song with a very important message behind it. It's doesn't mess around and should not be underestimated. Definitely one of the strongest tracks on the album.

The third track is very cleverly written and is one big rush of energy it's a joy to listen to

Fourth track labelled liar was the pistols way of saying F you to Malcolm McLaren who robbed the pistols of their money back in the day. It's lyrics are powerful and good as ever.

Fifth track god save the queen is one of the most iconic songs on the track and still stands the test of time. You can really tell the pistols are giving it their all ...more

Revolutionary, completely honest, and blistering. NMTB is everything that is great about punk. Johnny Rotten's contentious/intelligent lyrics and raw vocals made me proud to be different. Made me stop being a sissy wanting to commit suicide and in turn, be a thorn in the side of those that have belittled me. Steve's guitar playing made me play guitar a little differently and I dig his sound.

The Sex Pistols only ever put out this one album, but in doing so they created punk as we know it. You have to think of this album in the same vein as the Beatles debuting on the Ed Sullivan show, or Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire at Monterey Festival. It was that big of a shift in music.

Why... Why is this not in the list? Do you even know the meaning of punk? This album is a pure punk masterpiece... Everything that goes on in punk rock today was in some way influenced by nevermind the bollocks.

2 Ramones - The Ramones Ramones - The Ramones Product Image

Inventors of punk rock? Come on guys! This is one of the best albums of all time! And London calling by the clash or nevermind the bollocks here's the sex pistols are both not on the list! Are you kidding me? Do you even know punk?

They are the best punk band ever, and this album has his greatest song "Blitzkrieg Bop". They were the band who created punK!

The record that started it all. It was my first true punk studio album... I instantly was a fan and couldn't stop boppin. I love this record!

Green Day is hardly punk, and this is the album that started it all. Come on its gotta be the Ramones

3 The Clash - The Clash The Clash - The Clash Product Image

They made the best punk album with "The Clash" and the best rock album with "London Calling". Pure Class of '77 punk sound with elements of reggae, 50s rockabilly and ska. A masterpiece. Also, I am biased... This album changed my life.

Far better than 'London Calling' and definitely equal to 'Never mind the bollocks'.

Once again, a veteran album and a true punk pearl (Y)

Best Clash Album

4 Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys Product Image

Punks, wherever you are - please vote this into the Top 5 where it belongs. "If the kids are united" (sadly, the new kids have no idea what Punk really means)

While not as good as their later albums, this album still is one of the most well known and most badass US hardcore albums out there.

Ewww the cover has the red on it not the black and white. That needs to be changed

How the hell is this not on here?

5 Insomniac - Green Day Insomniac - Green Day Product Image

I'm alright with people calling Dookie pop punk because it was mostly pop punk (with exceptions of Longview, FOD, Sassafras Roots etc) but Insomniac is a full on punk album. Much darker, meaner tone to it, just listen to Geek Stink Breath, Jaded, '86, Armatge Shanks. Also the album never really had any big hits, maybe because it's a punk album and punk rock has always been so underrated. I don't care if this is number 1 or number 17, I just want people to stop calling it a pop album and to stop trashing Green Day for being pop-punk, I call them punk rock/pop punk, or simply alternative because that's a hybrid genre. This album saved punk...this is probably what brought it back to the mainstream, but was completely overshadowed by Dookie.

This album saved punk rock. Unlike Dookie, which was more pop punk, this album has a sound which will not be forgotten. From Stuck with Me, which is the quintessential punk rock song, To Jaded, which has a fast pace and a message about using drugs. Panic Song, which defines the band in the early 1990s, when they used drugs to not have panic attacks during shows and the classic Brain Stew. This album has hit after hit. Buy this album on CD or vinyl. Definitely worth it.

Contains all the classic elements of old school Punk Rock, and even adds a new edge to the genre. The sound is heavy and distorted, the lyrics are slick and well-written, and the bass lines are phenomenal. Truly the greatest punk record of all time!

At first I was like what? Why is insomniac here over Dookie or AI, than I forgot the name of this list. Insomniac was the most punk album GD put out. Just listen to songs like Geek Stink Breath, Jaded, Armatage Shanks and 86. Great punk songs. All made with a few power chords.

6 London Calling - The Clash London Calling - The Clash Product Image

Let's remember what punk rock is. Punk rock is not only bringing rock back to the basics but it's BEING a punk. The main reason I picked this over Never Mind the Bollocks is because of the album cover. It's an imitation of Elvis Presley's album but instead of a happy guy with a guitar it's a punk smashing his guitar. Come on, isn't that punk-ish?

One of the greatest albums of all time. The best punk album by far ever made! And I'm not the only one saying it! Rolling Stone magazine placed it at #7 in it's 500 greatest albums of all time list! I know Rolling Stone is very often wrong but even so this album is pure punk brilliance!

This should be #2. This is a better overall album than everything else, but I agree that Ramones is a better punk album. And how is the green day album that I have just accepted will always be here not even there best album? You people don't even know how to mess up right.

London Calling merges melody and a array of different musical styles into one calssic album. Its cutting edge, and it offended many back in the day. Few punk bands have reached this level of stardum while staying true to their calling.

7 Fun House - The Stooges Fun House - The Stooges Product Image
8 Dookie - Green Day Dookie - Green Day Product Image

What the hell?! Insomniac is number 1 but Dookie is number 5. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest albums ever made, I could listen to it on repeat all day and still be in awe.

This album literally saved punk rock from grunge. Songs like Longview and Basket case are what defines punk. It is about doing things your own damn way

I love punk so much but I think nothing beats grunge. It is my favourite genre. Your making it sound like grunge is bad!

This, in my opinion, is the greatest album ever made. Every song on it is no where near bad or repetitive and I can pop this in my CD player any day

Dookie made punk popular in the 90's and it also won a grammy

9 Damned Damned Damned - The Damned Damned Damned Damned - The Damned Product Image

Fantastic album, not a second of bordom in this entire record.

Green day is not punk - F off you bunch of disco freaks. This album was released 9 months before the sex pistols nmtb, it is faster and they can play better than the pistols. Nmtb almost sounds like heavy metal compared to ddd.

10 Entertainment! - Gang Of Four Entertainment! - Gang Of Four Product Image

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? Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks
? Parallel Lines - Blondie Parallel Lines - Blondie Product Image

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11 Raw Power - Iggy & the Stooges Raw Power - Iggy & the Stooges Product Image

Should be up der

12 Pink Flag - Wire Pink Flag - Wire Product Image

Unbelievably good.

Revolutionary to punk, extremely unique

Masterpiece, love the sound of the guitar in this album. 10/10 without a doubt.

13 Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers Product Image
14 Damaged - Black Flag Damaged - Black Flag Product Image

The quintessential hardcore record.

Possibly the grandfather of Hardcore Punk (Y)

Green. Day. Is. Not. Punk. Go. Away.

15 Sing Loud, Sing Proud! - Dropkick Murphys Sing Loud, Sing Proud! - Dropkick Murphys Product Image

One of the best punk albums ever!

16 Static Age - Misfits Static Age - Misfits Product Image

This album is so damn good! Danzig's voice is so unique and his clear inspiration from Elvis Presley makes his voice sound almost bluesy. Some songs may be somewhat forgetable, (T.V. casualty, Return of the Fly, etc.) but the others are amazing! Hybrid moments, bullet, last carress, 138, come back and attitude are all great tracks that stick in your head from the first listen

17 Double Nickels On the Dime - Minutemen Double Nickels On the Dime - Minutemen Product Image
18 Milo Goes to College - The Descendents Milo Goes to College - The Descendents Product Image

One of the most influential punk records of the 80s, if you ask me.

One of my favorite albums of all time

Should be first. Second sex pistols.

Why is this not higher?

19 Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers
20 Punk in Drublic - NOFX Punk in Drublic - NOFX Product Image

Fantastic record, fantastic band. Amazing. NOFX deserves to be number one, and Green Day does not belong on this list at all. Green Day is lame.

Just another fantastic record, which influenced many Ska/skate punk bands.

It's not even their best album, but it deserves to be in the top 10 of this list.

Beautiful album from the very first second of the sound

21 Rocket to Russia - The Ramones Rocket to Russia - The Ramones Product Image

This album is like the Beach Boys on steroids! Fast, cool, and 30 mins of pure punk pandemonium. It inspired countless musicians and is considered a must have for punk.

Better than self titled album

22 Walk Among Us - Misfits Walk Among Us - Misfits Product Image

How is there not a single Misfits album on this list?!

Are you kidding me this should be way higher

Should be way higher this album is amazing.

Should be higher!

23 Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies Product Image
24 Smash - The Offspring Smash - The Offspring Product Image

What? Smash was the best selling album ever sold on an independent label. And isn't the whole independent label thing what makes punk what it is,

My favorite offspring album! Should be higher up. # 15 at least

Awesome Album! The offspring's best album!

25 Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing - Discharge Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing - Discharge Product Image
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