Best Punk Albums of All Time

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41 The Oneder Years - The Youth Ahead
42 Pennywise - Pennywise
43 Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood - Misfits
44 Damned Damned Damned - The Damned V 1 Comment
45 Another Music in a Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks
46 Something Better Change - D.O.A.
47 Americana - The Offspring

This album is the best punk album ever because it talks about the problems with America. This can all be shown in: pretty fly ( for a white guy ), the kids aren't alright, she's got issues, walla walla, no breaks, Americana, pay the man.

48 The Adolescents - the Adolescents V 1 Comment
49 2,000,000 Voices - Angelic Upstarts
50 The Decline - NOFX
51 Ixnay On the Hombre - The Offspring

All I want is one of the most powerful songs ever, and the rest of the album is an absolute masterpiece.

V 1 Comment
52 Musical Monkey - Guttermouth
53 Underclass Hero - Sum 41

This album sucks. Its pop punk and it should not be on here - SmileyStudios

My personal favorite album of all time, not just of punk music. - Maplestrip

54 Eternally Yours - The Saints

This and '(I'm) Stranded' are punk classics; shame they lost the punk spirit on later recordings.

55 Useless - TV Smith

Generally, I don't agree with including compilations in this list (almost cheating really), but 'Useless' features the best of The Adverts and some of his best solo-work (with various backing bands or totally alone) and I'll make an exception. It's important to break the rules, even if they're your own, now and then.

56 Social Distortion - Social Distortion

Currently my favorite punk album to listen to. Compared to most punk, it's actually much more chill, but still has that rough edge at times.

Social D not even in the top 100 who made this list?

57 Alle Gegen Alle - Slime

Best punk album ever to come from Germany!

58 New York Dolls - New York Dolls

Essential Punk-Classic featuring timeless tracks like 'Personality Crisis', 'Pills', 'Trash', 'Jet Boy' and 'Vietnamese Baby'.

59 I Delete - TV Smith
60 Nimrod - Green Day
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