Best Punk Albums of All Time

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41 Famous Monster - Misfits

Misfits need to be on this list!

42 Enema of the State - Blink-182

So you like an album with all the songs that sound the same and same 3 chords and one whiny singer and one with no range with someone who lacks in bass and an overrated drummer you guys need help if you like stink 18poo in genral

Almost agree. Travis Barker is a great drummer all around. Certainly not overrated. Not even in the top 10, certainly, but a very good drummer. - Dunsparcity

The blink essence is on this álbum I'm like so much

It’s funny so many people (now) hate on blink 182. But hey why don’t you look at the richest punk singers of all time. Guess who’s on the very tip top of it. BLINK. So obviously they were and still are pretty damn successful and a lot of people like their music.

43 All Killer No Filler - Sum 41

62? Really? Fat Lip embodies punk culture and in too deep is a song everyone can relate to

44 We Are... the League - Anti-Nowhere League
45 Suffer - Bad Religion V 1 Comment
46 Duh - Lagwagon
47 Brain Drain - The Ramones

One of my personal favorite punk records. It is so underrated... This was the Ramones hardcore punk album, and it proved they could do it better. This album is like art meets (Joey Ramone's) primal scream therapy. It is an indelible album with an unbridled aggressive edge. Lyrics were intelligent and poignantly written, and Johnny's guitar playing is ferocious! Marky beats the skins off the drums too! - shawnwalker

48 Siren Song of the Counter Culture - Rise Against

Rise against is ingenious

49 Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash - The Replacements

One of the great albums in the Hardcore Punk genre!

50 Out of Step - MInor Threat

What the hell is wrong with all of you? 38th? 90% of these albums aren't even punk! Blink-182 is just pop, and so is New Found Glory. - SmileyStudios

Minor Threat is a classic Should be at least in top 15

One of the best Hardcore punk albums of all time.

51 The Oneder Years - The Youth Ahead
52 Pennywise - Pennywise
53 Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood - Misfits
54 Damned Damned Damned - The Damned V 1 Comment
55 Another Music in a Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks
56 Living in Darkness - Agent Orange
57 Minor Threat - Minor Threat
58 Americana - The Offspring

This album is the best punk album ever because it talks about the problems with America. This can all be shown in: pretty fly ( for a white guy ), the kids aren't alright, she's got issues, walla walla, no breaks, Americana, pay the man.

59 Musical Monkey - Guttermouth
60 Alle Gegen Alle - Slime

Best punk album ever to come from Germany!

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