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1 Baatsha

Best Movie Ever. I even love his dialogue: "Naa oru thadavu sonna, nooru thadavu solla mataen" which means "If I say this once, I won't even say it in a hundred times"

Trend setter movie in India

Thalaivar is great. We have fallen in live by seeing his STYLE itself. If he walks it is a beauty, if he smiles it is a beauty, if he speaks any language it is a beauty, all the whole he is the one and only beauty and stylish. Thalaiva, we are very much blessed to have in the world, meanwhile at the I am living while you are acting. I HAVE TO THANK CRORES AND CRORES TO LORD TO GIVE ME SUCH A GIFT. THALAIVAR VAZHGA, THALAIVAR VAZHGA.

Evergreen hit of our Thalaivar. Super star alway rocks... Thalaiva...

2 Enthiran Enthiran Product Image

Rajinikanth is a good actor who he can play any role and his film endhiran a very blockbuster movie

Best movie of Rajnikanth

He is the number one star in the star he does not copy others some are giving low comments about him because they are jealous of him (in Tamil poraamai)

3 Annamalai
4 Thalapathi

It is a sensational movie of thalaiva

Thalapathy is the best movie of Rajnikanth sir its says everything love,friendship.It is the best tamil movie of Rajni sir.

All other rajini's heroism film but thalapathi is original helpless children become a thatha, it is denoted friendship (Karnan)


5 Chandramukhi

Scary but a brilliant movie love it watch it every saturday

One of the best movie in history

6 Sivaji : The Boss Sivaji : The Boss Product Image

I like this movie because of black money concept and rajini style. With his great acting even rural people also can understood about black money.

Most epic Indian movie of all time

I love this movie because rajani is my favourite

This should at least be 3rd. 6th is downplaying a great movie like this.

7 Moondru Mugam

Superb police role in rajinisir character is always rocks

8 Kabali

Mega blockbuster movie

All in single movie

Kabali such as wounderfull movie in Tamil
Rajini acting and style lovely.otherwise rajini dialoug develiver and acting scope get success in kabali movie. Kabali other support Ranjith and music composer santhosh narayanan.

Oldman's love

9 Padayappa

Best Rajinikanth movie ever! Most iconic Rajini dialogues, best screen presence, good plot, great supporting cast. What more could I say? How is this not on #1?

A movie clearly showing his acting skills

Best movie never boring

Best movie ever

10 Aarilirunthu Arubathuvarai

This is the movie for which thalaivar earned my respect...I strongly believe this is by far thalaivar's best film...

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11 Maapillai

Is a very very very superb film

12 Baba
13 Muthu
14 2.0

Trailer bahut hi best hai

Best actor rajnikant

15 Mannan
16 Mullum Malarum

Awesome movie forever

Awardwinng Performance by Rajinikanth.
Directed by Mahendran. Favorite film of Rajnikanth

17 Billa

Thalaivar's Great Movie... Wow... What a style...

18 Petta
19 Thillu Mullu Thillu Mullu Product Image
20 Siva
21 Polladhavan
22 Johnny
23 Nallavanukku Nallavan Nallavanukku Nallavan Product Image
24 Raja Chinna Roja
25 Payum Puli
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