Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative rock band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). ...read more.


Avenged Sevenfold should at least be number 2. They are the last standing true metal band that is continuing to kill it. They are essentially the Metallica, or Black Sabbath of the 2000s. I can listen to Avenged Sevenfold 10 times a day and not get tired of it. I like every single one of the albums all the way from their screaming metal core Sounding the Seventh Trumpet days to their latest album Hail to The King (Waking The Fallen is my favorite though). SICK guitar solos and riffs. Insane drums. Great Bass. Hard but melodic vocals and lyrics. Just an absolute masterpiece of a band.

You can dislike but they are the most talented musicians nowadays, no one can deny that.

Their best songs in my opinion to date are Afterlife, Almost Easy, Beast and The Harlot, Dear God, Critical Acclaim, Bat Country and some others that I've missed out for sure. They are a great sounding hard rock band that has an incredible style which I've always loved. They are one of the 3 bands that I really like a the moment, one of the others is Disturbed. But Avenged are truly, in my honest opinion, magnificent.

They are one of the big bands to reckoned with and as they go on I'm more than sure they will continue to deliver a blisteringly awesome sound.

This band literally can do everything. They can play slow songs with great melodies, allowing M. Shadows to show off a softer side to his voice, but he can also throw in these amazing screams. They can play these unbelievable guitar riffs that are unlike anything you have ever heard. Bureid Alive showcases their versatility better than any other song they have. It starts off slow, and gradually builds momentum until they hit you with just a full auditory onslaught of screams, bass riffs, and guitar riffs with the heavy drums in the background that ties into everything else. These guys are awesome and they sound every bit as good live.

Listen to the album City of Evil. Period.

The lyrics, the riffs, the rhythm, the bass and everything this band has is truly amazing. Syn has crazy solos, and with Zacky's rhythm, they complete each other just perfectly. The Rev had those drumming that gives you goosebumps, Johnny fills all with his great bass skills, and M Shadows... I just love his unique voice. His clean voice is as awesome as screamo voice. They have to be in the top 3.

Still appreciating Syn Gates' existence. One of the best of 2000s.


I have every single song on my ipod. They have went through a long history, from screamo to softer music. Damn, their guitarists are epic, there drummer was the best (until he died ) but they don't die. Bands after this many albums go mainstream. Avenged Sevenfold, however, have stuck to their same tone, and did not go softer than their Self Titled album. In my opinion, hands down, this band should be at the TOP.

A7X has a way of making and singing songs that no other band has ever been able to do. They have combined influences from a lot of bands throughout history. And that reflects in their music. Listening to one song by A7X is like listening to 3 different songs. A7X has found a way to create their own unique sound that never gets old. I hope they can find a replacement for the drummer.R.I.P. foREVer.

Agreed Avenged Sevenfold is by far way better than the bands that are higher on this list. Let's see here Linkin Park have let down there fans quite a bit, Green Day has a fan base of a bunch of 12 year old girls, and muse has some really weird and sexual songs. Avenged Sevenfold has never let their fans down, never. All their albums are amazing. Long live A7X, Long live Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

I am with you on the guitar they have a sound unique because of the dual guitar they use. A lot of the songs are patriotic I have not done any research on them but I would have to say the writer must have been in the military and possibly a war. I have not heard a song I did not like they are awesome I workout to them, walk to them and rock out at home with them they rock.

Avenged sevenfold is the greatest band ever! Synyster gates solos are the best part come on why is this not number one by far... My top ten songs are:nightmare, chapter four, save me, second heartbeat, natural born killer, so far away, I wont see you tonight part1, trashed and scattered, brompton cocktail, little piece of heaven

#1 for crying out loud! A7X have it all: unbelievably talented singing, instrumentalism, and song-writing; originality and personality in all the many genres and styles they traverse; consistency in sounding as good live as in the studio; and determination and grit in continuing their legend despite the loss of their drummer.

All around great. Syn has been recognized as one of the best living guitarists, his riffs and solos are downright unplayable in most instances and always refreshingly unique. The Rev's drums were so progressive it wasn't funny, the tempo and compilation he used were epic, untouched by any other modern drummer. Shadows vocals are excellent as clean vocals and he has a decent scream. Zacky V is just plain awesome as well, and Christ is ok too.
The bands music has such depth and variation that I am hard-pressed to think of anything they COULDN'T pull off. Their growth as a band and story have been spectacular, and their music continues to inspire and rock hard. Also, their new 90's rock sound is amazing, and done perfectly. Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth are I'm sure proud.

Besides Ozzy, Avenged Sevenfold KICKS ASS! I grew up with the 80'S metal hair bands like Metallica, ( and after an justice for all, they went downhill.. They never should have got rid of Dave Mustaine! ) Iron Maiden Slayer, Testament, first time I heard A7X, I was hooked! They overcome the tragedy with the "Rev" and still are going strong..

A7x are definitely my fave band of all time! Syn is just downright gorgeous and I think he's way up there with his skills. The band's struggled through with the death of the Rev but came out possibly even stronger. They're still making amazing music after everything they've been through. Definitely should be #1

Avenged Sevenfold has an amazing musical range. Every song is different. Every album they release gets better and better, and always has a style to it. They are pure musical geniuses. And even though their amazing drummer passed away they're still going strong. They don't get half the credit they deserve

They have their own sound (how dare they deviate from the typical radio crap! ) and their lyrics expel such crippling emotion. Their music saved me when I was in a very dark place. Songs such as "I Won't See You Tonight, " and "Seize The Day" reminded me that I will never struggle alone.

Avenged Sevenfold is much more talented and unique than every other bands above them. Not to say those bands aren't good or talented. I love Linkin Park, My Chem, and Green Day. Foo Fighters, Muse, and 30 Dongs to Mars are nothing special to me. Avenged is easily the best band around today. Not just in their genre. I realize that's more of an opinion thing, but they're more talented and real than any other band

This band is the most amazing band ever, iv been listening to their music a very long time, and everything they make is amazing. They can't be beat that's how amazing they are, and their covers are just fantastic

Best band out there hands down. Should hear them live. Everything done perfect. Close your eyes and it's like you're listening to them right off the album. Guitar- ridiculous drum- ridiculous vocals- always on point even live

From the standpoint of an artist, Avenged Sevenfold is the best, hands down. Their music is extremely unique and it's very easy to tell when they come on the radio. Their music is full of little intracacies that make it a joy to listen too. They are so detailed. The amazing bandmembers all are great at what they do. They have great chemistry. The band is shocking in the studio, on the stage, and as people. There is just not enough good to be said about them. The best of this musical era. FoREVer

A7x is just Plain and simply amazing it's a shame that jimmy "rev" died though he was indeed a one of a kind drummer who helped right a7x's songs and create their out of this world style Avenged Sevenfold foREVer

I can't believe they are at the 9th position when they ought to be at the 1st. A7x has more technical abilities and skills than any other band present in this top 10 list. One of the greatest bands ever!

They basically deserve the right to be called the greatest of the decade, because they have got the best songs, best lyrics, best singer, best guitarists, and the best drummer ever, R.I. P The Rev

The most complete band out there. Awesome combination of lyrics, instruments and vocals. We written songs come from a meaningful band. They should have dominated others on the list.

Avenged sevenfold made my childhood. I don't think I would have made it without them honestly. Rest in peace jimmy sullivan we will never forget. Avenged sevenfold foREVever.