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Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.


Blink needs to be on this list! My Chemical Romance wouldn't even sound the way they do without these guys! I'm a huge My Chemical Romance fan but blink is genius for modern pop-punk along with Green Day that is. I'm not saying blink should be topping the chart here but the fact they aren't in it at all is disheartening. Also Muse is great but not number 2. Foo fighters and RHCP need to move up the list a little, the foo fighters are amazing and the last of the Seattle sound that's left in modern rock

Blink-182 is a household name. They were the biggest band in the world for half of the decade. Almost every single punk/pop-punk band today will say they were influenced by blink-182. You can hate their music but there's no denying their heavy influence on the pop-punk scene and modern pop culture. They easily deserve a top 3 spot on this list.

They should be at the top of the list. They are the ones that started the pop punk wave. How the bands ahead of them on this list are up there, I don't know. Blink 182 is icons. There music has evolved from bathroom humor to serious subjects yet they have never lost in touch who they are as a band.

I love blink-182 so much. They've inspired so many bands (like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, etc. ) Each album has it's own unique style and songs that are highly repeatable, catchy and beautifully composed with amazing drumming and outstanding vocals. Favourite band ever. I love you blink-182 x)

How on earth they not in the top 10?!? With tunes from 'stay together for the kids' to 'wanna f a dog in the arse they arse' one of the few bands who make me think one track and have me in stitches the next!

Blink-182 has great lyrics and a variety of genres for different preferences. They have evolved over the course of the past 21 years. Favourite band of all time hands down. Blink-182 life for life.

They changed the worlds view of a punk rock band - Akskater

No one sounds like Blink-182. Period. Tom Mark and Travis have chemistry that no one can describe. No one in this band is replaceable, and that's what makes every album great.

Blink 182 has so many hit songs and let's face it, even people who don't usually listen to rock music like Dammit and All the Small Things.
Best Drummer ever? Most likely
Obscene amount of hit songs? Undeniable
Widespread popularity? Oh, definitely
The only question remaining is why they aren't in the top 5...

Best band ever they never get old and even though their not good at the instruments they play (other than travis) they now how music should orchestrate together

They define punk rock! No one can say they haven't heard the song all the small things. They are absolute legends. Travis Barker is one of the best drummers I have ever heard! - xXx_emo_eyeliner_xXx

You can't have a soundtrack of the 2000's with out it's opening chapter being "All the Small Things"

Also,.. RHCP are more of a 90's band. You can check that with the majority of their Album sales and tour dates. Granted Californication was the soundtrack to my 2004 grad night.

Really good band, with a variety of genres in each album like punk rock (Dude Ranch), pop-punk (Enema of the State, Take off your Pants and Jacket) and some alternative rock (Self. Titled, Neighbourhoods).

There are so many great hits like Dammit, Josie, All the Small Things, Adam's Song, Dumpweed, Rock Show, First Date, I Miss You, Go, Feeling This, Athem part 2, After Midnight, this list could go on for ever!

I don't know why this is on top 20, this should on top 10 minimum!

Take your pants off, gentlemen! Every band should have a sense of humor like Blink. Blink should win!

How are Blink 11th? Easily in the top 10 best bands of the 2000's, they dropped 3 amazing albums in that decade.

They in my opinion brought punk pop and life to a new level. They induced bands like simple plan.

Why is this number 12? Blink 182 has so many amazing songs, and totally deserves to be up in the top.

Blink-182 is one of the best bands! There better then more then half of the bands on this list!

Brilliant band, one of the best punk-rock bands ever, way better than most on this list.

#11? They should be in the top 5 what. These guys are headlining leeds festival!

How is this not number 1... Blink-182 defines the early half of this decade.

They're kind of special.. They are the best.. Should be on 1. Place!

Most influential band for punk in the late 90's 2000's

My favourite band! Their just a unique band.

To have them be put at number 12 is a travesty.