Green Day

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Green Day are an American pop punk and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1987. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. Some more.


I just personally feel that Green Day deserves a more respectable fan basis. I, at one point in my life, made fun of them. Too often, because of a few fan girls, they're made out to be some kind of boy band. This is not fair to band that was able to bring punk rock to a mainstream appeal, and rock out the same Milton Keynes stadium that David Bowie and Metallica played. To put them bellow Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to Mars (a band I never had much interest in) kind of bothers me.

Green Day is my inspiration for music and I absolutely love their music. They've been producing thoughtful and meaningful music for over twenty years now. They don't just write love songs all the time like any other band or singer nowadays would. They write about so much more. I think that their music has really brought a statement of individuality to our country and I hope that they will continue their music for long time. I don't know how I could live without their music. Thank You Green Day!

I love Green Day and I love Linkin Park would intentionally diss either one of them? No But I think that Green Day deserves it more because of the diversity of their music they try everything and it seems that everything they try turns out to be an epic HIT I'm sorry but I sorta think that Linkin Park needs to step out of their comfort zone. Just a bit they might surprise themselves

People are just talking about those Dookie days but I think even after that, Green Day is one of the best punk rock bands of all time. Why can't punk be popular? You can't say they are no longer punk just because they are popular now! I love Green Day, not because they are punk, but more because their songs are simple and awesome! And by the way band members are all super nice persons!

I love Linkin Park almost as much as I love Green Day. But I had to vote for Green Day because they have been around for 20 years and are still producing fantastic songs and albums. Also whilst Green Day continue to grow and mature as a band Linkin Park have got progressively worse with albums a thousand suns and living things. Also very few bands can say that they have had a musical made of their album.

I like linkin park and green day both but green day is far better. One of the proofs is that green day has won a grammy and linkin park has'nt. Although I have got 3cds of linkin park and none of green day but still I like green day more. Listen to these songs and you'll know what I'm talking about 1. Boulevard of broken dreams 2. Holiday 3. 21 guns 4. Wake me up when september ends 5. Basket case 6. Jesus of suburbia 7. American idiot 8. Good riddance 9. Know your enemy 10. When I come around

Green Day has been everywhere. To to punk rock in a small backyard, to punk-rock operas in gigantic stadiums. Over 20 years with over 500 songs. And only 12 albums. That proves the quality put into every song. Now, with Uno, Dos, and Tre, the horizen for this band seems endless. You don't have to like Green Day to understand that they are rocks gods. Just respect them, after more than 20 years, they deserve it.

Green is way Better than Lincoln Park Haven't you ever heard American idiot, Holiday, Wake Me Up when September ends, Boulevard of Broken Dreams I mean come on

Punk rock, pop punk, alternative doesn't matter. Boulevard of Broken Dreams destroyed other songs in the early 2000's. American Idiot itself was probably the best album of that decade. Billie, Mike and Tre are ridiculously good at writing songs.

I have been a fan of Green Day's since the beginning. They are ever growing and always meeting, if not exceeding their audience's expectations. They will forever be a favorite band to me.

This band has changed my life! It's thanks to them if now I love the music, they're the best rock band of the world, of the 21st century! No other band can make me emotioning and set off myself. Yeah Green Day!

Green Day is the most energetic, gets the fans into it, loud, awesome stage presence, has about 300 songs, could play 7 instruments, and 20years later sell out 65, 000 twice bullet in the bible 70, 000 and 80, 000 he is a future rock and roll hall famer, he is a legend who will make more hits to put under his belt, before he retires!

Green Day is amazing lyrically especially in American Idiot. Such a smart band. People today don't understand
Music like Green Day its meaningful, smart, and brings back punk rock. Too bad there isn't music like Green Day
Anymore because that's real music. LOVE YOU Green Day!

Green day is my life and they are all so talented Billie joe Armstrong, Mike dirnt, and Tre cool, they are what defines punk, and if anyone disses them they can keep their own opinion to them self's.

GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME. Not mental, not soft, but a brilliant, amazing balance of the two. Linkin Park just goes mental, and makes some vague noise that sounds like lorrie crashing into a brick wall, Green Day actually produce good tunes and sounds, Green Day!

Best rock band of 2000s, they made the best masterpieces of punk rock, from Basket Case and When I Come Around to Jesus of Suburbia and American Idiot, I saw them live, best experience ever!

Like many bands listed here but I never melded with the fake English sound I think they are trying to portray/imitate. This is one of the few bands, of their era, that is an instant station change when their recordings are aired on the radio.

Green day has been around for so long I grew up listening to it from my brother. And with that that made me the person I am today a punk. What happened to us like nicki minaji, one direction, justin bieber? I was born in the wrong generation.

Green Day is by far the best band of the 00s. I don't think ever again will we hear some good ole Rock N Roll on the Hot 100 for a long long time like we did with Green Day.

Green Day has grown from punk brats to pop punk idols, tackling politics as well as personal relationships. Billie Joe Armstrong is a gifted songwriter

Green Day is way better then Linkin Park. No one from the 2000's can come even close to the greatness Green Day produced in their 2004 rock opera, American Idiot. Warning is a great album, and so is 21st Century Breakdown. They deserve to be number one on this list.

Green Day is a legend, the best live performer, with way more songs than anyone on this list, I seen some of these other bands live, they don't compare!

I LOVE Green Day but aren't they from the 80s

They've been in a major decline in the past decade, but American Idiot was perhaps the greatest rock album of the 2000's.

American Idiot, one of the best comebacks in music history, that is the only thing to say. - pannkakesangen