Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


This has to be the most diverse group of individuals to ever form a band. Their music along speaks for itself and they're really the first ones to not only bring so many genre's together (thus hybrid theory) but also to keep experimenting and changing directions with every album. When you have a pure genius like Mike Shinoda and once-in-a-generation vocalist like Chester Bennington, you get music that just sounds so different than anything else out there. What other band do you know of has a discography that you can play in its entirety and feel like the music is completely different for every album. Its definitely special and awesome! Oh and they're easily the most popular band in the world. I've never seen such an extensive world tour for a rock band in this era.

Best band ever. No one is better than linkin park they rock! This band is meant to be in first place.

Linkin Park has the greatest music ever, and they are not afraid to experiment and change, they don't do it for the money, they do it because they love what they do. They have beautiful lyrics that really touch you heart along with Mike and Chester's amazing voices, and also, they are total sweethearts who have amazing hearts and they want to help make the world a better place, they care about those In need and they definitely care about their fans. Without them... I wouldn't be here today, and when I meet them, I will tell them how much they changed my life for the better and made me a better person and I wanna thank them for saving my life.

The first album I ever bought was hybrid theory and to this day it is still recognized as one of the best albums ever made. The real reason linkin park is my favorite though is because they are not afraid to experiment and yes their music has changed much since hybrid theory but their talent is stronger than ever! Chester's vocals are extraordinary and they always find ways to get other members of the band involved! Their music and lyrics are always inspiring. Linkin Park will started this century off with amazing music! Hopefully they continue to make amazing music for awhile!

Only band to strongly approach and stand behind what they envision in their music. After the change up from hybrid theory and meteora to minutes to midnight, and even the change up to the lesser popular thousand suns, then the partial step back to their roots without abandoning their more matured sound, living things. The unique range of talent the members of this band bring forward, no other band can really compete. Hands down Linkin Park. Still ever popular as they were when they first launched hybrid theory.

Linkin Park was known in the early 2000s, and it still is now. There's a reason for that, and it's because Linkin Park is like no other. It has everything, and has really expanded it's sound throughout it's musical career, unlike many other bands. Chester's vocals are just incredible, and paired with Mike's awesome rapping, Linkin Park practically has a genre of its own!

Linkin Park deserves their first place spot. Their songs and lyrics are, throughout the band history, in a constant Progress of maturing. They've revolutionized nu-metal and made their own sound while creating new subgenres with their newest albums (A Thousand Suns and Living Things). Linkin Park has a direction with their music, unlike most rock/metal bands. That's why they will be popular for a very long time to come.

The best band ever, they have excellent various music, Chester's unique voice, Mike Shinoda's rap, Joe's DJ amazing's sound, Brad's guitar, Dave's good bass, and Rob's great drumming, along with perfect meaning of lyrics, and more amazing official music video clips, Let's rock!

Most versatile and creative band on this list. Their lead singer is a fantastic vocalist and, like the rest of the band, extremely versatile. Their rapper is a great vocalist and can play many instruments, their drummer is fantastic, the keyboardist allows for constant variety and their guitarists are great too.

As for me L.P. is the Best Rock Bands Of The 00's
Linkin Park has a Good Image Of Rock Bands
I've also said to myself that there
Are neither GOOD OR BAD in a rock band.
Green Day is a Punk Rock which was either going
To be a "dirty mouth on stage"
As for A7X have peace with voting.
They both do good as same as we do in voting

I saw Linkin Park back in 2003 and it was the best show I have ever bee to. The other bands that that played with them didn't even come close to the kind of show they put on. They had a ramp extended out into the crowd and at times just before Chester would belt out a scream, he would pull someone up and scream in their face.

Linkin Park is definitely the number 1 band in the list. I reckon that Breaking Benjamin should be higher up the list and it's a shame to see no Hollywood Undead, although they aren't purely rock. But neither is Linkin Park for that matter, genre collaboration is what makes these bands unique and amazing!

Linkin Park is the best band ever! Since I connected their songs In the End and Numb with their name I have been one of their biggest fans. Their lyrics and melodies move me so much. I can honestly say that without their music, I would have taken my own life. Without them, depression would have gotten the better of me. Thanks to Linkin Park's rocking' ways, I can spread my love for their music.
They definitely deserve this spot as number one!

This is the best rock band ever! Chester hits all the notes perfectly and not to mention all the other guys are great as well. And even though they changed their sound, they still rock no matter what!

Although they have sold out as of late, they are still making decent albums; hybrid theory is I believe one of if not THE best selling album of the 21st century, and meteora is just as good, 2 back to back albums that created the rare occasion of the most popular rock band being actually one of the best, they anchored the nu metal genre's success and if it wasnt for P.O.D. 's Satellite, Hybrid Theory and Meteora would be my favorite nu metal albums

Linkin Park is a good band, but I don't think it shouldn't be the top 1. Their first album was really amazing, Thousand Suns was a very good alternative album, but in the less there is not much creativity. It's still good, but I think it does not deserve to be in the top ten.

You know when they are writing the lyrics or making the music for that or even when they are recording it, they don't write. they don't play. They ( or better to say he) don't sing. But they live. They live with the music and that's what singers should do...

Linkin Park Rules. Example: Chester's version of Rolling in the Deep was better than Adele's. I just love their albums I never get tired of hearing Faint, Lying from You, ohh what on earth I can't name all the songs they are all so great. They are the first rock band to pass 1 billion views on YouTube. The second closest is Green Day with only 400 million. That's just how good Linkin Park is.

Absolutely amazing band, chester is awesome and they have consistently produced hits from "in the end" to "numb" to "crawling" to "new divide" etc. Meteor and hybrid theory were amazing albums. Newer songs like burn it to the ground are awesome too

Lp is best band ever. Chester is the best vocalist. I challenge any band or singer cover lp song you just can't do it. On other hand chester can sing anything from rock to metal better then anybody.

They have done many types of music, and every type they have done, they have done outstanding. And in each album they release, a new hit comes up. You can want to listen to heavy or soft rock and this is the band to listen to.

Been following them since the started and I just think they re the best of the 2000 so far, just love what they say in the lyrics and in most of the songs I find lessons of thing that have already happened to me in the past

Linkin Park=Life.. Their songs are based on real life situations that we face everyday.. Love their all songs.. I feel like as if they are singing my feelings out, when I listen to their songs..

Linkin Park is the best rock band according to me at least in it's time. From every album, every single track is a work of their art called hardwork and passion. They all are fun guys who don't make songs to kill time or just for the sake and it's not about the songs they make or the awards they win... it's for who they are as a whole.
There's that something in them that all of the fans love and it will always be there that makes us a true fan of Linkin Park. Please VOTE for Linkin Park for how much it deserves and show your supports... not ignore.

Linkin Park is Undoubtedly one the best because of their unique style of music which changes with each album. Will definitely rock the universe with their much expected album.