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1 Alternative Rock Alternative Rock Alternative rock is a style of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular in the 1990s. In this instance, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music.

Best rock genre because alt rock has a lot of experiment and variety in it. The definition of Avant-Garde.


Yes this is the best rock genre.With some good subgenres like Alternative Metal and Grunge.-TheCoolGuy1

2 Hard Rock Hard Rock Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music known for having heavier guitar riffs/solos. It originated around 1964-1965 with various Garage Rock bands.

Should be at number 1 - zxm

Lol...Hard Rock is just awesome..enough said

Why int it on the list

Led zepellin, deep purple, acdc, queen, metallica, van halen, hendrix? Should be number 1

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3 Punk Rock Punk Rock Punk rock is a subgenre of rock music. It usually has rebellious lyrics and down stroked power chords played on guitars. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, and Green Day (actually pop-punk, which is still punk in a way) are a few punk rock bands. The subgenre influenced thrash metal because of it's down stroked more.

The best! It describes the world's problems in it's face and is not hindered by mainstream bull crap.

All punk is is pop with barley any backbone of rock - RustyNail

Nothing to say,just is perfect!


4 Progressive Rock Progressive Rock Progressive rock is a broad genre of rock music that developed in the United Kingdom and United States throughout the mid to late 1960s.

Pink Floyd, rush, Genesis, king crimson, etc...

Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Rush

Prog Is The real .. Prog Metal/rock just "rocks"!

examples :

ProgMetal: Dream Theater, Tool etc

ProgRock: King Crimson, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd etc

Love progressive rock, I hate alternative and punk. Hard rock, heavy metal, art rock, space rock, rock n roll are ok

5 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.

Through the gates of hell as we make our way to heaven through the nazi lines. Primo Victoria.

6 Post Rock
7 Grunge Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s.

Grunge should definitely be top 3. Iconic Vocalists like Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley & Chris Cornell. Iconic, bone chilling songs like Jeremy by Pearl Jam, and Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Criminally underrated genre and music

OKAY THIS WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE FROM. But anyway, all other awesome subgenres aside, bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden influenced my decision. - LeiaSkywalker

Grunge should be in the top 3 nirvana was Grunge and come on everyone likes nirvana.

8 Indie Rock


9 Pop Rock

How is this number 1? This sucks

10 Christian Rock

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11 Blues-rock
12 Art Rock
13 Emo

Should be higher. Like at least in top 7. Great lyrics. Decent music. What else do you want?

Definitely the best, especially when mixed with Math rock. (We're not talking about pop rock or indie pop here, by the way. We're talking SDRE, Jawbreaker, Mineral, American Football, and revival acts such as TWIABP, Pianos Become The Teeth, football, etc., Tiny Moving Parts, and Foxing.

14 Dream Pop
15 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal Alternative metal is a music genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres normally associated with metal.
16 Country Rock
17 Post Punk

Bands like Joy Division and The Cure along with several others have shaped the music industry and all of rock since the 70's!

18 Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Rock music is a music genre that was created in the 1950s. The genre got popular during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Rock bands generally consists of a guitar player, a drummer, bass player and singer. There are a lot of rock subgenres.

Yes, now rock n roll is a sub-genre of rock. actual rock n roll means old 50s rock, the list "Top 10 Most Talented Rock N Roll Bands" is totally flawed. None of the bands there, at least on first page are rock n roll. - zxm

19 Metal
20 Industrial Rock
21 Experimental Rock
22 Psychedelic Rock
23 Classic Rock

THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST ONE! So many rock legends like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, etc. were a part of this genre! WHY ISN'T THIS FIRST?!

This explains why users who don't know much about rock shouldn't dmake rock-lists - waldo

24 Shoegaze
25 Rap Rock
26 Soft Rock
27 Folk Rock
28 Surf Rock

Probably the most underrated genre of all time. Period.
But ya gotta check out some stuff of "The Atlantics" people.
Just try out "pipeline" by them! Its gonna open your eyes

29 Electronic Rock
30 Southern Rock

Simply the best from skynyrd to the allman brothers to Marshall tucker and now zac brown all very good bands with very good artists

31 Rockabilly
32 Glam Rock

What the other comment said, +
The Glitter band, New York Dolls, Mott The Hoople and more

Slade? Sweet? T-Rex? Bowie?

Criminally underrated.

33 Thrash Metal Thrash Metal Thrash Metal is a Heavy Metal subgenre developed during the early 1980s and an early precursor of Extreme Metal. Thrash Metal features a faster and more aggressive guitar work than Traditional Metal with shredding and double-bass drums and can range from melodic singing to loud shouts. more.
34 Japanese Rock
35 Crossover Thrash
36 Skate Punk
37 Street Punk
38 Garage punk
39 Anarcho-punk
40 Crust Punk
41 Christian Punk
42 Glam Punk

The New York Dolls are my favorite band!

43 Hardcore Punk
44 Garage Rock
45 Protopunk
46 Ska punk
47 Horror Punk
48 Funk Rock
49 Post Grunge
50 Nu Metal
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