Best Romantic Comedies

Not my favorite genre, but there are some good ones out there!

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1 Love Actually

Awesome, awesome, awesome movie! Probably my favorite movie ever! The soundtrack is great!

THE BEST romcom ever made, hugh grant is hilarious and you will fall in love with all of the ten couples who lives are followed. Whether you watch with the girls or cuddled up with your man, make sure you have a box of tissues, a glass of wine and chocolates at the ready

Amazing movie. It has its share of comedy, but its brilliant portrayal of different people experiencing love differently really brings it home.
And it has an excellent soundtrack.

The BEST FILM EVER MADE! Perfect cast, perfect soundtrack, swoon-worthy AND totally hilarious. Beautiful, beautiful piece of work :')

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2 She's The Man

It is actually so much better than it looks on the cover. It looks like another dumb teen comedy but the story is actually really good. - jso11

Looks stupid, but it's actually adapted from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night, or What You Will".

It actually looked like just another stupid teen comedy, but it's one of my favourite movies now! I watched it twice.. And it wasn't only because of channing tatums abs :P

Ranking of best young and teen movies on the world :
1- She's the man
2- Sydney white
3- It's a boy girl thing
4- Just my luck
5- John tucker must die
6- I love you beth cooper
7- Love wrecked
8- Mean girls
9- 100 girls
10- Volcano high
11- Fired up!
12- A cinderella story once upon a song
13- Aquamarine
14- American pie the book of love
15- What a girl wants
16- Big fat liar
17- Wild child
18- 27 dresses
19- Bring it on all or nothing
20- 10 things I hate I hate about you

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3 50 First Dates

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I think it might be the cutest movie I've ever seen! I love it, I cried at the end love it

50 first dates is the best romantic movie I've ever seen and best Adam Sandler movie ever!

seen it so many times and it still puts a smile on my face
it's funny, heartwarming and it's got the ingredients which make it suitable for young and old

Thanks to adam sanders for the thicc boi ha ha gilmope hapy play put pput, I love pickles with the dankey kang and mr poc mannn, LOL jack and jilly madison is in ellamenrty schoolll what a failure lol ha ha funny me mes I love grownup 1 and 2 adam sandler. Big dadda is good movie #rediculus6#51st dates lol much funny joke ha ha.

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4 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Brilliant loved the work of matt his akcent lovely kate was extremely beautiful in the movie

Cute movie.. Really liked the acting of kate and Matt.. Adorable movie!

What are you doing here reading this? GO WATCH IT! You won't regret it

Kate Hudson. That is all.

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5 The Proposal

Funny and uplifting comedy with adorable romance and amazing actors. Love it!

Me and my husband like this, life as we know it, 50 first dates, um, let me think, oh, 27 dresses, we have seen must love dogs once, and thirteen going on thirty I have never seen the beginning

This is the only movie I still want to watch again... And I've already seen it five times.

This movie is amazingly hilarious yet romantic, I would highly recommend this movie

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6 You've Got Mail

This was just wonderful.
Their relationship over the internet, how they rely on each other and are helping each other against themselves... And Meg! I absolutely loved her and her little library!
This is a must watch. A wonderful, heartwarming film.

Perfect love-hate relationship! Fabulous ending... Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are always great together

The acting was great (Tom Hanks was amazing again). Overall the movie was great, although I would change the title. Loving the enemy would be a better one.

Such a charming film! Should be on top of the list. Hanks and Ryan make an adorable pair. This movie never gets old. Love it!

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7 The Ugly Truth

This movie is so amazing! It's so hilarious and Gerald Butler and Katherine Heigl did amazing in it. I highly recommend you see this movie. - RebeccaN123

It is one of the funnest films I have seen next to just go with it and bounty hunter

One of my favourite rom. Comedy. I watch and watch and watch again and again

This one is AWESOME <3 Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl are just too adorable.

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8 When Harry Met Sally

it is the classic which actually defines the genre... a list doesn't make any difference to this Billy Crystal- Meg Ryan classic... nothing else to say... - underhill

though... ofcourse you've got mail and sleepless in seattle are supposed to be 2nd and 3rd in the list... BUT it actually is the first and the best... - underhill

This is the best romantic comedy ever! One of the only ones that guys will watch, actually. It's just classic.

How is this not #1? Incredible. This is THE romantic comedy. - truckturner

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9 10 Things I Hate About You

I watch it every time I find it on. Cry during the list of 10 things every time. It's a feel good movie.

This movie is far one of the best movies. It is actually something that could happen in real life and is such a beautiful and sweet movie. If you like teenage romance, yet a funny movie, this would be the perfect movie!

Julia stiles is so amazing! Not to spoil d ending or anything... but at the end she gives a marvellous speech! Brought tears to my eyes... definitely a MUST WATCH movie for all you girls!

Smart, witty, funny and awesome. Plus the whole cast is great especially Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger! If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for?

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10 Sleepless in Seattle

I loved this movie,with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. - westsider29

Great movie for romantic comedy lovers! Its in my top list absolutely

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11 500 Days Of Summer

A simple story of boy meets girl where love and hate are equally part of the situation. Funny, quirky and indie. You can see the true mastery and emotion that Joseph Gorden Levitt has left us with through this film. I can honestly watch this movie over and over again.

When you watch it, you recognize yourself.
It's not like the other romcoms, where you know how it will end, this one actually surprizes you! It's very recomended to watch if you are in love with someone, especially if heshe don't share your feelings.
This movie really helps.

Different and touching. Should at least be top 5. - Castiel

My favourite romantic comedy of all time.

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12 Notting Hill

William: I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are, my mother has trouble remembering my name.
Anna: I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Finally, a rom-com that's actually funny! I love this film, one of the only romantic comedies I actually enjoy watching!

I can watch this one over and over, it is just great. Oops-a-daisy!

Just loved the movie!

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13 Friends With Benefits

Easily one of the best romantic comedies ever! It has a lot of funny humour and a great story to back it all up. One of my top 3 movies 10/10.

Honestly this movie is just incredibly cute and lovable. If you're in the mood for a romantic comedy this is perfect.

Just funny and romantic so true!

14 40 Year Old Virgin

This is without doubt one of the funniest movies ever....the ending will go down in history

I'm not a huge comedy fan, but this has got to be the single funniest movie I have ever seen! I don't know if I have ever laughed that hard at a movie! - heather

15 Pretty Woman

It must be at least in top five

Best romantic comedy ever

16 Something's Gotta Give
17 Mean Girls

Ranking of best young and teen movies on the world :
1- She's the man
2- Sydney white
3- It's a boy girl thing
4- Just my luck
5- John tucker must die
6- I love you beth cooper
7- Love wrecked
8- Mean girls
9- 100 girls

18 Heartbreakers

love this movie. When I was a kid I didn't know what it was about... had to look up the actors to find out what it was :) GREAT movie

This movie was more Comedy than Romance but I love it so much - very funny and entertaining. The whole cast did a wonderful job. Also, Sigourney Weaver looked so sexy here - Irina2932

Very funny and two very good actresses with very good characters in the film and a very good funny story

Loved every second of this movie. Sigourney Weaver was amazing from the beginning till the end. Gene Hackman has great comedy acting skills ( this was really a surprise to me)
Jennifer Love Hewitt is fantastic and sexy as the cynic mean / adorable girl. All the other actors and actresses were even great in this movie ( Ray Liotta, Sarah Silverman... ).
Most of the film is based on comedy rather than romance ( the last twenty minutes of the movie is the real romance part ) but it is neverteless one of my favorites rom-com movies.

19 Juno

Cute and quirky

20 Dating The Enemy
21 The Princess Bride

WATCH! You wont get disappointed! It's hilarious and romantic, but is nothing like the usual chick flicks! Everyone will love it! It's a movie made for every single person in this world!

More jokes from this have been quoted on the internet than everything above it combined. Inconceivable, you say. Well' I'm sorry but I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Fantastic movie, it's more than your typical romantic comedy. It has fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles, what's not to like? - LarkwingFlight

This movie is so much fun! Great cast, especially the use of Andre the Giant and Mandy Patankin. - Billyv

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22 Maid in Manhattan


23 He's Just Not That Into You

I was amazed that this movie was so good because most of the actresses in it are really not my favorite actresses ( Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johanson ) but to my surprise ( especially Drew Barrymore ) they did all a great job. The ones who stand out however are Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Connelly (as the detail obsessed woman ). All the actors are equally great in this movie and even the more lesser-known actresses who played just a small part are all doing a great job. As for the film, the script is very well done. So good as a matter of fact that you can watch this movie over and over again.

So many good actors in that movie. It's so inspiring, fresh, cute, young, funny...and actually Jennifer Aniston is pretty good in that film, even though overall I don't like her as an actress. I've watched that movie 4 times. Enough said.

Very entertainig movie! You'll not regret watching it! A good, cheery and funny movie if you're feeling down or just not in the mood of going out a saturday night.

ómg that guy that was married is from me

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24 Spaceballs

How is this a rom HOW

It is totally a romantic comedy, if also a Star Wars parody. As it turned out, Yogurt was rooting for a Lone Starr/Vespa hookup the entire time. - SourNote2014

25 Crazy, Stupid, Love

Best funny film ever, this is what I am talking about a good movie that just has a beginning, middle and a fabulous ending

Amazing movie. It has very nice story line and it is pretty hilarious too. Fabulous ending.

An amazing Romantic Comedy! It's sexy, funny, sweet, and surprising. You just can't beat it.

Way better than Juno.

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26 When in Rome

This proves that Kristen Bell is a much underrated actress. She does an amazing acting job in this amazing movie.

Hilarious love this movie 10/10

27 Easy A

I just love the movie!

Cute movie :)) A for awesome!

I love this movie

28 The Holiday

I loved it, I felt so sorry for the English woman at the beginning, because of the thing with jasper, I also felt sorry for Miles when he saw his girlfriend with someone else, but all in all, great film! Bit stereotypical of England

It was hilarious and at the same time so sweet. I have to admit in the start I had my reserves especially with so many top name actors and actresses participating. But it was truly wonderful.

I thought this movie was brilliantly done. Was touching, charming, and completely gorgeous (jude law anyone? ).

It was cute. The Winslet and Wallach scenes are just adorable, though. - SourNote2014

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29 Lake House

I love it! The soundtrack, keanu reeves, the story, the endin', everything!

Who wrote the comment about " Sandra Bolluck " (? ). Is this from a 5year old kid?


30 Knocked Up

This Should Be Higher

31 There's Something About Mary

The funniest romantic comedy - Gaspar

32 Hitch

Both funny and romantic. Will Smith is great in this!

Always good to laugh at ourselves!

Epic, as well as sweet- HILARIOUS. With Will Smith what can go wrong?

33 Up in the Air
34 The Bounty Hunter

It is nice and sweet love story

35 Bridget Jones' Diary

I love this movie! You simply fall in love with Bridget and her way of being able to describe life in such an amazing and comedic point of view, and be able to make fun of herself and her own flaws. I think this movie is down to earth, contains great acting, as well as having great humor that seems to be very greatly woven in the plot, instead of pushing jokes into the movie that has no real effect on the actual story (which many romantic comedies do nowadays). The story has the, very un-rated, ability to be able to watch many, many, times without losing the greatness and the comedy.

Love this movie. So romantic. Why is this not #1. I love it. The audience fall in love with bridget jones and also this movie shows the real truth.

Endlessly funny, amazingly sweet. One of the top romantic comedies ever!

36 My Best Friend's Wedding
37 Aquamarine

Love this movie. All actors and actresses are playing very well their role but it's Emma Roberts ho steals the show. She's really fantastic in that movie.

I love this movie

I would wath this all the time and I still love it

38 Wedding Crashers

One of the best "Funny movie" I Ever seen Owen Wilson is awesome. Not for kids and family.

this was one of the funniest movies i've seen in my life.

39 Sweet Home Alabama

A really cute movie! Reese Witherspoon did justice to her role! Loved it! I've watched it like 10 times and I'm still not bored of it.

40 27 Dresses

Out of all the romantic comedies I've ever seen, this movie takes the number 1 spot in my eyes. I absolutely love it because it seems like something that could actually happen and I bet by the end of the summer I'll have watched it 27 times! xD It's great.. and so is James Marsden. so cute!

Love this movie like anything! I loved the climax... especially the marriage in boat scene... wow watching the climax over n over again! :) must watch movie for those who like light hearted films!

41 Annie Hall

I agree, this is a great one. Have you ever seen Deconstructing Harry? It's also a Woody Allen film. Excellent list

This is easily one of my all time favorite movies in general. Definitely should be higher


This movie is Woody Allen at his best. It made me laugh the whole time.

42 Blast From The Past

My brother told me how good this movie is. This is in my top ten favourites movies. Blends the 60's and present day so well with lots of laughter and a novel storyline. a must see.

43 13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner was awesome in that one. I actually watched when I was 13 and I kinda hated at first, because I didn't wanna grow up too fast, but then I actually loved it when I found out about the message that movie sends.

Throwback to when I was like 9

44 The Sweetest Thing

SOoo funny & not to spoil it or anything, but they end up 2gether!

45 Just My Luck

A feel good movie... Pretty nice to watch...

The movie is hilarious and lindsay's performance too is appreceable

Ranking of best young and teen movies on the world :
1- She's the man
2- Sydney white
3- It's a boy girl thing
4- Just my luck
5- John tucker must die
6- I love you beth cooper
7- Love wrecked
8- Mean girls
9- 100 girls

46 This Means War

. CHRIS PINE. REESE WITHERSPOON. TOM HARDY. How much more do I have to say? Great story line. Amazing acting. Hot guys / girl. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

47 The Break-Up
48 Made of Honor
49 Life as We Know It

Its super hilarious and romantic and I love how Katherine and Josh made such a sweet story... The baby was a bonus too!

One of my favorite movies. Heartwarming plot and beautiful acting.

I love them both. Really a MUST watch!

50 Never Been Kissed

For some reason, this movie always stuck with me, even more than 10 years after first watching it. It had such an important meaning that so many of us can relate to. Yes, it was really funny and had fun performances, but it goes a lot deeper than that. It is a good message for anyone who might be having a difficult time in high school. It does get better.

Drew is great for this part. She is one of the only people I know that can have that much visual difference. Cute,... Not cute... - heather

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