One Piece


Whether you love it or hate it, cannot deny that the series "One Piece" is the current best selling manga of all time. There is a reason that this series is loved so much. From the rich and meaningful story line that builds a world that you will fall in love with, to the vast array of characters that make you WANT to join in the adventure. This series, no matter how long it may take to finish, will always, to me and many others be a "true adventure".

I'm just new in One Piece fandom like, 3 years until now and I can really say that One Piece molds me into becoming an stupid yet smart person. Luffy is the best character for me in One Piece and the plot of it really makes sense though they are only drawn character and not a real human being BUT I really wish that someday I'll meet someone who are like them. I feel belongingness to this world and One Piece have been my inspiration for years. OP is the ONLY ONE for me that deserves TOP 1 title in the whole world.

Wanna know what is One Piece? It's the best of the best among the rest manga, FOR ME. It brought colors to my colorless life and that's how One Piece changed me. Amazing characters, awesome voice actors and majestic plot ever. It made me cry for thousandth times already and I can't live without watching it. It's my energy, my battery, my food and my strength.

I was one of the people who refused to read one piece because I didn't like the drawings! I remember how all my friends were excited about every next chapter release of the manga, and I didn't understand them. Later I gave it a try and discovered a new world, a beautiful one, a great adventure to make you dream. Stories that melt your heart and fill it with all sort of emotions anger, sadness, happiness etc... This is the manga that taught me the most about so many things like friendship, pride, will, dreams, and most importantly the meaning of freedom! and the story is becoming exciting as ever you can never stop reading it. Oh I almost forgot about the characters, so many badass, bunch of carefree and reckless people so various, there are a the strong ones, the funny, the weak,the intelligents, the dumb but bonded by the same will and trust

Creative story telling. Thoughtful plot. Unique character design. Epic. Touching. Funny. Did I mention epic? Its long because it has to be long, not because the editors lengthens it due to good ratings. Despite its length though, the series continues to amaze and twist which puts you at the edge of your seats most of the time. Been following it ever since 1998, and I'm always longing for the next chapters. I hope once this ends, they would collaborate with Pixar or Dreamworks and makes a 3D animated movies out this story.

The metaphors sprinkled on the story as so good! The story portrays every bit of our society, from friends, villains, up to Government officials. Plus, the story line is focused, still on ONE PIECE, and every piece is woven to a masterpiece, every arc took time and connected into one whole spider web. It's SUPER GREAT!

ONE is just pure awesomness. I mean Oda does a great job just making you want too come back it has ran forever. There are so much I want too see that wont happen for a long time. I see One Piece running 10-12 years more even though it has been 15 already. The character have great personalitys and power. The art is supurb. The creativity is ingenious. Sure the cliffhanger can be torturous but It adds too the experiance. This is the one world I wish I could live in out of every movie, book, anime, manga, play, comic, or T.V. show I have seen. The setting I just great you never know where they will end up next! I could just read and watch one piece for hours. Go straw hat crew

Really don't know, how you can like any manga better. And no, I'm not a mainstream reader. I read nearly 100 manga (of course, this are mangas with more than 10 chapters), so I know what I'm talking about. But one piece in a whole is better than any manga I've read.

People saying its childish, obviously don't even have the slightest idea, what one piece really offers to the reader, IF they are willed to take a look deeper...

This is pure greatness. The story grabbed me right from the beginning, and never let go. The characters shift and grow in different ways and make the story worthwhile. Many complain about the length, but the tears, laughter, and friendship of One Piece are worth it.

I love storyline, I love storytelling, I love drawing of Eiichiro Oda made it in his manga... the characters are awesome, the twists are make me very emotional, the drama and the humor are very elegant in every pages... you have to read this great, funny, fantastic, amazing, splendid, beautiful story...!

How to explain... One Piece is many things. Friendship. Comedy. Action. Mystery. Suspense. Emotional. Sad. Happy. Epic. One of the best manga ever, One Piece promises to entertain any reader. With its witty writing, hilarious comedy, and heart wrenching moments, this manga is amazing.

It's a masterpiece. When I first saw the one piece manga in the dutch comic book store I thought it was the ugliest artwork I've ever seen, but that was because I had seen it never before. I now love this manga the most of all and now I can't live without One Piece. It's just the best!

Epic story, epic characters and a incredible adventure, some parts make you cry and in other parts make you laugh, it's just incredible! If you want a good story with lovable characters a lot of emotions and a incredible adventure this is the perfect manga for you!

Great story progress and character development. This is true not only for the main cast, but also the rest of the universe's characters. Plenty of happy and funny moments. Not to mention the sad and emotional moments are just overwhelming.

I disagree with you for multiple reasons, 1, The story is not "Epic" because everything is random. They go from place to place with no actual destination. And through everything that has happened in the series so far, Luffy has yet to even find that many hints to the whereabouts of the "One Piece", let alone find it. 2, its not awesome because the main character is just a Mr. Fantastic rip off with a few tweaks. Most of the other characters aren't really that interesting either. The only character I ever really like was Zoro. The art is horrendous and some of the characters designs are so ridiculous I just want to scream. I'm not sure how you like them, I mean come on, Mr. 3... His hair is shaped like 3, so creative Oda. And I never really cried while watching or reading One Piece, and I kept up for a really long time and I still am.

To be honest, I didn't try this anime for a looong time. It looks so cartoony, and I wanted ANIME! But... One day I was bored, so I said, lets watch a new anime... Fine ill watch One Piece. And I absoloutly hated the first episode! I thought it was boring. Then, a few months later I tried watching episode 2. And I loved it! I really wish I didn't get sidetracked by watching other anime, because it's a great anime! No wonder it's the most popular (shonen at least) anime in the world! Trust me, this is an anime you just have to watch!

I have seen all the anime until I am up to date, and continued with the manga, started all over again... 3 times. Each time I see them I find new meanings that I did'nt see before, I've laughed, cried, and had goosebumps and chills of excitement watching this work of art. You can say one bad thing about OP, you can say it a thousand times, still Luffy is the man who will become the Pirate King!

Everything in the series is awesome! It makes me laugh so much that I suffocate, makes me cry so much that I have tears all over my bed, and makes me scream at epic and badass moments! ONE PIECE FOR LIFE!

wow it wonderful with it, I already lose my
mind when I read it, the serice continus like
train, m very pround to oda make up the manga, thank oda

ONE PIECE is incredible! In this story find everything! Action, comedy, friendship, and especially adventure, and with characters so great that it's hard not to love them! Highly recommended

I have read one piece for 7 years and I still love the battles, friendships, mysteries and most of all the dreams :)
oda is awesome

It does practically everything right. Great characters, a timeless story, a multitude of mysteries, and an unforgettable world. Shonen manga really doesn't get better than this.

wow, I never thought that oda make up the story line like this it very awesome... wow oda keep up your work... m your fan... thx for onepiece

It's the only shounen anime with this many episodes and has not been repetitive even once. There's always something new with One Piece and it never fails to deliver.

I have read this since it first came out and I can say it has amazingly improved, not saying it was bad before. it got Better than Better!