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21 Ignitor V 2 Comments
22 Lightcore Prism Break

The best guy EVER. come on! Crystals out of the sky (massive damage), lasers, refractions, repulse crystals

23 Stealth Elf

She is very sneaky and swift, she could beat a dozen blaze Brewers in seconds! She can beat Drill X on her own and destroy each arkeyan villain one by one!

V 1 Comment
24 Bash
25 Sonic Boom

This is my little sisters favorite character!

26 Legendary Stealth Elf
27 Flashwing

Flashwing might be a girl but she is epic I mean she came from a shooting star

28 Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is one of the best characters that has a wild variety of attacks to defeat your opponent. For example the best of the beast path, you can: breathe fire, pounce on your enemy, and do an awesome combo! There is also the mad scientist path where you can: combine your potions, make three small minions that follow you on your quest, throw a green puddle of pain, and throw powerful attacks!

If you buy Pop Fizz then choose the bottom path.

Pop fizz should be in a higher rank he is awesome

29 Fright Rider

How has nobody put him in yet? He can drag enemies underground. He's my second favorite after flameslinger.

Ikr who doesn't love an undead person with a giant lance who stabs people to death on an ostrich!

V 1 Comment
30 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

The awesome original Skylanders that made all of this happen. Come on guys how is Spyro not even on there? I thought he'd be in the top 5 surely

His Elete is good!


31 Legendary Ignitor

Awesome. Pure awesome. I have him and he does 50 damage and can use his fire insides. AWWSOME

V 1 Comment
32 Molten Hot Dog
33 Legendary Slam-Bam
34 Jet Vac
35 Legendary Jet Vac V 1 Comment
36 Lightcore Eruptor
37 Legendary Bash
38 Ultimate Tree Rex

This will never be made and if it was it would be a waste of space

39 Prism Break

He should be in the top 20's

V 1 Comment
40 Series 2 Spyro V 1 Comment
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