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1 Stealth Elf

Shes is fast and is really strong at level 10 all upgrades and she heals her self with the soul gem upgrade

Regen + splash damage = win

Skylander giants level her up to level 13 and shes awesome

My favourite character EVER! I love her to bits and her combo attacks make her practically invulnerable. Also she is REALLY fast

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2 Ignitor

Long ranged attacks + physical sword attacks + flaming looks = awesome skylander

Ok you now what I love Ignitor he is the best skylander EVER in battle mode he defeated prism break in just 3 hits his flaming sword is awesome and he has awesome he should be level 1

Ignitor RULES! He has great attack power, a pretty sweet defensive system, and his upgrades only get better. You start off with amazing sword attacks and then the next thing ya know, you have RANGED sword attacks with even greater damage! This Skylander was so awesome... I actually skipped Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy!

Hehe has one OP attack that kills everybody

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3 Drobot

I honestly think that drobot kicks ass, if he has enemies in front of him his quadratic lasers can also blow up enemies near the target, if they are really close behind him he can fly away and use his afterburners to scorch em and if they are far to his left or far to his right and he's facing a far away wall he can use his blade gears in a frenzy. Best of all if he is flying he can launch blade gears backwards and if he is flying slow when he hovers and starts flying again his afterburners will recharge. Number 1!

Drobot, when upgraded becomes a lethal flying gunship. When upgrading, I took the laser path, now I sit back and hover, and let his his quad lasers dl the talking

Drobot can kill just about anyone he can get his metal claws on. I think that some people do better with some skylanders than others, and it's tedious to find that one that's just right for you but Drobot can just annhialate anything besides his weakness... CHOP CHOP! This dude is normally just a good melee but he can tear through drobot in an arena battle. Still drobot holds my first place! Thanks 4 reading!

He rapid fires and Flys at the same time

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4 Trigger Happy

Psycho little chap - sagat2010

The spam you can do with his guns is super overpowered and he has the ability to get the job done with ease from level one. He is undoubtedly one of the best skylanders (i mean that in a good way)

As Ignitor is the best melee Skylander, Trigger has is the best ranged Skylander. What can I say that hasn't been already said? Is it the fact that he comes with the game, has good powerups, or great spamming range? Yeah, just plain awesome, and should be at #2 on the list.

He is really great and I enjoy using him

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5 Terrafin

The Mr. T of Skylands... 'enough said


Fine. First, Terrafin is unstoppable when he burrows, as he is untouched by most if not all attacks. His Body Slam takes out a decent amount of health, and when that is coupled with his Series 2 Wow Pow, he becomes virtually unstoppable.

Now for you people who like to complain that the burrowing is cheating.

Terrafin isn't the boxing champ for nothing. When fully upgraded, his regular punch attacks do somewhere around 40- 50 damage (I forget and I'm too lazy to look it up). Then, after he delivers two Silver Platter Specials (aka his spiked knuckles) to the opponents face, he unloads with an uppercut that would make Mike Tyson Proud. The Uppercut not only does 60 damage, but it allows for Terrafin to move out of the way of an attack.

As for his sharks, they're meh. They do dish out some damage, but nothing significant. One thing is clear though. Mess with Terrafin, and the whole family comes swimming to take ...more

Terrafin is the best because he is the only skylander who can go under and he has spiked fist when he's fully up graded the baby sharks attack and wont let go and he can beat everyone

He can kill so many underground

Why is thumpback even on this list

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6 Chop Chop

I'm sorry double trouble. I know you used to be the best, but chop chop blew you out of the water. Most people don't recognize it, but his shield is literally immune to everything if you upgrade it completely. His sword is just another piece of crap, so go for it. With some practice on a consistent use of the boost, you're a winner.

Chop Chop is one of my favorite skylanders. He can heal when he defeats an enemy, and the skull he stands on can glow in the dark! AWESOME


Chop Chop can attack with his shield!

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7 Slam-Bam

Slam bam is awesome he has 4 arms and he can freeze his enemies an punch them with ice fists.

He's huge and was great attacks

Slam bam should be #1 he can't lose ever

Slam bam is really cool he very strong and he can kill big and small enemies fast so vote for slam bam

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8 Double Trouble

double trouble is a very good skylander because once you upgrade him his so energy energy beam can do maxium damage he is awesome. He is also awesome because his energy beam can split in to 3 beams. I play with double trouble a lot and he is level 15 with all upgrades and he beet tree rex. That is so awesome because skylanders always lose to the giants since the are really powerful. You should really use the magic bomb attack a lot because it does 65 damage with that attack double trouble is extremely unstoppable

DOUBLE TROUBLE is the best skylander ever made. He can kill any one IGNITOR, TO CHOP CHOP HE IS PRETTY RARE TOO. He can kill KOas

He rocks cause about his tiki style and coolness, and it really effects me with awesomeness!
Double Trouble sounds like a tiki dude with a wizard orb for final level,

Take the sun laser beam upgrade path and you are good to go. if someone with a melee attack comes in and starts dealing astronomic numbers just use his space bomb things. If you are competing against a joke you can just run around leaving doubles. but really its really his space ray that makes him op. by the way I have theory that lightning rod and double trouble are the same person.

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9 Sonic Boom

One of the great things about Sonic Boom is she becomes a boss whichever path you choose. Before you choose a path, she's actually pretty pathetic. Her roar is powerful and her babies can take on enemies while she can take on other enemies. And even better, with her soul gem, her babies can attack from further away. Even egg toss is great if you choose medea griffon, and on siren griffon, roar has great range. She should be in the top 5.


I beat the game with sonic boom and playing with my family we had to ban sonic boom, yet we didn't have to ban giants

Sonic Boom is really loud she is so powerful that she can


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10 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

Spyro is the most amazing skylander! I used him to kill Kaos. I also beat every level with Spyro! His attacks are very powerful and they deal a lot of damage to opponents. He will satisfy your hunger to win! He has powerful long and close range attacks. Vote for spyro! THE BEST SKYLANDER!

Spryo is the best! The game is named after him for a reason! His attacks are astounding and harmful to a whole range of enemies, also he is a well-loved character and has played a part in many of our childhoods. Vote for Spyro, he truly is the greatest.

With his wow pow he is beast!

Spyro can even go over ares that need a certain element to walk on, like lava or water

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11 Hex

Hex is the best in battle mode. All you have to do is make your wall of bones in the corner and use your skull rain attack. It is also very good in long hallways. If you chose the 2nd path, all you have to do is put up your wall of bones and wait for the enemies to die. They will try to get past it, but they will ultimately fail.

When fully upgraded, I found Hex is the best in attack. It killed my fully upgraded Ignitor, Trigger Happy, Spyro, Eruptor and Gill Grunt without mercy and we are talking about within 30 seconds in Battle mode.

Fully upgraded Hex probably the easiest one to control and finaih the game.

With her skull rain attack which can be upgraded to knock back enemy almost like a movable force field, and the wall of bones which acts as another force field keeping attackers away while hex doesn't get hit.

She should be number 5

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12 Sunburn

In my opinion he's really powerful. If you take the flamethrower upgrade path, he can have unlimited flame and, if you hold the action button down long enough, will turn into pure Fire.

His dash attack is also strong and good for speeding through areas. One upgrade he can take (I believe it is the soul gem power) allows him to explode into flame as he is emerging from his fiery path.

Overall, he's very cool. I love the idea of a Phoenix-dragon hybrid, and his design is awesome. He is definitely my favorite.

He has such good upgraded fire breath attacks! He also has the Z dash attack which makes him fast and does lots of damage. Go Sunburn!

Sunburn's controlled teleportation attack allows you to blast enemies with flamethrower breath and then teleport away just in time to to do it again. My sister was so upset when I destroyed her Ignitor without any damage. GO SUNBURN!

I have never lost a match with sunburn. I use the flamethrower breath and when my opponent gets too close I teleport behind them and then continue attacking. If my opponent is attacking from a long range then I will use Phoenix dash to get close enough to them so that I can push them out of their comfort zone. I've even beat people who are using giants or trapmasters with sunburn. If played right he absolutely dominates and I believe that he deserves to be at least in the top 10.

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13 Camo

A half-plant half-dragon? Someone who doesn't play Skylanders would think he's bad but he is one of the best Skylanders ever! He is S1 so he works on all games (however, Thorn Horn Camo only works on Swap Force and Trap Team, but we're talking about original Camo). He looks cool and has good attacks. You can easily spam his Sun Blast attack to defeat the strongest of enemies. Get hit? No problem. Once you purchase his soul gem just hold down the Sun Blast button and you will gain a Sun Blast shield. Once you have three Sun Blasts circling around you you heal yourself! The Firecracker Vines attack are bad at first, but if you upgrade them (NOT INCLUDING THE FIRECRACKER VINES UPGRADE PATH! ) they become decent, but still his worst attack. The Melon Fountain is great, especially after choosing the Melon Master upgrade path which gives the melons more damage, adds more melons, and allows you to hide in the fountain by holding down the Melon Fountain button and releasing it to send all ...more

Camo shoots Sun Blasts seriously quickly, and even though they're small, I killed so many Skitterboons with just one Sun Blast. His firecracker vines aren't that useful at ALL, but if you just stick with Sun Blasts and Melon Fountains, Camo is awesome. The only problem with melon fountain is you still get damaged while you're in the middle of it (I found that out when I was against a Shadow Knight). Anyway, Camo rules!

Camo is totally the best skylander ever. I mean he can revive himself with his sun blast shield an do 60 damage by exploding watermelons.

In my opinion, I think camo is one of the most powerful. H

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14 Zook

He is by far one of the best ranged attacking skylanders and who doesn't like a acorn with a rpg

Zook is so powerful. Even though he's slow his defense and attack make up for it.

I got a bazooka! - sagat2010

The Barria is really good. Get the Floral defender path. The Bazooka attack is not that good. Sure it has sharpenal and long range but the sharpenal is low damage.

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15 Bash

If you upgrade his Tail swipe it is a one hit if you upgrade his roll (which also I use to speed up) it is a one hit WHATS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT HIM IF YOU DINT LIKE HIM ITS EITHER. 1 you are not that good, 2 you like speed, 3 you don't like his look, or 4 you like terrafin so much more and don't want to change your opinion

He does major damage that can defeat anything easily and frankly is just good looking.

No one can beat him fully upgraded in a battle! He hits minimum 240 when upgraded, can travel fast through rolling, has amazing armour and very high health. Combined with heroic challenges he is unstoppable,

Why not vote for a guy who's basic attack does 80 damage

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16 Dino-Rang

Dino rang can control the boomerang

When fully upgraded I find home very strong, a little slow.

I agree he's an epic boomerang throwing dinosaur what more do you want


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17 Ghost Roaster

Use the skull and just spin in a circle around people. It is monstrously over powered.

He is far beter and more power full than stealth elf. Stealth elf is just plain overrated. Vote for ghost ROaster.

He is great because he can go into ectoplasm mode and be invincible and if you get his fear eater path he can go faster and take less damage in ectoplasm mode

I keep using the skull charge and that has helped me beat most levels and defeat Kaos.

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18 Flamslinger

Flameslinger rules! His fire bow and arrow has a perfect range that will keep out of enemies's attacks and attack safely. His flame run is awesome! Even through it does a little damage, it is safe for Flameslinger to get attacked. Once you get Speed Demon (Wow Pow) he is stunning. The trail is bigger and is easier for enemies to get hit. His Volley strike is okay but if you get super volley shot (Soul Gem) he is awesome.

Flameslingers special circle fire attack is amazing it is the best move ever and kills every one in one hit.

Flameslinger has really amazing long ranged attacks. His volley upgrade is awesome for defeating guys that are on platforms, and he can run really fast and for quite a while with his B fire attack.

Rocks! He can take out a level 20 Series 2 Terrafin at level 6! Rapid arrows and awesome trailblasing! Should be #1.

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19 Bouncer

His soul gem is murderous in PvP, also his soul gem homes in to the enemy, also he has the ability to lock-on to the enemy with a rocket, also he can send out mines just in case of any physical skylanders getting to close to Bouncer, and will allow him to damage them using his laser mines and makes the enemy keep their distance from Bouncer and then bouncer can hit them with his wide array of long-ranged attacks

His soul gem is murderous in PvP, also his soul gem homes in to the enemy, also he has the ability to lock-on to the enemy with a rocket, also he can send out minds just in case of any physical skylanders getting close to Bouncer, and will allow him to do damage them using his laser mines and makes the enemy keep their distance from Bouncer and then Bouncer can hit them with his wide array of long-ranged attacks.

His fists of destruction are awesome! Bouncer should be number 1 his mini guns are awesome!

He is a beast with his mega fist

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20 Crusher

Hammer Time! Laugh out loud!

Crusher should n #1

Crusher is awesome he should be # 1


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