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1 Muscle Museum

I have no idea what is the best here. The guitar solo sung by Matt, the lyrics (including this famous "funny part") or general sad atmosphere. Great song. Top 10 among Muse song's obviously and favourite from Showbiz.

Defiantly the most powerful song on the album and also the best


2 Showbiz

I absolutely adore Showbiz, Sunburn and Muscle Museum. Sunburn is just exciting and the music video has Matt looking his best. Muscle Museum has that guitar riff at the end which is actually Matt singing into the Marshall Amp (not kidding). But Showbiz is just dark and slow and menacing. Original goth music that I just adore, reminiscent of something from the Sisters of Mercy back in the day. - Aeterna

The rising intensity in this song makes it endlessly enjoyable. - Songsta41

There is a reason this is the opening track

It can't go anywhere else than n1

3 Sunburn
4 Unintended
5 Cave
6 Hate This and I'll Love You
7 Uno
8 Sober
9 Falling Down
10 Fillip

Absolutely awesome. one of muse's most underrated songs.

My list for this album goes:
1. Sunburn
2. Showbiz
3. Fillip
4. Cave
5. Muscle Museum
6. Uno
7. Spiral Static
8. Unintended
9. Falling Down
10. Sober
11. Overdue
12. Escape
13. Hate This And I'll Love You

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11 Overdue
12 Escape
13 Spiral Static
14 Coma
15 Agitated
16 Yes Please
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1. Showbiz
2. Muscle Museum
3. Uno
1. Sunburn
2. Muscle Museum
3. Cave
1. Muscle Museum
2. Showbiz
3. Hate This and I'll Love You

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