Best Speeches In History


The Top Ten

1 Martin Luther King, Jr. : I Have A Dream

I have a dream! - Userguy44

The most inspirational speech ever

2 John Fitzgerald Kennedy : Inaugural Address
3 Malcolm X : The Ballot or the Bullet
4 Franklin Delano Roosevelt : Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
5 Ronald Wilson Reagan : Shuttle ''Challenger'' Disaster Address
6 Richard Milhous Nixon : Checkers
7 Lyndon Baines Johnson : The Great Society
8 Robert Marion La Follette : Free Speech in Wartime
9 Charlie Chaplin : The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin may be a mere actor in the grand universe that extends beyond the reach of him, you, I or any man. Yet, it can be reached with the linking of arms. That is what Chaplin is trying to tell us, brotherhood is better than dictatorship. A ban of man is greater than a rule of a fool.

10 Barack Obama: Inaugural Address

The Newcomers

? William Jennings Bryan: Cross of Gold Speech

You shall not crucify mankind upon a Cross of Gold!

The Contenders

11 Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot

So beautiful and brings the perspective that we are just a second in the history of the universe - mr_crossover27

12 Newton Norman Minow : Television and the Public Interest

Vast Wasteland, indeed. I'm glad this speech was included in the list of options. - Dave0the0Suave

13 Abraham Lincoln : Gettysburg Address
14 Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for Mankind

In 10,000 years, this will be the only thing from our time that is still remembered.

15 Jimmy Valvano: ESPY's Speech
16 John Kennedy: We Will Go to the Moon
17 Mario Savio : Sproul Hall Sit-in Speech/An End to History
18 Newton Minow : Vast Wasteland

It seems to me that this speech is even more relevant today than when it was made some 50 years ago and definitely belongs on this list. - Dave0the0Suave

19 Kevin Rudd : Sorry
20 Frederick Douglass: What to a Slave is the Fourth of July?
21 Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman?
22 Pope Urban II: Speech at the Council of Clermont
23 Barack Obama: 2004 DNC Speech
24 Mario Cuomo: 1984 DNC Speech
25 Barack Obama: 2008 Victory Speech
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