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Mudkip, known in Japan as Mizugorou, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Emerald was my first ever Pokemon game, I initially chose Mudkip because he was a water type, but out of all the games, I find I still adore my Swampert. It's duality is kind of an off-put especially with all sorts of Grass Pokemon out there (which, I think, made me personally dislike most grass Pokemon and only very recently began replaying my Pokemon Blue game with a Bulbasaur-the very first experience I'm having with it) but it's a Pokemon I can completely depend on to get the job done. Yeah, I can see why you'd like the flying-fire type Charizard, but I'd still rather have my funny looking Swampert any day.

Raise this pokemon with love and it will be the strongest and the best pokemon to be used in Hoenn contests. When evolved, this pokemon will be a dual-type water-ground pokemon, which no electric move can inflict damage or harm onto it, making it own only one weakness: Grass. By teaching it ice moves (or breeding it to a Spheal with Ice ball (or any other ice moves), it will completely overtake its weakness. It can also learn the moves dynamic punch and brick break, so it can also be used in other pokemon types.

It can learn a variety of cute, tough, and beauty moves that you can use in contests, so it's very essential in contests too.

In my experience, Mudkip is a very flexible pokemon to use. If you're having difficulties beating up its rival pokemon, Treeko, raise a flying-type pokemon to end it up. In that way, your rival will stand no match to you.

You should go and try to use this pokemon. Don't let the memes hinder you to get it since Mudkip is a LOT MORE ...more

he's very cute but he gets ugly and if you check bulbapedia he's got 535 as his final form stat while the other are 530

Contrary to previous opinions I think that Mudkip and all of it's evolutions are in fact the best Water starter Pokemon because of it's unique (in terms of starter Pokemon) typing with Ground. Thus making in invulnerable to Electric type moves and giving it only one weakness; Grass unlike so many other Water Pokemon. It's true that it is also doubly weak against Grass type moves, with either an Ice or Poison type attack that can be dealt with. Swampert's speed isn't not that great but with moves such Hammer Arm with a combo of Gyro Ball serious damage can be dealt. With is high attack stats predominantly physical moves are ideal. However with Waterfall being so average with a base power of 80 Hydro Pump is easily available and with the X & Y feature of EV training plus nature selection Swampert can still do some heavy special attack damage (Ice Beam being the counter move selected in this case).

Mudkip is the best because it's final form is better than the other starters and has better stats. It is ground and water which makes it resistance to electric types and is the only starter that is water and ground type charizard in my opinion I like but is cheap you get a free flying and fire type but I like hg ss so much you get to choose 3 starters one from pro. Elm one from pro. Oak and one from steven but I play emerald as well and it is op and has high hp than any other starter Pokemon also the pokedex says it can tear a ship in half while battling and is really good to have on your team.

I really like mudkip. He is one of the strongest pokemon and has one weakness like you said grass and most grass moves aren't very strong. I cheated one in and gave it wonder guard, and it is always in my top 15 favorites. Charmander is also very good but against mudkip charmander is as good as dead. My all time favorite pokemon is bulbasaur but mudkip would be the over all better one, though grass is effective to mudkip. But overall mudkip is the best choice here.

I think mud kip is the best, competitively. It's final evolution, swampert has the highest base stats out of any starter so far, "just winning by 1" It also has pretty good stats expect speed but it's what to be expected form a tank. It also learns stab moves like waterfall, hydro pump, surf, earthquake, dig, etc. I find it really useful in competitive field too, it's mega evolution makes it amazing, with it's ability allowing it to out-speed many mediocre speed pokemon, allowing it to use devastating moves fast.

Mudkip in my mind should be number 1.
I believe this Pokemon is much better than Charmander because it has only one distinct weakness when it evolves grass, but with the ice type moves it can learn it is practically invulnerable.
It also has much better stats than Charmander or any of its evolutions and the only reason Charmander is at the top of this list is because Charizard looks distinctively humanoid therefore people are more compelled to Charmander and its evolutions although in the games they are actually quite weak against most of the gym leaders and elite four members making Mudkip much better than Charmander

Mudkip is god. Plain and simple. Adorable and rips on kids as swampert. The fact that it's also a ground type makes it immune to electric decreasing its weaknesses. You will be cowering in the corner pissing your pants if your on the wrong side of this pokemon. Use it to kill all of the legendaries because you won't need those bitches when you have this badass on your side.

I like Mudkip because he is super cute, funny in the anime, and makes the game a breeze. I took out an entire well rounded team with my Swampert. He wins every single battle! So far I am undefeated with a level 58 swampert.
(S) he's really good against practically all the gym leaders, he wipes out team aqua AND magma. Really, I took out LEGENDARIES with this beast only. So everyone that loves Mudkip, PROVE HE IS THE BEST OF EVERY Pokemon BESIDES ARCEUS.

Wow where do I start okay swampert first of all is just plain amazing he has saved my butt in about 30 battles and earth quake is just amazing 5 types are not very effective on him and only one type, grass, is super effective on him and if you teach him an ice type move you have nothing to worry about and I just love water types in general and swampert is very useful with beginners and experts and Mudkip is so cute I wonder if I squeeze him if he will squeak any ways I highly reconmend with the new remake of gen 3 coming out this November that you pick Mudkip trust me you won't regret it

Mudkip might seem cute and harmless but he turns into Swampert one of the most powerful starters among starters good defense good attack. This giant to be also is currently the only one in it's generation to be able handle attacks from most of it's normal weaknesses and dish out punishment in return? This guy has got it, Earthquakes, Punches that make it stronger, Ice beams, and Water that can lower accuracy? No doubt this guy is built to take it all.

Even though people may disagree saying that Charmander is better I believe that Mudkip is because he is an easy Pokemon to train and is pretty good against most if not all the gym leaders in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. He is Mud and ground type, ground being super effective against electric, which if he was just a water Pokemon he would get absolutely punished.

Statistically swampert is the best fully evolved starter because it has the highest base stat total and on top of that it is water ground an op type combo. It performs just as well in omega ruby, ruby, alpha sapphire and sapphire also when it mega evolves paired with a kyogre it will destroy everything due to its doubled speed. My swampert destroyed most of the game in omega ruby with gyrados doing an equally good job with swampert knowing 1)muddy water 2) earthquake 3)ice beam 4)waterfall. I might teach it ice punch instead of ice beam but that is the best move set I could think of.

Mudkip is adorable! It's smile just makes me smile c;. Anyways, its typing water-ground only gives it one weakness which is grass and mudkip can easily counter that with ice beam. Another thing that makes it the best is that it can learn moves such as stone edge and earthquake which makes it a beast! All these factors make mudkip my favourite starter c;

Mudkip is really strong! I beat most of the gyms in Ruby Version using only mupkip. It's adorable. You can't really go wrong with cute starter pokemon. This thing is pretty sick when it's fully evolved. The only weakness it has is grass. But if your in a double battle and you have Swampert and Swellow in the front of your party your unstoppable! Another thing you could do is teach it ice beam or blizzard.

Mudkip is and always will be a complete TANK. Despite its low speed, it's still a beast just because of its otherwise great stats. Both swampert's defense and special defense are base 90, a solid number, and it has 110 attack and 100 hp, which is really good for a starter Pokemon. 85 special attack isn't insane, but it's still solid, and you always have the option of using a physical attack instead to deal massive damage. 4X grass weakness? Doesn't matter. It's only one weakness, while it's resistant to 4 types, and immune to electric. Apart from grass type moves, it'll live through whatever comes its way, and hit back harder.
Compared to Swampert, Charizard is painfully average. Some of my other favorite fully evolved starters, personally, are Blaziken, Feraligatr, Torterra and Infernape, but for me, none of them compare to Swampert. - datrandomguy

I love love love love love... Love Mudkip. When I started Pokemon emerald I picked Mudkip it was so strong the first three gyms the only one I used and team Magma didn't stand a chance... As a Swampert it knew Earthquake Surf Muddy Water and one more totally boss move and Treeko Grovyle Sceptile... EASY. Mudkip is so strong and adorable and when it evolves one weakness and guess what no grass gym elite four and the champ had no grass type so I destroyed every opponent that came my way it is also in two of the most common egg groups so do yourself a favor and pick MUDKIP!

When Mudkip evolves into a Swampert, then its only weakness is grass. Nothing else. Just grass. But Swampert can deal with THAT easily, because it can learn ice type moves. Charizard has a 4x weakness to rock PLUS loads of other weaknesses, but Swampert just has one weakness. Swampert can learn rock type moves to kill Charizard. Charizard is just overrated...

Remember in the galactic battle 5 ash's pokedex said swampert was a Pokemon and he could total destroy charizard with a hydro pump and he has dos little yellow things at his cheeks that look like a mini of the king's crown and by the way charizard looks garbage because they him a barrel as a body and a twig as a neck an the horns look like molch so CHARIZARD DESERVES TO BE IN TOP TEN WORST Pokemon

I had Mudkip, a non-legendary, and he was absolutely phenomenal. I had Kyogre, a legendary, Rayquaza, a legendary, and Swampert (the full evolution of Mudkip) still had the best stats. Just adding on to that, in case you were wondering, they were all the same level. So this has to be one of the best Pokemon of all time. Can be your starter in Pokemon in Emerald.

If it came down to it, Mudkip could totally destroy a charmander, and Swampert could totally swamp Charizard. It can learn rock-slide, which can ultimately take out the flying-and-fire type Charizard, and, it can't be hurt by electric attacks! It can also learn ice attacks dominating it over its only weakness, grass types. I have never lost one gym with Mudkip as my starter.

Unbelievable starter... Amazing across all modes of play. Teach it these moves, Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Take Down. You will literally destroy the competition. Only downside is in its native region, Hoeen, You will need an addition HM Slave to teach waterfall and whirlpool to. So if you don't care much about having two water types with you when you go exploring in-game, then all the power to you Mudkip and Swampert.

As I was playing a Pokemon game, I was look at all the stats and other of the starter Pokemon. I was surprised to see that when Mudkip evolves it is only immune to grass types. It also is cute and it also has a mega form. I deeply recommend Mudkip if you are looking for a starter Pokemon in a game or just a Pokemon to be you favorite. MUDKIP IS THE ONE!

Mudkip is highly overrated! Gen 1 and 2 were great and all, but Gen 3 Ruby version is the first game I really threw myself into. I chose mudkip because hey he's adorable. Little did I know he would turn into a massive swamp beast! Back when I was young and foolish I pretty much only leveled him up and just used him to sweep everything. The fact that he can learn ground types almost makes him unstoppable! I always hear people go on and on about how great Charizard, Blastoise, and Blazekin are, but honestly mudkip takes the cake

But... Blaziken is objectively better in almost every way. Swampert can't sweep at all. - Rayquasar