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101 Keldeo Keldeo

Its not a starter Pokemon it's a legendary Pokemon but its okay I guess

Most of the Pokemon on these last few pages aren't starters anymore

This is not a starter pokemon and I don't know that he defeat kyurem

So apparently every Pokemon is a starter but why choose legendaries what dumbass thinks legendaries are starters!?

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102 Vaporeon Vaporeon

Vaporeon isn't a starter Pokemon but I still like it

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103 Dedenne Dedenne

Why does Dedenne get so much hate? Dedenne is awesome! If you use a hidden glitch in Pokemon Yellow, you can have Dedenne as your starter. The Dedenne is X/Y is actually the original Dedenne in Yellow.

Dedenne is best starter ever, you can get Dedenne in Pokemon Yellow as well as Pikachu.

Dedenne is not a starter Pokemon but its still really cute I wish I had one but I couldn't catch it

If you level dedenne up he actually gets so much more powerful.

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104 Delibird Delibird

Delibird isn't a starter Pokemon but at least it's better than Magikarp. Some people say its bad because it has present but it can learn other moves that can KILL the foe's Pokemon. Its actually really tough with no present move

Absolute monster when it comes to kicking butt.
No foe has ever defeated a delibird in a physical confrontation. Delibird is a god and will devour anyone
Who thinks otherwise.

Whoever said Magikarp is better than Delibird has their head FIRMLY implanted up their ass.
I wish I could drop a heavy tool box on that person but unfortunately they're laws against that.

Delibird NONONO To Stupid Its Worse Then Magicarp Is Good Hello Gyardos

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105 Nuzleaf

It is one of the best Pokemon in the world

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106 Duskull

He actually might be a starter I mean his pre evolved version might be and dusk noir is not that strong but he's the coolest looking thing ever

So, I know Duskull isn't really a starter Pokemon, but my game glitched early on, so my only Pokemon left was my level two duskull. It may not have been a real starter, but it was pretty much my starter Pokemon. Also, stop loving duskulls so much! They eat screams. By loving them so much, you're starving them to death! In any case, DUSKULLS ROCK!

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107 Caterpie Caterpie V 1 Comment
108 Ralts

REALLY?! NOBODY REMEMBERS Pokemon RUBY/SAPPHIRE/EMERALD?! Where you have to help one Boy (Wally) to catch his first Pokemon - a RALTS. And I think it's kind of cute and with his new Evolutions it's also powerful

If Wally can have him as a starter, he IS a starter! Plus his amazing cuteness to make himself a starter!

Not a starter Pokemon except for wally

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109 Munna

Not a starter but its still my favourite

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110 Sneasel

Yes! Sir Seasil the sea sleep sneasel is here! Sneasel will sneaze those nightmares away! Best Pokemon EVER!

111 Missingno

Missingno is a starter, if you go using hacks into the tall grass without a Pokemon you will earn it - ABBCC

All of its stats suck except attack. Its base defense is LITERALLY ZERO! - Goatworlds

Missingno is a bug type. I thought he was only a data destroyer glitch.

What? Missingno isn't a real Pokemon! It's a glitch/bug!

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112 Weedle Weedle V 2 Comments
113 Munchlax

Not a starter Pokemon but I still like it

114 Moltres Moltres

If this was a starter I would pick it to murder that frokie thing

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115 Zapdos Zapdos V 2 Comments
116 Alakazam Alakazam

This guys a stage 2 his Basic form might be a starter I'm not so sure

117 Seismitoad

This Pokemon has a mediocre design. It is also not a starter. - Goatworlds

118 Ferrothorn

Probably the best competitively used pkmn used competitively to be used strategically instead of plain power. Teach it stealth rock and leech seed to give yourself an edge then lower its speed with natures and have no EV's on it so you can teach it Gyro Ball. As for your fourth move it doesn't matter but Energy Ball is a good grass move if no one else on your team knows a grass move

119 Gengar Gengar Gengar, known in Japan as Gengar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I play Pokemon Platinum all day and I Recently caught a level. 55 Gengar and it's one of my Trusty Partners in Platinum. Gengar's ability is really handy as well because Poison type's weakness are Ground types, so Levitate can be a handy ability for a ghost type! Gengar is one of the best Ghost Types in Pokemon.

I love gengar you can hack the game to make gengar a starter Pokemon

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120 Dialga Dialga

Roar of time is not useless because it does 150 damage

He has the best move ROAR OF TIME!

Dialga is awesome mainly shiny dialga

... this is not at starter now if legendarys were starters I would pick arceus so I can have a the moves in the world of Pokemon

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