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Squirtle, known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was originally conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It is a squirrel-turtle hybrid .


Dude Squirtle is totally killer. He's better than Totadile, and obviously better than mudkip, piplup, and oshawat, who are all lame. Back in the day on blue I remember my Blastoise was a killer. His final moveset was Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, and Hydro Pump. No Grass, Electric, Dragon, Rock, Fire, Ground, Flying, Poison, or even Psychic type could touch him. And if used right the same is true today. Yeah Totadile and Feraligator are cool, but you just can't touch Squirt War and Blast. Neither can pip and mud and their lame evolutions. And yeah Samurott's cool but you just can't mess with the original and best.

Well first off Blastoise has amazing defenses. Blastoise also has a reasonable attack stat, and special attack stat. If you give it left overs and the new dream world ability rain dish you'll gain a ton of health every turn. Plus what's not to love about a giant turtle with cannons on its back, which can punch through steel? Moveset.
Modest Nature.
Item left overs.
Ability rain dish.
Rain dance (to activate rain dish ability)
Hydro pump ( rain dance boosts it plus it's stab so it hits hard)
Ice beam ( to take care of grass types)
Rapid spin (to take away annoying entry hazards)
Ev's 252 Sp. Attack/252 defense or Sp defense/4 hp

Squirtle is the best for sure! Charmander in so overrated just because people think charizard looks cool. But would you rather have a plain old dragon, or a bazooka turtle with amazing tanking power and special attack? I'm tired of everyone saying that charizard did all this stuff in the anime. The only reason he could do it is because he was owned by the main character of the show, and the fan base liked him the most, so the animators made him do what is literally impossible. In pokemon origins I don't know how but somehow this stupid dragon managed to take out a blastoise with more than 1/2 hp with a fire blast attack. Seems pretty false to me.

Squirtle is the best starter pokemon. Alone in caves? Wild onix level 55 appeared and your squirtle is only 36 level? I don't care. Squirtle! Use Bubble! And then the onix fainted. Rock pokemon are ones of the most easy to see, like Geodude, or Graveler, etc. But that isn't even a deal to Squirtle. Even the first battle I had with Gary was harder to beat Brock! Squirtle is awesome. Deal with it.

Best starter ever. Say what you will about Charmander and its evolution line, but Squirtle is my favorite. If you are going for a Pokemon that excels in speed, this is not the guy for you, BUT if you're looking for a tank on your team, Squirtle is definitely the way to go!

Also, am I the only one who thought Squirtle was a crossbreed between a squirrel and a turtle when I was a kid? Didn't realize the tail is meant to look like a wave at the time. - SQUlRTLE

Squirrel is very strong starting water type Pokemon and everybody knows that Blastoise is a fantastic Pokemon, so nothing bad can be said about squirtle. Also it is not a solely water type Pokemon as you can give it some really powerful moves that make it that much better of a Pokemon. And when it evolves into Blastoise it becomes a seriously powerful Pokemon that can learn hydro pump arguably the most powerful water move it can learn.

Squirtle, is a cute little turtle, it has great coverage, decent stats, sure it's slow, but it's faster than a tyranitar. It can destroy its counterparts bulbasaur, with ice beam, and charmander with any water type move. Charmander, is terrible at the 1st two gyms, and has more weaknesses. It has okay stats, but it has a quad weakness to rock. I could go on about how BAD charmander is. It does not deserve to be number one, I think squirlte Is overall better, and when it comes to mudkip, it's just as good as squirtle, but squirtle may be better since it can learn earthquake for electric, and ice beam for grass, without having a quad effective weakness to grass. Squirtle is probably superior.

Squirtle can beat Charmander because of its type advantage. People think that Charmander is better, because its final stage, Charizard, beat squirtle's final stage once, in the anime Indigo League. However, that was because of the trainer's cleverness, and the fact that we all know Ash was destined to beat his rival in an unexpected way. Besides, squirtle is so cute!

I don't care if the starter is strong against the two first gyms or not, even though squirtle is strong against Brock. For me it's just the memories of being a kid always picking him for my journey because he was so strong and cute, and I loved it. And Blastoise is so cool with hydro cannons on his shoulder and he is a giant turtle. He is awesome!

Squirtle is pretty reliable. It can learn many types of moves. So I prefer getting squirtle than bulbasaur/charmander because you can use squirtle more often than the times you can use charmander/bulbasaur. It learns pretty good moves compared to the other starters.

Squritle is original and always is the best, he turns into a own-age Blastoise with CANNONS ON IT'S BACK! Yea, I say it is the best Pokemon out there. He/she can also beat almost any Pokemon legendary or not. ( as long as the Pokemon is not super effective or a much higher level that it. )

The best by far. Blastoise rules the room and can beat every Pokemon that will ever be made by the Pokemon company. Blastoise has Water type Moves, Normal type Moves, Dark type Moves and Steel type Moves. The ultimate Pokemon that will ever live.

Squirrel should be in number 1! it's super easy to beat the first two gyms. And then once it's a blastoise all it does is sweep! Blastoise/squirtle may be slow. But it's defense is super high. And it's hard to take a blastoise down. to be honest, a level 80 blastoise could one shot a level 100 charizard. And if there are grass types around trying to beat your blastoise. Just use ice beam! Then show them whose boss!

With Squirtle you're getting a huge powerhouse. It's so nice getting him for free in Yellow, as he can cover all of Pikachu's weaknesses (Ground, Rock, Grass, and Dragon). And in Kalos he also can cover Chespin's weaknesses to Fire, Flying, Fairy (thanks to Flash Cannon once it evolves into Blastoise), Dragon, Psychic, Ground, and Ice. I'm probably forgetting a ton of them but that's beside the point! A perfect pairing with an electric or grass type!

When I think awesome Pokemon, I think Squirtle. I love turtles, so he is perfect for me. He's got a great design and Blastoise is an absolute tank. When it learns ice beam, you can wreck Venusaur and with hydro pump you can wreck Charmander.

Squirtle has always been my favorite starter. When it evolves it gets even better and better when you get some of the best moves like Hydro Pump. Even though I don't like playing pokemon games (except for the more recent ones) I still like some pokemon.

How de Hell is Squirtle Down here, Man, I mean, seriously. Charmander will get owned by this guy. Just because a walking Dinosaur with his tail on fire doesn't mean it will match up to the TURTLE OF DOOM!

Obviously better than charmander, can use ice type moves to deal with bulbasaur. It's offensive and defensive capabilities are far better than the other two. Turns into a badass and supercool monster when evolves. I mean how can one overlook the mighty blastoise.

Squirtle was my first Pokemon. Well actually bulbasaur was. I restarted my account at the elite four. Venusaur was terrible. I switched to squirtle and my team was unstoppable. Vote for the best starter! Squirtle!

Squirtle was my original choice 20 years ago, and I'd still take him over literally anything else. Nothing was more fun in 1996 than seeing some kid a year younger than me bragging about catching Mewtwo, and then stomping his Mewtwo into oblivion with my Blastoise.

Squirtle wins. Once he is a Blastoise nothing can compete at the same numeric level. Once you teach him Ice Beam and earthquake as well as his natural Bubble Beam and Hydro Pump he is completely unstoppable

Squirrel is amazing he turns into blastoise who is my all time favourite pokemon got him to level 100 in heart gold in my opinion better than charmander but nearly everyone will disagree but I don't care squirtle is AWESOME!

Blastoise is by far my favorite Pokemon, and Squirtle is my favorite starter of Gen 1. I always choose it as my starter. Bite is useful to learn because it helps out a great deal with Psychics.

I always choose a water starter Pokemon because I feel that it the most powerful when it comes to starters. One time I did pick Squirtle, but then I caught a Shinx and decided to raise that one, but it didn't work out as well as Squirtle.

The blastoise blast man that he evolves into makes him the coolest dude ever, just imagine a giant turtle with cannons backing you up, with him on your side you can take down anyone.