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Best book-to-movie adaptations by author Stephen King.

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1 The Shawshank Redemption

This is the best movie of all time not just the best Stephen King adaptation - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

Can you believe they turned a short story into about a 3 hour movie? This story, weather it be the movie or original short story was the work of a genius. Amazing story with a touch of how things work in the real world, just amazing.

Possibly the greatest movie of all time and it is an amazing book. The true credit that should be given to Stephen

The greatest movie to ever Grace the big screen. The Shawshank Redemption made me laugh, cry, and smile and the ending will always make me want to see more. This film is absolute Master class. A work of art. Utter. Perfection

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2 The Shining

The Shining secures a spot as the greatest movie ever made. I have read the novel it was fantastic but not as good as the movie was. Three differences that make the movie superior is the climax is more intense and interesting (a reason is an axe is so much cooler than a roque mallet), the 237 which is 217 in the book was more horrifying, a final example is the movie left more questions at the end. The acting is marvelous with one of the greatest performances of all time done by Nicholson and remarkable unforgettable performances done by Duvall, Lloyd, and Crothers. I would hugely suggests watching this if you haven't seen it, it is easily the greatest movie ever. If you have watched this movie and loved it I would really suggest watching The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me.

I have just started reading the book and I am hooked it is quite a bit different than the movie and The Shining is the greatest movie ever because of a great plot, being scary, fantastic acting, and a billion more reasons so no offense to the Shawshank Redemption but this movie crushes it.

Stephen King may have disliked this adaption but I can honestly say Kubrick improved it so how is not following the story completely a bad thing when he does that?

I know King didn't like it, but I just LOVE it!

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3 The Green Mile

One of my all time favorites! I never get tired of watching this movie and Stephen King has one of the best imaginations and creativity of a writer I've encountered... Love him!

Stephen king has alot of bad movies but this and shawshank are awesome. - HotRod

Amazing move... Absolutely terrifying in some parts... But brilliantly directed and stuff

This is an amazing movie, how the Shining is above it I don't understand

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4 It

I watched "It" over 20 years ago & still shiver when I recall Pennywise saying "You'll float; they all float when you are down here with me"! Hope the remake lives up to the hype.

IT may leave a ton out from the book, but Tim Curry gives me nightmares, and that's what makes this movie good.

Who cares if it was super long! Pennywise scared me! - spodermanfan1000

" We all float down here."

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5 Stand By Me

This wasn't your typical Stephen King movie, most were weird and creepy. It made me feel like I was in the 50's watching it. The adventures that the boys went through, I envied, though not the dead body part. Awesome movie, way better than It.

My favorite movie of all time! Maybe it's because I can relate to the kids because I am close to their age, but it's still an amazing movie!

Not just the story (which is wonderful), but an incredible sense of time and place evoked by Rob Reiner and the kids he directed.

Best movie ever! Such a deep meaning beneath all the humor in this movie. Beautiful! RIP River Phoenix

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6 Misery

Such a good adaptation, you'd think King himself wrote the screenplay. Brilliantly cast.

I think it should be higher, it is such an amazing adaptation. The characters are acted phenomenally

Kathy Bates did such an awesome job at making Annie seem crazy...

Kathy Bates sure scared the snot outta me!

7 Carrie

I remember seeing carrie the musical which my brother preformed in and I was hooked, I wanted to watch the movie and when I did I was so glad, I remember my mom said not to because it's "scary" but it's just an innocent girl who gets pushed way too far, what I don't get is why the 2002 one is so under rated, I thought it was a bit better (even though the tampon locker prank isn't in the book) then the 1970s one!

I know it isn't as good as the book. But Carrie was an instant classic, and is still favored by lots of people today.

This movie made me cry :'(. And I NEVER cry during movies

It made me cry also 😥

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8 Pet Sematary

This is not only the scariest movies I have even seen but it was also very enjoyable. Very interesting and unique story and ideas.

Yes, it's cheesy, but it's still a fun and entertaining flick!

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9 The Mist

My favorite all-time favorite movie ever. Way batter than The Shining!

I agree, terrible ending to a very good movie. King sometimes has a twisted sense of humor.

This movie and The Shining are my 2 favorite Stephen King movies.

Worst ending ever! He couldn't have waited 10 minutes to be rescued! - westofohio

10 Children of the Corn

Pretty good an 8/10 but this movie can't be com paired to The Shawshank Redemption and The Shining which are 10/10.

Great horror movie be number 3 on my list after stand by me and Shawshank

The Contenders

11 The Stand

Pretty good movie (though it's INSANELY long) about (IMO) Stephen King's best work.

Cried six times, when nick died and every time they mentioned him afterwards. Pretty amazing movie though

Even though it is a 6 hour movie, I have seen it at least 40 times - westofohio

Rented it from Movie Gallery (only 4 VHS's long). Got back at 9:00pm and figured I'd just watch one. 3am later, finished them all - Xean45

12 It (2017)

How is it 1990 above this, this is an amazing movie

One of my most favorite films of all time. It is an adventure thriller that cuts deep. The cast is great especially. Eddie Kaspbrak stands out for me.

13 1408

if you haven't seen 1408, watch it. better than the short story in my opinion - the6donof6chron

I think of this, and I get scared. I can see myself stuck in that room. In the scene where he's walking on the edge of the building and can't find another window: I would've just jumped there.
One of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Don't watch the on T.V. version. I made that mistake. Once I saw the DVD version, what they didn't take out.
T.V. cut it it down to 2 hours - westofohio

14 Cujo

Cujo is unlike other Stephen King movies. It has a twist that the others don't: An innocent dog get bitten and terrorizes people. Scary, with a touch of drama, magnificent!

15 The Dead Zone

The movie, with Christopher Walken, is great storytelling.

Christopher Walken, brilliant casting, starting out as a boy-next-door type, who becomes an outsider, in his own life, dealing with powers that frighten and alienate others.

16 Christine

That car Is amazing and the story is just so good.

17 The Langoliers
18 Carrie (2013)
19 Dolores Claiborne

Another fantabulous performance from Kathy Bates in an SK movie!

20 Dreamcatcher
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