Turkey Vents: An Undeserving Winner

Turkeyasylum SubliminalMessages came out with a new blog post series called TheTopTens: The Mole, where he took the idea I was originally going to make a while back. This encouraged me to rewatch season 2 of The Mole, a cancelled reality show because Anderson Cooper left (FU, 60 Minutes). Anyway, the winner of that season whose name I will censor to Laura to prevent spoilers, is the most undeserving winner ever in reality TV, probably the biggest lemon I have seen. She only won because of other contestants swaying her whose names must also be censored. Now here's the story:

Laura was one lucky bastard for winning the group pot in the end of season 2. At the beginning, she was friends with Natasha (all names are censored in this post), but had no coalitions with her. After a certain challenge where she earns exemption from the quiz, Natasha turned on her and said she was the mole, swaying Gabby. And before this in the first episode, Aaron survived because he finished the quiz half a second quicker. He eventually gives the idea to Laura that she has the personality a mole would have: confined, yet gives out just enough info. And this is the biggest reason Laura was such a lucky bastard:

Laura had already slid through six quizzes because Aaron swayed people into think the mole (Roger) wasn't the mole because he had a caolition with him and believed the same. And this is where she gets lucky: at the seventh execution ceremony, she was supposed to be sent home, but one stupid little twist kept her chances alive. Anderson offered a bribe to Rochelle. Rochelle was suspected as the mole by almost everyone and she had a really good shot at winning. However, Rochelle happily left the game with $50,000 as a bribe. And this is where Laura also gets really lucky:

This goes back to Natasha and Gabby. In the eighth quiz, they tied for last. But since Natasha was 11 seconds slower, she got sent home. They suspected Laura as the mole. Gabby then made an alliance to eliminate all of the males in a contest with yours truly, Laura. They correctly suspected Roger as the mole, and the three males quickly fell because of them. Gabby began to break down in the final three, and she ended up getting one less question right on the quiz... not much of a difference, right?

In conclusion, Laura was lucky.