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41 The Huntsman

You can annihilate enemies with this. You can easily take out a heavy after his little medical friend is stuck to the wall with an arrow through his head! It is a satisfying weapon.

No charge just pull aim fire dead

Basically a rocket launcher that can headshot but doesn't have splash damage. Pretty decent.

U mean the lucksman? please fix the typo

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42 B.A.S.E. Jumper

If you're bad in rocket jumping, you can use this to land.

A fine addition to rocket jumping.

Using it with the air strike is U.P. You'll be shot out of the sky plus every time you jump you take loads of damage. However it's good if you're able to maximize its abilities and take them out before they take out you. In my opinion its amazing with the rocket jumper and market gardener it you use it correctly.

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43 Sniper Rifle

Of course we need the Sniper Rifle. This weapon basically defines the Sniper class, and it does everything a sniper rifle should do. It pulls of headshots, it has a long zoom, and you can wipe out people without them knowing. A classic.

Need I really justify why this is the best. It has no downsides. The only thing better is the AWper Hand just because it's an awesome reskin.

The sniper rifle it's good to have

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44 Huo Long Heater

It's a great minigun but if you don't know the map your on that well your screwed. Also spin up uses ammo.

Great for payload maps

Wastes your ammo

I love this thing.

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45 Baby Face's Blaster

Yes, you do start off painfully slow but you still are fast enough to outrun most classes. Also, your payment for sacrificing your speed is a meter. Fill it up and you go running around at the speed of sound like the Flash or Sonic The Hedgehog. "BUT YOU CAN'T JUMP! " Well, you can. Only double jumps lower the meter and even then double jumping only lowers it by a quarter. Also, even a Scout should restrain from jumping all over the place. - Ultron123

Maybe it does a little less damage, maybe it has a little less bullets, but you run twice as fast if you charge it. Awesome.

You lose boost if you air jump. Or if you take damage. So what? You get it back easily, and you're supposed to be avoiding damage as a scout. I mean... He has 125 health...

I really hope it's as good as you say, I wanna try it out.

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46 Jarate

The ULTIMATE weapon to help teammates. Unlike the buff banner or batallion's backup, you don't have to earn it, and it has the same effect. It's a team weapon used by a loner class.

Helpful for you and your teammates. You can extinguish people by throwing it and cause a mark for death at enemy players. (Piss everywhere! )

It just makes spy's visible
Stops pyro's burn
Makes you mini crit
And it is very good for assting your team
And it was my first strange

I thought it was a jar of gasoline, but...
Dear god. - mattstat716

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47 Ap-Sap

Best sapper if you liked playing portal 2

This is a reskin of the stock sapper, and in my opinion, it's kinda annoying hearing the same stupid comments over, and over, and over again

Nothing good or bad but I love the sapper voice

48 Powerjack

The speed boost is incredible, paired with the detonator it makes pyro very versatile.

49 Eureka Effect

Its not so useful. -50% building speed

This wrench is for the engineer and it has a lot of features. The first one is when you press R it does a taunt and teleports you to a location of your choosing. It also halfs your metal when you are upgrading a building. And I'm not COMPLETLY sure about this, but I'm thinking it does quite a bit of damage.

Hurry up and set a exit down. Then Eureka Effect back and forth at your camping spot. Not having to need a dispenser as much.

~For Engi

Entrance got destroyed? Sentry being sapped? No problem. This wrench will still assist you.
Teleporter getting sapped by spy? Teleport still with the wrench. - mattstat716

50 Shotgun

Best weapon ever, consistent damage, accessible to half the classes, looks nice, good clip, and just fun to use overall.

This is probably the best soldier secondary, tied as the best for the Pyro with the flare gun, and probably the best engineer primary, my opinion. I didn't mention the heavy, because, who takes off the sandvich, honestly

Kills most classes easily

Is good please liek

51 Chargin' Targe V 1 Comment
52 Grenade Launcher

I'm gonna get crap for this, but after using the iron bomber for so long, I just can't go back. It is a good weapon, I'm not saying that its not, the iron bomber is just better mobility wise, its easier for me to aim, and the barrels match the grenade number, its just an all around improvement. So while the grenade launcher is great, and deserves its spot, I just think the iron bomber deserves a little more love.

Just a perfectly balanced and great weapon.

A skilled Demoman with this weapon can wreak offensive and defensive havoc. Yes, the sticky launcher has higher DPS, but the Grenade Launcher needs little preparation.

Really beast if you fully upgrade it in mvm

53 Cloak and Dagger

Having an endless cloak is awesome, perfect for surprise backstabs

But think about it using this makes you wait for prime targets and the spys motto is uncloak and dagger so the spy is literally telling you not to use this plus you can't just uncloak in the open so just uncloak before besides the more cloak is only gained by standing still or if you have stock watch pick up some ammo and you get cloak or the dead ringer so bottom line cloak and dagger makes you sit around wait for heavy medics or snipers and gets you killed a hell lot more often

This watch makes playing a spy so much easier. You can just camp in a corner and then leap out and backstab whoever comes through the room. I'd say this, the stock scattergun, the huo long heater heater, the ambassador and the backburner are just overall the best weapons in tf2.

Great watch to use with YER

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54 Southern Hospitality
55 Scorch Shot
56 Persian Persuader

The weapon that perfected demoknighting. Get health from ammo, shield charge is 2x faster, incredibly strong paired with shields, and did I mention the taunt?

Perfect weapon for Demoknights. Use it with Ali Baba's Booties and Splendid Screen to dominate the Battlefield!

Do not use it with a Grenade Launcher (any) or Sticky Launcher (any), you can't take ammo from ammo boxes!

9.5/10 - Best Demoman Melee.

Perfect weapon especiallyu when the whole set is complete can take down and enemy.

Extremely over powered and clearly better than any other sword.

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57 Dead Ringer

After the nerf, the DR (Dead Ringer) now blocks 50% of the initial damage, then for 3 seconds you get a speed boost, as well as 60% of the later incoming damage, so it can lower down to stock 20%. It's really good with Big Earner and Stock Revolver/Diamondback. It's essentially "Gotta Go Fast" Loadout, when you speed up from the backstab, and the activated DR.

You fake your death and get a 90% damage reduction towards damage when cloaked

You can fake your death 'enough said

Ho do u even use it

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58 Enforcer

Cloak time may be fairly slow, but that doesn't really matter. Think a pistol, except MAJORLY upgraded. High damage no matter what the range, fairly good accuracy, and is really good when your being chased down by a pyro.

This should be higher. A giant damage buff by 20%? What's not to like? Even got a strange one.

When pairer with a medic with the kritzkrieg you can basically insta-kill or if not in 2 hits to nearly every class with this weapon

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59 Backburner

Deal crits when you attack from behind, perfect to ambush Heavy class, perfect to ambush Giant Robots, and perfect for spy checking (when you burn spy from behind, it will be a lot better)

The crits makes this the best ambush/assault weapon in the whole game.

The backburner is good because if your on mvm you can crits giants

60 Phlogistinator

I sometimes hate this weapon because it lacks the air blast meaning that Pyro will be defenseless from incoming projectiles. It's used to Ambush Groups of enemies. When you start the crits at the wrong time, you'll be shot. Also it's a counterpart on the Back Burner how they do critical damage when you attack the enemy from behind. - bugger

No skill required to use this weapon. You can literally get free crits just by killing a scout using fire only. Paired well with the Mann Melter.

The phlogisttinator is only good if you like dealing out massive damage. But with no airblast, it's very hard to use

Oh pyro pyro.
why did they make the phlog so OP!
plus the pyro is a noob class
balance it with 45% chance of getting yourself lose half the health
that seems right

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