Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons

Self explanatory. What weapon gets you the most kills, and helps you dominate the server.

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81 Half-Zatoichi

With Ali baba's wee booties/Bootlegger and chargin targe/splendid screen you can't switch weapons anyway so no downside. Even longer than eyelander plus you get full health so you can run away if your crowded. Also one hit kill in demo/soldier with it.

82 The Original

Looks awful it takes up the whole screen and it's like having some penis rocket, it's at the bottom/middle of the screen, why?

Love at first sight, I made mine untradable so I could never lose it.

83 Frontier Justice

Pair it with the Gunslinger and you have one of the greatest shotguns of all time

Best for the battle engineer, almost all battlegineers use the widowmaker, but I have terrible aim with it.
Love the crit bonus when the mini-sentry gets a kill!

84 Bonesaw

Swing for huge damage at a great swing rate! While you don't get uber on hit, it's the best medic defense weapon of the group. It can output high damage with no health, swing rate, or damage penalty! Also is the best medic melee in Medieval Mode, if not the best.

85 Reserve Shooter

The Reserve Shooter gives a powerful punch to a Soldier as he launches enemies through the air, punishes enemies for so much as jumping near you, ads a stupidly powerful combo for the Pyro.

Adds an element of skill to pyro

86 Mad Milk

Not only does it heal you, its also great for finding those pesky dead ringer spies

Healing 60% of your damage output is like having a medic. 'enough said.

It's a pocket medic

Is best

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87 Tribalman's Shiv

A good backup weapon for the Sniper. Since the Sniper has such low survivability, the ability to make an enemy bleed makes predators retreat to a health kit.

Good for hit and run tactics on weaker classes

If you don't think it's the best than you need to go on TF2 wiki and check the damage stats. The combined bleeding and hit damage is higher than any other melee. The only thing close to it is a reskin of the stock.

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88 Amputator

This weapons is good because if you are having a hard time healing a lot of people you can pull out this weapon, then taunt, taunt (in a good place to taunt), and heal all you nearby allies.

The uber saw is better. Everybody knows why.

Has no downgrades. Its surely an upgrade from the bonesaw.

This or the ubersaw and the solemm vow is a direct upgrade to the bonesaw

89 AWper Hand

Psychologically makes you feel more powerful.

Awesome fire power with no downsides plus style makes this thing. If you don't have it you suck

Just a reskin. If you don't wanna spend money/items, just use the normal Sniper Rifle, it's exactly the same thing. More swag than the stock.

You cannot be a true sniper without this weapon.

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90 Disguise Kit

You can pretend to be a friend than backstab them as soon as they turn around enough said

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91 Direct Hit

The Direct hit is amazing, at least for the people who can use it. At point blank, you can take out half the classes in the game. Obviously, not having the splash damage is a bit of a downside, but as long as you can aim well, the upside more than negates the downside.

Super fast. Takes out most of the guess work on where your enemies are going to go. Even with the small explosion radius easier to hit people. Great damage and a good for rocket jumping.

Excellent at range, but makes a surprisingly good weapon for guerrilla style tactics: It will one-shot low health classes. (Scout, Sniper, Engineer, Spy)

How is this weapon 99?! sucks that people here don't play solider :(

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92 Bazaar Bargain

With a high enough headcount, it's basically a hitscan huntsman.

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93 The Rainblower

By far the best primary weapon for the Pyro, you get Pyrovision which is, so damn kawaii. Not only that, but, It is a really good weapon in general.

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94 Concherer

2+ healing rate per second is good for rocket jumping but the best part is the speed boost.This boost benefits all the classes and soldier that get the boost!

95 Big Earner

People hate how it opens up many more ways for you to be 1-shot... it still works well with the Dead Ringer though.

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96 Gloves of Running Urgently

This weapon is awesome, heavy is a slow class, so you can use this as a speed boost and as an escape.

97 Bushwacka

Combine it with Jarate, and then you can kill any class except Heavy in a hit. If the heavy doesn't see you, then you can two hit KO him. Also a great way of beating people you could never kill at close range like scouts.

I KNOW IT'S A CHEAT BUT the two weapons go together amazingly with any primary weapon. If sniping you don't have to worry about close range because you throw the jarate, switch two bushwacka and they are down in one or two hits and the jarate can cover more than one person at the same time! I always use this in my loadout.

98 Solemn Vow

Honestly, I just love this weapon. Its really underrated, because it doesn't provide extra damage. But come on, you can see the other teams health, annd tell who it is you are killing. It is a very good upgrade from the stock weapon, and I think it looks fantastic, even the kill symbol.

Hitting people with a man's head just got a whole lot more interesting

Fun fact: you can see an enemy medic uber regardless of their medi gun.

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99 Scotsman's Skullcutter

Amazing weapon that does a 20% increase in damage. The only downside is that it slows you down by 15% which doesn't matter since you can counter it with a charge if you have one of the two shields. This weapon has saved me lots of times and its really fun to use. What's not to love. This baby does 66-90 damage at point blank which means you can 3-shot MOST classes. The crit damage does a whopping 234 Which means you can 1 hit ANY CLASS except the Heavy.

I love this weapon. Use with the Screen and Booties. It's awesome.

100 Widowmaker

It needs to be higher If you work through it, it helps push as a engineer and gives more metal back if you have decent aim. Definitely my favorite engineer weapon, surprised it isn't much higher.

It's ok. But seriously everyone knows that the rescue ranger is better for obvious reasons.

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