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121 Black Rose

Hard to get but very nice looking and worth a lot if it's tradeable but only 3 of those exist

122 Sharp Dresser

This is the best weapon for spy because...there are no drawbacks. It is just the default knife but in awesome form. It is very good and it is satisfying watching it pop out every time you switch weapons.

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123 Construction PDA

I don't know if this counts but on maps there a perfect places to put dispensers and sentry without this engineer couldn't exist also AWESOME in MvM it's the heart of MVM

124 Holy Mackerel

Sorry if spelled wrong. This is a fish. It is pretty much the stock bat but every hit goes into kill feed and every kill gives you respect.

You can kill a person with a FISH...a FISH!...enough said

125 The Box Trot

Fooling enemies into thinking your a box is the best

126 Buffalo Steak Sandvich

The buffalo steak sanvich is an awesome item that can be both found and crafted. Insted of giving you health (The Sanvich) the buffalo steak sanvich gives you mini crits which is awesome.

127 Homewrecker
128 Unarmed Combat

Just the holy mackerel but funny none the less

129 Mad Milk

Not only does it heal you, its also great for finding those pesky dead ringer spies

Come on it heals you while damaging the enemy. Your other teamates are able to heal from this too.

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130 Stock Knife V 2 Comments
131 Stock Medi-Gun

This ones uber charge makes you invincible unlike all the others. The only thing close to it is the kritkreig for reasons stated above.

132 The Ambassador

With crits on headshots, as long as you can aim, this weapon is practically OP. 102 damage per shot! Only downside is you can't spam.

Possibly the best spy revolver, crits on headshots and brilliant range. No major drawbacks.

I don't know why this is so low. It's common in SFM videos and very powerful with headshots. - Mumbizz01

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133 Sun on a Stick

Should be switched with the pyros sharpened volcano fragment

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134 Cleaner's Carbine

Really why is this #99 this should be #15. It's basically dead ringer detector pair and pair this with bushwacka and pretty much 8 seconds of crits.

This weapon is for detecting dead ringer spies. How?
If you shot a dead ringer spy and you don't get mini crits you've discovered a dead ringer spy. Also pair this with bushwacka and pretty much 8 seconds of crits

135 Cow Mangler

Not that good use only if at taking and the is no sentry around

It can also cause enemies on fire if you charge

Terrible. Cannot ever destroy sentries.

Shoots heated lasers no need for pyro

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136 Pain Train

Defense it is terrible. The upside doesn't even help. In defense it's a downgrade to the stock. On attack though it's pretty decent.

Keep the sandman, unless you want your soldier to become a scout.

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