Best There for Tomorrow Songs

Maika Maile Lead vocals
Christian Climer Lead guitar
Jay Enriquez Bass
Christopher Kamrada Drums

A taste of underrated Rock / Alternative, anyone?
Awesome catchy songs that aren't light on the guitar.
Feel like rocking it out? THERE FOR TOMORROW IS HERE!

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The Top Ten

1 A Little Faster

Absolute TUNE!

Well, this song is extremely underrated. It's completely amazing! How can this not be number 1? Seriously, best There For Tomorrow song, in my opinion.

This is the best song I ever had of there for tomorrow. It is such a great song which I never forgot in my life. It is just awesome

THIS SONG IS AWESOME. I LISTEN TO IT EVERY DAY. But on a serious note the only song I like better than this one in the album is World Calling

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2 Waiting UListen to Sample
3 Burn the Night Away UListen to Sample
4 Deathbed

This song is an orgasm to your ears!

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5 The World Calling

Best song they've ever made

It's beast. Best song. It's better than the rest, pumps you up. I heard the rest to decide and this is my favorite. This one and A Little Faster. HueHueHueHueHue

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7 Stories

"Tell me what to tell you when the world won't listen
The start to the finish come on and let me hear
You got to speak, oh, and use up all the time you're given
It's time to come on, go ahead and tell your stories... "

The catchy rhythm and the simple yet meaningful lyrics got stuck in my head... And still I can't get enough of it. There For Tomorrow definitely needs to be discovered more. Not only for their catchy tunes, but also because of each member's awesome ability to deliver music with what I hope is everything they've got. This band has talent, people. Give them a chance.

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8 No More Room to Breathe UListen to Sample
9 Sore Winner UListen to Sample
10 Addiction and Her Name UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Taking Chances UListen to Sample
12 Hunt Hunt Hunt UListen to Sample
13 Nowhere Blvd.

I can't believe tgis song isn't on the list! It should be in the top five! Just listen to it and you'll know what I'm talking about

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14 Road To Nowhere
15 Deadlines

This song has so much feeling and has some beast moments

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16 The Remedy UListen to Sample
17 Dark Purple Sky UListen to Sample
18 Wrong Way to Hide
19 I Can't Decide UListen to Sample
20 Blu

Seriously? I had to add this myself? It's amazing! - gamedemon242

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21 Just In Time

I thought this one would've been on for sure. The lyrics dig deep

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22 18

It's extremely beautiful... The beginning just... Gets you, one of my favorites

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23 The Verge

This Song wasn't even on here! The Guitar is really mesmerising with the reverb in the beginning.

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24 The Joyride UListen to Sample
25 Tomb - There for Tomorrow UListen to Sample
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