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41 Ninja Monkey
42 SecuriDroid XP

"Okay, let's roll." - htoutlaws2012

43 Captain Ed Shivers

"Kizar. I'll crush ye barnacles. Kiss me beard." - htoutlaws2012

44 Archibald Khallos

"Me and my p**** are going to have a lot of fun." - htoutlaws2012

45 Clip Clamp

"Do I have red on me? " - htoutlaws2012

46 Lazarus Mumble
47 Mordecai Jones
48 Samuel Renzo

"Lets play" - htoutlaws2012

49 Goddard

"Hey, You got the real deal right here, baby! '' - htoutlaws2012

50 Schmidt

"That's a grreat choice! " - htoutlaws2012

51 Hank Nova
52 Anya
53 Jacob Crow

"See you in the future sucker! " - htoutlaws2012

54 Ravelle Velvet
55 Gargoyle
56 Pillar Alien
57 Malehood

"I'm risking my hide for no one. You do your own dirty work." - htoutlaws2012

58 Hunchback
59 Scourge Splitter
60 Venus Starr

"Howdy cowboy. I'm hot. Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? You can keep your hat on." - htoutlaws2012

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