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81 The Dirty Dozen

Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson kicking nazi butt? C'mon. - dumbasilook

82 Kingdom of Heaven

Classic ridley scott movie deserves some love

83 Green Zone

This movie is underrated and should get more respect. - NovaSupreme

84 The Big Red One
85 Bataan
86 Force 10 from Navarone

Poor acting and storyline

87 Der Untergang (Downfall) V 1 Comment
88 Waterloo (1970)
89 Hell and Back Again
90 Kelly's Heroes
91 The Train
92 Sergeant York

Validate your list by placing this film on it...

93 Cricket on the Hearth
94 Behind Enemy Lines

Who would of thought Owen Wilson would of played an awesome role in one of the best war movies. -

Awesome film. Bizarre plot but really cool. - PotBellyPup

Awesome awesome awesome awsoem... But not as awesome as saving pvt ryan or barney stinson

95 Cold Mountain
96 Pearl Harbor

This movie is just a more unrealistic movie.All it is is basically a love story with a couple of explosions.


97 U-571

This movie made Mathew mchounaghey big in my opinion and was one of his only good movies -

98 Stalingrad
99 Stealth
100 Tigerland

A great war film showing that not all battles are against the enemy. Colin farrell is excellent in it and you can't say that too many times!

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